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The State of the Vietnam Electronic Manufacturing Industry

The rate at which electronics consumption keeps rising is phenomenal. This has also led to competition between different electronic manufacturing services.

Vietnam’s electronic industry, of late, has become a well-known name in electronic manufacturing. This has played a major role in the economy of the country. It has also gained a reputation in the production of high-quality products and at affordable prices.

Let’s explain further by discussing the state of electronics production in Vietnam. We will then explain factors to consider before choosing a manufacturing company in Vietnam. After this, we will give you the best ems companies in Vietnam offering electronics manufacturing, and lastly, we will answer some related questions.

Please read with full concentration to understand the topic properly.

The State of Electronics Production in Vietnam

Due to the trade war between the United States and China, as well as China’s rising manufacturing costs, Vietnam has been able to enjoy the benefits and participate further in the global and regional value chains.

The nation has been able to find its way upwards as a major exporter of electronics including high end mobile phones. This is obvious after its sudden rise from 47th place that it attained back in 2001, to its 12th place, which it attained recently in 2019. Most importantly, they were ranked second when it comes to exports of mobile phones. This has a value of more than US$50 billion back in 2019.

Vietnam’s consumer electronics industry imports have almost doubled between 2015 and 2019. Exports, on the other hand, have increased constantly by about US$12 billion yearly. This is an increase from the US$47.3 billion to the US$96.9 billion it attained in 2019.

Furthermore, in 2019, the Electronics Industry exports reached about 36% of Vietnam’s total export turnover, rising by 1.15% in contrast to that of 2018. Also imports were responsible for about 30% of the whole import flow, rising by 2.01% from 2018. In addition, electronics sales from Vietnam increased by 12.1% as well, in contrast to its value in 2018.

Tax Incentives

Investors cannot just take advantage of the reduced tariffs; however, the Vietnamese government also offers corporate income tax breaks for any company that works in high technological sectors and zones, socio-economic regions that are underdeveloped and some industrial zones.

Government Reforms

Telecommunication, information, and electronics technologies are included among the major priority sectors having the approval of the Vietnamese government. Investors are given some encouragement to run in industrial zones and El clusters. Here, they are well equipped with the right facilities and infrastructure.

Trade Liberalization

Any company that seeks to have an investment in Vietnam can quickly make use of the available Free Trade Agreements

Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Electronics Manufacturing Company in Vietnam

Do you need a company in Vietnam’s electronics industry which can offer you a great experience? This situation could be a little challenging because there are many manufacturing companies in Vietnam’s electronics industry. Your choice should depend on a specific product which you’ll love to produce i.e. mobile phones. However, to make the right decision, these are some factors for you to consider.

Longevity and Experience in the Industry

Your running business or startup must know the experience and history of this company. This is to maintain a productive business relationship. You can rely on full-fledged businesses to offer you high-quality jobs. Moreover, these companies in Vietnam’s electronics industry will be proud to design and manufacture each board.

Environment Friendly

When an electronics manufacturer offers the majority of their worries regarding the environment, this will give you a very good image of that company. Electronic products manufactured usually produce high toxic wastes. Therefore, having the best waste disposal ways gives your company a good image.

Testing of the Product

There must be a test on the electronics box build. This is to help in checking the quality compliances. This task is a must, as it makes sure that the design has the best quality standard. So, to avoid any errors related to production, a professional electronics manufacturer will give a quality assurance report.

Advancements in Technology

Advancements in technology involve asking yourself what type of tools, equipment, and machinery that the electronic manufacturing company in Vietnam’s electronics industry uses. It would be wise to work with a manufacturer which uses the benefits of cutting-edge technologies. This makes sure that you can manufacture your products in a very competitive marketplace.

Management of supply chain

Any manufacturing company ought to have the sourcing contracts for components and commodities all over the world. Also, they will desire your requirements in line with agreement requirements, sourcing requirements, etc.

Compliance to industry standards

Any manufacturing company has to know the standards of the industry. Also, they must abide by the product standard too. Also, they must work with the right protocol for quality assurance to produce any assemblies.


Because the majority of companies in Vietnam’s electronics industry only offer services until the production of the product is completed, it is advisable to choose companies that will also guide and assist you when the phase of post-production comes in.

8 Best Electronic Manufacturing Companies in Vietnam

Below are our 10 best electronic manufacturing companies in Vietnam

Fab 9

This PCB manufacturer is located in the Binh Duong area of Vietnam. It was established back in 2003, and the company claims to be the first company that offers full-service PCBV in Vietnam. Fab 9 boasts of more than 13 years experience in this field. Specifically, the company offers engineering design and layout services, PCB assembly, PCB fabrication, and mechanical box building for its clients.

Furthermore, the service that Fab 9 offers seeks to develop prototypes of PCBs in order to meet the requirements of production. Therefore, they personalize the results with respect to the needs, as well as the preferences of the client.

Fab 9 also exports all its products globally. The company has its presence in Singapore, the Philippines, Japan, Europe, and the United States. Their capabilities include DFM in inch, DFM in mm, DFT, electronics manufacturing, and PCB Assembly.

RayMing PCB


RayMing PCB was founded back in 2005, and this company has made a name in the manufacturing, fabrication, as well as assembling of PCBs. This company boasts an international presence with a great presence in Vietnam.

RayMing has a great and skilled team, industry-leading and modern machines, and state-of-the-art technologies. This helps them to fabricate, manufacture, as well as assemble two-layer and multilayer printed circuit boards. However, with different industry certification, you can be sure of getting high-quality PCB products and services.

The company also responds quickly and delivers the best delivery time. Also, RayMing is known to offer full production of PCBs, as well as assembly services. The company’s products include Rogers, Taconic, Teflon, Flexible-rigid PCB, Aluminum boards, HDI boards, Isola, and high-frequency circuit boards.

Please visit RayMing PCB here

Trungnam EMS

This company was established recently in 2020. It is associated with the Trungnam Group. The Trungnam Group is involved in construction, infrastructure, as well as real estate in Vietnam.

Trungnam EMS’ production facility is a factory plant of two-story which is situated in Danang. This area has over 2,000 square meters as well as three SMT lines. This company specializes in assembly of PCBs, cable assembly, and offers support from the design state to the prototyping, as well as mass production. Presently, the company’s production capacity can reach about 7 million products every year.

The capabilities of this company include prototype, packaging, cable assembly, PCB assembly, refurbishment and repair, mechanical test, etc.

Please visit Trungnam EMS here


IFM was established back in 1969. This already shows how much experience they have in the field. This company has been able to transform into a powerhouse, rather than just passion. This strength isn’t just in Vietnam alone, but is present in more than 95 countries globally.

Despite its reputation and huge growth, this company still maintains high-quality products and sticks to its company’s virtues. IFM always keeps its customers informed of their work. Also, they produce high-quality products constantly and have always delivered excellence when offering services to the customer.

The products IFM offers include IIoT solutions, IIoT software, power supplies, position sensors, IO-Link, Identification systems, IIoT appliances and gateway, mobile machine systems, and more.


Spartronic s is known for offering comprehensive services, as well as its use of state-of-the-art technology. Situated in the Ho Chi Minh City area of Vietnam, Spartronics offers different exceptional services. This includes product testing, after sales services, high-level assemblies, PCB assemblies and product design. This is to make sure that there is a functionality ball through its lifecycle.

The highlights of the company include cutting-edge technology, team of great and experienced professionals, safe and high-quality products, etc. The electronic products offered by this company in Ho Chi Minh city include medical devices, control and instrumentation, equipment for life sciences, components of defense equipment, and components for commercial aerospace.

Please visit Spartronics here

East West Manufacturing

This company was founded in 2001. It is a global company offering many services. The main service has to do with the designing of manufacturing solutions, offers engineering support, and analysis of the finite element and computational fluid.

Generally, this company claims to offer solutions to setbacks that can happen in manufacturing, as well as supply chain. Some setbacks include limited support, manufacturers’ transparency, and supply chain diversification. This company gives advice to its customers on ways to solve these issues.

Also, this is a well-known global chain that has multiple factories and offices in Vietnam, China, India, Israel, UK, and US. Its capabilities include EMS prototyping and EMS, design services, 3D printing, and more.

Please visit East West Manufacturing here

Sunching Electronics

Sunching Electronics is a company in Vietnam, founded in 2001. It is one of the few Vietnam manufacturers that are UL approved. This company strives to ensure cost reduction, as well as increase in flexibility in the supply chain delivery.

Therefore, the company offers services in printed circuit board manufacturing as well as distribution. Here, the highest board thickness for any PCB is 12 layers. On the other hand, the minimum is 4 layers. Also, the minimum line width and line spacing for all printed circuit boards is 0.17 mm. Their capabilities include mechanical drilling.

Please visit Sunching Electronics Here

Jing Gong Electronics

This electronic manufacturing company in Vietnam was established back in 2007. Taiwan Seiko, which is Jing Gong’s parent company, boasts of more than 20 years experience when we talk of the manufacturing as well as supply of electronics. This company is situated in the Binh Duong area of Vietnam, although they also offer their top-notch services abroad.

During the display of the product samples, Jing Gong also displays each circuit’s applications. The company’s aim is to help the client to comprehend the significance and uses of PCBs and the way they function. e.g. this company manufactures PCBs that are useful in the manufacturing of LED lighting, UPS systems, electronic appliances, and sound equipment.

Please visit Jing Gong Electronics Here:

Frequently Asked Questions

What electronics are made in Vietnam?

This country, Vietnam, features some semiconductor companies that manufacture in its market. This includes Canon Foxconn, HP, Google, Apple, as well as other huge electronics firms.

Which country is known as the best for electronics manufacturing?

The United States, Hong Kong and China are known as leaders when it comes to electronics manufacturing globally. Furthermore, these countries maintain their positions as the producers of high-quality and affordable electronic components.

What Products does Vietnam manufacture majorly?

Vietnam plays a huge role in the exportation of petroleum goods, which include metal iron, leathers, and steel garments. Speaking generally, they support and back the quick developing industries in the country.


Due to China’s rising manufacturing costs, Vietnam has been able to enjoy the benefits and participate further in the global and regional value supply chains. Working with the best Vietnam electronic manufacturer that will meet your requirements isn’t easy. This is because the industry is growing rapidly in Vietnam. However, we have saved you the stress. You can choose one of the best 7 companies we reviewed here. The great thing is that this article reveals everything that will help you achieve only the best services.




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