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What is .gbr file

Files having its extension as a .GBR file may likely be a Gerber file. This Gerber file helps in storing the designs of printed circuit boards. The majority of programs for PCB design have the ability to export the data to any Gerber file.

However, if it is different from a Gerber file, then your own could be the GIMP Brush file. This file is useful for the editing software for GIMP. This file type holds images, which the program utilizes in painting any repeated strokes to the canvas.

The extension .gbr file also has another use. This is for the Ruleset files of the Game Boy. This can be integrated into the standard as well as super type of Game boy. It is also useful in Game Boy Color.

How do I Open a .GBR File?

You can achieve this using different programs, which are mostly free. Some of these programs offering free service include Gerbv, PentaLogix ViewMate, and GraphicCode GV-Prevue. A few of these programs support the viewing and printing of the measurements. Another option for you to use in opening the Gerber file is to use the Altium Designer. However, this isn’t free

You can also view .gbr files online. Ucamco, who are the format’s makers, features the Reference Gerber Viewer, which is free. This allows you to make an online upload of the file. By doing so, you will easily view it using your browser.

The Brush files of GIMP are utilized with GIMP. This functions effectively on macOS, Windows, and Linux. Also, if the .GBR file takes the Tileset format of the Game Boy, then you can use the Game Boy Tile Designer to open the file

Converting a GBR File: What you should do

Before you convert the .gbr file, you must know the type of format that it is. This is very necessary because it will help you decide which of the converter programs you should make use of since all three formats mentioned above work and function independently of each other. What this means is that you cannot convert just any file into the .gbr file format. This can never work.

Concerning the conversion of Gerber files, there’s a possibility that some of these programs above will not just open it, but save the .gbr file into a brand new format. However, if this isn’t the case, the Gerber files can be converted using GerbViee to SVG, TIFF, DWG, PDF, DXF, as well as other formats.

Furthermore, using an online viewer like Online Gerber Viewer may work as well for saving your GBR file into the format of the PNG image.

Also, you can use FlatCAM to convert your Gerber file into G-code. Another you can try us Cenon, that’s if the other converters fail to work.

In order to save the GIMP file to the ABR so as to use it in Adobe Photoshop, then there’s a need to convert it first to PNG using a program such as XnView.

Next, open this PNG file in your Photoshop and then select what part or section of the image must be transformed to a brush. You can make this brush via Edit, then choose the Define preset menu.

The Tileset files of Game Boy can be converted into other types of file formats using the Tile Designer Program for Game Boy. It allows you to save GBR to OBJ, S, BIN, C, and Z80, via the file then export to the menu item.

What to do if you still cannot open the file

If you still cannot open the file, check that file extension again. It is possible that if none of the programs work then you are probably misreading that file extension.

Furthermore, this is significant because at times some file formats may share very similar extension letters, but that doesn’t mean that they are related in any way or you can use the same tools to open them.

GBR files for instance feature all the three similar letters for the file extension. However, they are files of the GRIB Meteorological Data which are saved in the Binary format of GRIdded.

Furthermore, they have no relationship with any of these formats of GBR file discussed here. Therefore, you cannot convert or view the programs we have already talked about.

Also, the same goes for the files of the Symbian Is Don’t, which makes use of the file extension of GDR. We can give many other examples. However, the idea will be to take a close look at the letters of the file extension and ensure that they indicate GBR. If not, you will have something completely different than what we have said in this article.

More Information Concerning the GBR files

With the Gerber format, it stores 2D, binary images in a specific ASCII format. Note that not all the Gerber files make use of the file extension of the GBR.

Some include 274, 001, ART, GER, PHO, or GBX files, of which there may be others too. Also, it is possible to make your personal GIMP brush files. However, by default, some are provided during the first installation of the GIMP.

By default, these GBR files can be found in the installation directory of the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions people always ask regarding the .gbr file.

When can the GBR files for GIMP be placed?

When importing your file into the GIMP in order to save it as a brush file in GBR, see GIMP to open the file and then save it using the GBR extension. Also, you can create a brand new brush using the GIMP and then save it. Also, you can save this file in the folder “brushes” in the directory of the GIMP.

Which of the programs of the PCB layout create GBR files?

Available here are several open-source, free software programs for printed circuit boards, which can be useful in the creation of Gerber files. A few examples include FreePCB, which is specially designed for Windows, DesignSpark PCB for Linux and Windows, and Osmond PCB that works for Mac.


We have done our best to explain the question “what is .gbr file”. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us.

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