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What Is .ART File Viewer?

In most cases, .art files belong to Adobe’s illustrator. This .art file extension is majorly linked with images that are highly compressed and stored in the main ART format utilized in compressing images on the proxy sensors of AOL.

By making use of these ART images, it became possible for online services to raise their download speed for their images, as well as reduce the usage of bandwidth. Alphacam, which is a CAD/CAM programming and design solution, stores a project’s router tool in the .art file.

Furthermore, ArtCAM, which is a manufacturing software that is computer aided, stores models of 3D and 2D in the .art files. Also, these files may also come with specifications for engraving, printing, and cutting designs that are created using the program.

Also, the .art filename extension is linked with the design format of the embroidery, which are useful by older embroidery machines of BERNINA. These types of .art files have embroidery designs, which can be viewed using embroidery softwares like ArtLink.

Furthermore, video games, which are developed using the engine of the Build 3D games, store game data like sprites, tiles, and textures in the .art files that are compressed.

How Can You Open .ART Files?

To open .art files, you will need to use appropriate software such as Illustrator. Without using the right software, you will get a message from Windows like “Windows failed to open this file” or other related alerts from Android, iPhone, or Mac.

Also, if you fail to open the .art file the right way, you can long-press or right-click the file. Next, select “Open With.” Once it opens, choose the application you will love to use. Also, you can display the .art file in your browser directly.

What is .ART file Viewer?

.ART file viewers are those programs that users can use in opening and converting .art files? Below are some of them.


This is by Adobe. These .art files are usually called illustrator vector images. This is because this file type is mainly used or created with the help of this software

Android Studio

This one is from Google, and it is an integrated environment, which is useful for the building of Android applications, making use of programming languages like Kotlin and Java.

Furthermore, the .art file present bin Android projects and created using Android studio has the .art representation of classes and strings, which are listed in APF files in order to accelerate the application startup. The classification of the file format is under “System.”


This one is by HEXAGON. It is a software that serves woodworking industries. Also, it is useful for the cutting and designing of parts that range from parts that are simply routed to the complex ones, furniture components of 5-axis, or furniture. Furthermore, the tool information of the router in any Alphacam project is usually saved in .art files. The classification of the file format is under “3D image.”


This one is by America Online. It is a software that serves as a web service and desktop client. Its desktop version is made up of media player, web client, and instant messenger. Also, the proxy server of AOL converts images to the .art files that are very compressed before it sends them to your browser. The classification of the file format is under “Raster Image.”


This software was developed by Autodesk. This is a discontinued manufacturing software that is computer aided and useful for any decorative woodwork. Any model that is imported in the Relief Clipart Library of ArtCAM is stored in the .art file. The classification of the file format is under “3D Image.”

ART Director

This one is by Mirrorsoft and it is also a discontinued software for image editing mainly for any Atari computer. The .art files were used in storing the edited images with the use of Art Director. The classification of the file format is under “Raster Image.”


This one is by BERNINA. It is a software that helps users to view and export embroidery designs. This desktop software works well with the file format of the ART embroidery, as well as other different formats. The classification of the file format is under “Data.”

Other .art file viewers include Blood, Crayola, Duke Nukem 3D, PC Tools, Online Gerber Viewer, First Publisher, and more.

4 Tips by Which You Can Open a .ART Files

Note that you can open many file extensions using multiple programs, and vice versa. However, if you have been experiencing issues with opening .art files, below are some ways for you to make it happen.

Try Downloading a Different Program

You can try to open it by making use of a different program. You can try any of the programs above and see which one works for you. Also you can download more than one of these programs, update them, and then try again.

Contact the Developer

The software developer is more knowledgeable about file extensions than any other. Therefore, if your .art file fails to open by making use of the normal programs, then you should contact the software developer to help you out.

Check the Type of File

Knowing the file type will give you some ideas on how you can open it. Majority of .art files are usually grouped under Developer files. Therefore, programs working with these Developer Files, will most likely open your .art file. If you don’t know what type of file it is, right-click it and then choose “More Info” or “Properties.”

Install any Universal File Viewer

With universal file viewers, you can open any file type. This also depends on the format. If you are finding it hard to open your .art file try to install File Magic.


We hope we have been able to answer the question “what is .art file viewer?” Trying to open your .art file without success may be frustrating. The more reason why you should know what an .art file viewer is, and some of them that will work for you.