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What You Should Know About the Arlon 45NK PCB Material

The Arlon 45NK PCB material is a kind of laminate that gives some in-plane Coefficient of Thermal Expansion benefits in applications or circuit boards. This prepreg system gives compatibility with low extension surface-mount devices. It is a woven epoxy material that comes with aramid fiber.

In this article, you shall learn more about this prepreg system. If you want to broaden your understanding about Arlon 45NK, then you have the right material already. At the end of this article, you would know more about the various properties of this laminate material.

What Are The Various Properties of Arlon 45NK PCB Material?

The Arlon 45NK PCB material has a lot of properties that make-up its features. These properties are what you consider when you plan on using this prepreg material on your application. Therefore, these properties are major components of Arlon 45NK PCB material.

Electrical Properties

There is no way you use a laminate material on circuit boards or any devices that you would not have to consider the electrical components. Hence, the electrical properties indicate how best the Arlon 45NK can react to the electric field. This occurs after you expose this laminate to current that may cause some changes in it. Therefore, electrical properties of this prepreg system can’t be ignored.

Chemical Properties

This is to figure out the type of modification that occurs when you expose Arlon 45NK to chemical elements. As a result of this, there is a specific reaction that takes place. Therefore, you must be on the lookout for features that are liable to change after chemical reaction takes place.

Physical Properties

The physical properties of this laminate material include both the intensive and extensive elements that make up the physical buildup. As an engineer, you need to measure how these intensive and extensive elements don’t change from any exposure to external factors or surfaces.

Mechanical and Thermal Properties

Both properties are important to Arlon 45NK PCB material. The thermal properties involve the changes that may possibly occur as a result of exposure to temperature in this laminate. This is because you need to test this prepreg system with various degrees of temperature.

When you exert pressure or force on this laminate, there are physical properties which include the intensive and extensive elements that may change. This has to do with the mechanical properties.

Do You Need to Measure the Flexural Strength of the Arlon 45NK PCB Material?

When we talk about flexural strength, what does this mean? First, for every laminate material one has to test its resistance to many factors. These factors include internal and external conditions which include environmental factors.

However, flexural strength is the potential of any laminate material to withstand breakage during testing. During testing, a lot of pressure goes into this. As a result of this, some laminates begin to break or modification that deforms them starts to occur.

Therefore, the flexural strength shows how strong the laminate is to resist stress, pressure or any form of force during testing. To simply put, flexural strength is a bending test on the Arlon 45NK PCB material. You need to ensure you conduct a maximum bending test so that you know the capacity to which this laminate can strain.

What Safety Measures Should Always Be in Place When Handling Arlon 45NK?

It is very vital to follow safety measures when you are handling Arlon 45NK PCB material. These measures help to protect you from any particles that may later have negative effects on your skin. Also, it helps to store this laminate the right way. Therefore, you need to package this prepreg system in a way that there won’t be any contamination on it.

For safety measures, you need gloves. Some designers don’t wear gloves during fabrication. Note that this is not healthy enough for you. Also, you need to wear an apron, safety glasses, and boots. The environment may be toxic during fabrication because of dust mites. That is why it is advisable to reinforce circuit boards in well ventilated space.

Also, ensure that you dry the laminate material before packaging. Some designers make the mistake of sealing up the prepreg system when it is still very wet. When choosing the Moisture Barrier Bag, please ensure that you have adequate drying desiccant which certainly helps prevent moisture absorption. This happens during prolonged or extended storage duration.

What Other Specifications Should You Check Out For When Choosing Arlon 45NK PCB Material?

There are certain specifications one has to check out for when choosing this PCB material. Also, these specifications can affect the durability of Arlon 45NK. Note that, these have to include standard specifications according to industrial approvals for them to last long. These specifications are the following. The foil which sometimes is available as either roll or panel form in some laminates.

Also, remember the thickness of the laminate. You need to specify how thick you want your laminate material to be.

What Determines the Stabilization Period for Arlon 45NK PCB Material?

As an engineer, you need to know about the stabilization time for each laminate you are using. However, one basic thing that determines the stabilization period for this prepreg system is the maximum temperature for storage.

The temperature for storage can highly influence the stabilization time. That is why the degrees of temperature range differ for each storage of laminates. The right degree of temperature is a major requirement for storage during stabilization time. Don’t open the seal whenever you are not ready to make use of this laminate.


The Arlon 45NK is a durable prepreg system that engineers use for various applications. However, one needs to ensure to comply with safety measures when handling this type of laminate. Also, when you wear aprons and gloves, it helps to prevent any skin irritation that may occur during the soldering process.

Also, the stabilization time requires you know about the temperature range for storage. As an engineer, there are many things you should consider when using laminates. For this, consider each property that makes up the buildup of this laminate.

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