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Benefits of Using Arlon 85NT PCB Material

There are many benefits of using Arlon 85NT PCB material for your applications as well as circuit boards. Apart from useful areas of applications, this laminate material is one of the widely used PCB materials by designers and engineers. This pure polyimide laminate material is produced from aramid substrate which is known to be non-woven.

In this article, you shall find out interesting information about Arlon 85NT PCB material and what this prepreg system works for. Also, it is highly durable and doesn’t absorb water like some other laminates and prepreg systems.

What Kinds of Resistance Does Arlon 85NT PCB Material Have?

Each prepreg system and laminate material has different kinds of resistance. The ability to resist certain degrees of temperature or extra heat solely depends on the properties of such laminate. Also, the materials used in fabricating such prepreg systems determine if such PCB material can withstand unfriendly or toxic environmental factors. However, let us consider some Arlon 85NT resistance traits.

Thermal Resistance

This is one of the kinds of resistance this prepreg system has. This feature makes Arlon 85NT have potential to resist flow of heat both on its internal and external surfaces. This laminate material can indicate thermal resistance in all its applications. Therefore, this laminate works in high temperatures. It has exceptional thermal reliability which distinguishes it from other prepreg systems.

Water Resistance

This is very important for all laminates and prepreg systems. Although the level at which laminates can absorb water is considerably different. This laminate is waterproof and has a low rate of water absorption.

Thereby, it has the capacity to hold water. It serves as a barrier to moisture condensation or doesn’t allow the flow of water through its components. Hence, this laminate is durable and works in diverse applications and different atmospheres.

CAF Resistance

 The Arlon 85NT PCB material can withstand the procedures for electrochemical corrosion or migration. Interestingly, this aids how long lasting this laminate material can be. This prepreg system has the ability to retain its high performance because of its CAF resistance.

UV Resistance

This prepreg system can resist any ultraviolet radiation which often affects the performance of many PCB materials. Since it can block any ultraviolet radiation, it makes it become durable. Therefore, heat, high temperature or light radiation can’t affect this laminate material because of its resistance rate.

The Advantages of Using The Arlon 85NT PCB Material

There are many benefits that come with using this type of prepreg system. It works effectively for most applications because of its potential to resist some dangerous environmental conditions.

High Rate of Resistance

Earlier we listed the different kinds of resistance levels this laminate material has. One benefit with using Arlon 85NT is that its resistance rate is high such that no harmful chemicals or UV light, high degrees of temperature can affect it. This is one thing to always check out for in PCB materials.

Simple Processing Modes

When it comes to the processing modes of Arlon 85NT, it is very simple. This kind of laminate doesn’t require extra procedures for processing it. The processing modes are quicker and simpler in comparison to other PCB materials. It has faster speed when in operation in many applications or multilayer circuit boards.


This is one advantage of using this prepreg system. When it comes to high durability, this PCB material is one that gives you value for your money. This is because engineers and designers always ensure this material is compatible with lead free assembly. Thus, it can be potent for years connecting multilayers in the circuit boards.

Multiple Performance

When we talk about versatility, this is the laminate material to opt for. This is because it serves multiple purposes for different applications. That is why it is easier to use Arlon 85NT for various applications. It is not a rigid kind of prepreg system that works only on one type of application.

Thermal Stability

We shouldn’t forget that the ability to retain stability under high temperature is one unique feature of this laminate material. With increasing temperature, this prepreg system can still work without any hindrance.

What Mechanical Properties of Arlon 85NT?

It is paramount to always check out for the mechanical properties of this laminate material. This prepreg system with exceptional dimensional stability has the following mechanical components.

When you apply force on this material, these mechanical properties are liable to change afterwards. Therefore, it is paramount to consider these mechanical properties very well.

Peel Strength

This is one of the mechanical properties of Arlon 85NT that designers look out for. This is because it can enhance bonding of this laminate on various kinds of surfaces. However, with too much force, the peel strength may become affected.

Elasticity Modulus

You should consider the potential of this prepreg system to withstand any deformation resulting from heat application. When you apply heat on laminates, it has the possibility of changing form. This implies that it requires accurate measurement for the elasticity modulus of Arlon 85NT.

Poisson Rate

You need to consider the ratio of modification involving the width for each unit of this type of laminate material. The ratio of modification shows how change occurs per width of Arlon 85NT. Therefore, it alters modification in length of each unit length of the prepreg system.

Applications of the Arlon 85NT PCB Material?

Note that one can use this prepreg system in various areas. There is no restriction to the diverse fields a designer can use. Therefore, in optical communication services, medical, defense, legal, and automobiles, one can use this laminate material without any hindrance. It works for applications irrespective of the degrees of temperature of such an environment.


Arlon 85NT PCB material is durable and is weather resistant. One of the key resistance to check out for is the thermal resistance. This is because it indicates how it works in varying degrees of temperature. The mechanical properties of this laminate material are important. You should check out for its peel strength among other mechanical properties. No doubt, this prepreg system works in various applications and gives value for your money.




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