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Benefits of Integrating DesignSpark PCB Library

PCB design software applications are available in a wide range. These applications help PCB designers carry out their design process easily. While some PCB design software applications require payment and subscription, some applications go for free. A good example of a free online PCB software is the DesignSpark PCB software.

Since the release of DesignSpark, RS has continued to upgrade some features so as to enhance its functionality. Users can have free access to this software since registration is absolutely free. Also, this software offers a variety of charge design resources and tools that transforms your ideas into a real circuit board. To have a good knowledge about the DesignSpark PCB software, read this article further.

What is DesignSpark PCB?

Designspark PCB

DesignSpark PCB is a free online design software package for circuit boards. This PCB design software is available on Windows. It is designed by RS components. As an award-winning electronic design automation (ECAD) software application, DesignSpark has got so many advanced features that help you have a lovely experience with PCB design.

DesignSpark PCB is a product of a partnership between RS components and Number One Systems. The projects in this software helps designers to organize design files. There can be several schematic sheets in a project. Furthermore, this software features a schematic editor. A particular project can feature several schematic sheets that help to create a complete design.

Since the release of DesignSpark, RS has continued to upgrade some features so as to enhance its functionality. Users can have free access to this software since registration is absolutely free. Also, the DesignSpark library features several footprints which helps you achieve a successful PCB design

DesignSpark PCB is available in various versions. The most recent version of this design software is DesignSpark 9.0. This version is available to online engineering community. This version has several upgraded features. Also, it includes the capability to identify dangling connections, create new libraries, and include copper pour to a net.

DesignSpark PCB includes tools like autorouter. The autorouter positions tracks between electronic components on a circuit board layout. This process is usually carried out automatically. Furthermore, DesignSpark PCB can help designers to generate Excellon drill files and Gerber Files. This software helps to bridge the gap that exists between high-cost PCB design software for professional design engineers.

DesignSpark PCB is designed to help PCB designers explore more advanced design options, thereby offering increased innovation. This features a sophisticated software engine that helps in capturing schematics and designing PCB layouts.

Features of DesignSpark PCB


This PCB design software features some specialized tools which helps professional designers manage and customize large projects that involve multiple layer circuit boards.

Variant manager

This helps you to define various designs to meet the requirements of the global market. With this feature, designer can add and configure variants of PCB board design. It enables you to design special values for the similar component parameters in several variants.

Panel design editor

DesignSpark PCB’s panel design editor helps you manage and visualize assembly of finished board designs before manufacturing begins. Panel editor helps you create panel layouts for your circuit board. Also, this feature enables you to view the panel on-screen.

Hierarchical schematic design

Hierarchical schematic design enables you to split schematics in building blocks. This feature helps designers to use block symbols to represent various schematic designs. The hierarchical schematic design in DesignSpark PCB offers you a more efficient method to organize your circuit board designs. In this case, the designer may have a top sheet that comprises block symbols which represent the subcomponents of your PCB design.

Advanced routing modes

DesignSpark PCB features advanced routing modes which offers designers the capability to route complex circuitry required for new PCB. This feature helps designers achieve complex PCB trace routing.

Configurable design rules editor and checker

DesignSpark PCB offers a fully configurable design rules checker which helps you verify the design of a circuit board and pass on quality checks for manufacturing.

Dual screen support

Another important feature PCB designers will enjoy from DesignSpark is its support for dual screen. This software supports dual screen while working on it.

Benefits of Using DesignSpark PCB

The DesignSpark PCB has several benefits. In fact, designers have a lot of benefits to enjoy.

Unlimited schematic size

Printed circuit boards are available in various shapes and sizes. These boards offer various purposes. Irrespective of your circuit board’s size, DesignSpark offers you the freedom you need when designing your schematic. With this PCB design software, there is no limitation on the size of your schematic sheets. Also, this flexibility and freedom enables designers to integrate Design Spark PCB for any size of PCB projects.

Embedded DesignSpark PCB library

The DesignSpark library has several features. One of the numerous benefits of using DesignSpark PCB is that it allows you to create the footprints and symbols according to industry standards. Furthermore, the ready-to-use libraries help you easily create these footprints without much stress. Designers can as well design their own part models based on their specifications. The ready-to-use online tools will help you get the models of the parts needed.

Create BoMs in your desired format

You can prepare BoM that features items and parts you want in your preferred format. Also, you can order parts easily at your own time. DesignSpark features a built-in BOM Quote functionality that enables you to achieve this. Just upload the Bill of Material to the RS Components website.

Unlimited PCB design

Another important benefit you can enjoy from the DesignSpark PCB is unlimited PCB design. Some circuit boards design requires about 50 layers. However, not all software enables that. The DesignSpark PCB enables you to integrate the number of layers your circuit board needs. Also, these software offers no limits as regards the highest number of pads or nodes. There is also no limitation on the number of connections.

Enables export to Spice Simulation software

DesignSpark PCB schematic capture environment includes the LTspice simulator. This increases the possibility to execute circuit simulations. Also, this enables designers to easily export your project quickly to Spice Simulation.

Output the needed files

With the DesignSpark PCB, designers can easily prepare unlimited fabrication files such as ODB++, Berber, or IPC to order circuit boards from their preferred manufacturer.

Free online software

Another benefit of using DesignSpark PCB is that you don’t need to pay any amount to have access to this software as it is completely free. It is a free online PCB design software specially designed to meet the requirements of various users.

What does the DesignSpark PCB Library Offer?

Altium PCB design process

The DesignSpark PCB library offers designers a lot. This embedded library allows designers to browse already stored footprints. Also, the library comprises PCB footprints that are representation of other mechanical characteristics and the physical pad arrangement of components.

This library is ideal for managing components. Also, this library is specially designed to meet the requirements of various users. As a huge and embedded library, there are several footprints included in it. Also, this library is very easy to use.

DesignSpark PCB users can have access to numerous design tools like:

DesignSpark Mechanical: This sophisticated 3D CAD tool works according to direct modeling techniques.

DesignSpark Toolbox App: This IoS and Android app is ideal for engineers. It includes comparison tables, calculation tools, and more.

DesignSpark Electrical: This particular electrical CAD package for designing electrical and machinery systems and a design of control panel.

Obsolescence manager

This tool allows engineers to control and review the status of products within BoM and choose alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of users and organizations can use DesignSpark PCB?

DesignSpark PCB is great software ideal for organizations like small business, freelance, and mid size business.

What is the highest number of pads or nodes when designing with DesignSpark PCB?

There is no maximum number of pads you can use when designing DesignSpark PCB. This software offers you the freedom to use the number of pads you want in your design.

Is DesignSpark PCB free?

This online software requires no charges. Another benefit of using DesignSpark PCB is that you don’t need to pay any amount to have access to this software as it is completely free. It is a free online PCB design software specially designed to meet the requirements of various users.


Whether you are in need of a standalone design tool or a good design ecosystem, DesignSpark PCB is a complete design package you can seamlessly integrate in your existing design workflow. With the software, you’ll be able to have freedom to create your schematic as there is no restriction on the size of your schematic or number of schematic sheets.

Also, this PCB design software package offers freedom and flexibility to integrate as many layers as you want in your PCB design. It is an easy-to-use software that offers great features to help you transform your creative design into a real board. As the most comprehensive and accessible PCB design software in the world, you can easily and quickly transform your ideas into testable boards.




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