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Why you Should Use TTM PCB for Your PCB Projects

In the technology world, various companies are working towards development. These companies offer high quality services and products. One of such companies is TTM Technologies .Inc. This company is well-known for its positive impact in the PCB industry. We are going to shed more light on the products and services provided by this company. Also, we will give more details on how they operate.

What is TTM Technologies .Inc?

TTM technologies, is a popular and leading global printed circuit boards manufacturer. Also, this leading global printed circuit board manufacturer focuses on delivering quick-turn and high volume production of technically advanced circuit boards. TTM stands or refers to “for time to market.” Also, TTM Technologies .Inc specializes in manufacturing RF components.

TTM Technologies Inc. has its headquarters in Santa Ana, California. Also, the major focus of this manufacturer is time-to-market. With its advanced technologies, procedures, and services, customers can reduce the time needed to make their advanced electronics available. TTM technologies .Inc dedicates its time to production of advanced circuits, RF and microwave components, and backplane assemblies.

This company is one of the world’s biggest PCB producers and a large supplier of custom electro-mechanical solutions and backplane assemblies. Also, it offers one-stop manufacturing services that help to shorten production time.   The time-to-market reveals TTM’s time-critical.

TTM Technologies .Inc offers all types of PCB boards like rigid-flex, flex, HDI, and rigid. Also, it offers up to 40 layers circuit boards. This competitive organization works with a team of experienced engineers that offers customers the necessary advice and support. also, TTM Technologies is dedicated to meeting the needs of its customers by continuously improving product quality and customer service.

More Facts about TTM Technologies .Inc


TTM Technologies deals with the manufacturing and sale of printed circuit boards across the world. Also, TTM Technologies. Inc operates in two different segments which are RF components and PCB. This company offers

  • Radio frequency and microwave circuits
  • PCB products
  • Conventional PCBs
  • High density interconnect (HDI) PCBs
  • System integration products
  • Advanced ceramic RF components
  • Radio frequency components
  • Beamforming and switching networks
  • Multi-chip modules

Furthermore, this company manufactures circuit boards with heavy copper cores. Also, it produces electrically passive heat sinks and circuit boards with active thermal cores. TTM Technologies .Inc delivers value added services which include PCB layout design, quick turnaround, and design for manufacturability. Also, it offers services like simulation and testing.

TTM Technologies .Inc has its headquarters in Santa Ana. This company acts as electronic manufacturing services companies and original equipment manufacturers. Therefore, TTM Technologies .Inc serve data center computing, medical, aerospace and defense sectors.

As a leading global printed circuit board manufacturer, TTM Technologies .Inc manufacturing services enable customers to achieve the best PCB project. Also, this company features design capabilities to produce technologically advanced PCBs. This leading global manufacturer has huge net sales. TTM Technologies .Inc delivers specialty components for electronics manufacturing. Also, it delivers high frequency radio frequency components.

TTM stands for time to market. Therefore, TTM Technologies .Inc offers high volume production, quick turn, and one stop manufacturing services. TTM technologies .Inc has more than 21 years experience in technology. Therefore, TTM Technologies .Inc keeps working towards meeting the goal of change and technology advancements. TTM Technologies .Inc in Santa ana California reports fiscal records annually.

The Engineering Fields of TTM Technologies

TTM Technologies .Inc works with more than 2,000 technical professionals and engineers. Therefore, it achieves great goals through continuous improvement, design and development. TTM Technologies .Inc features the following fields:

RF/Microwave engineering

The engineers in this field specialize in designing and evaluating, integrated microwave assemblies, and sub-systems. Also, this engineers use PWB SMT, advanced packaging techniques, chip and wire in this field.

Field application engineering

In this field, the engineers offer technical support and advice to customers. Also, they offer support to manufacturing groups and PCB designers. Engineers here interface with the groups involved in the design cycle and offer feedback on mechanical and electrical demands based on the end product application of the customer.

Process engineering

This field in TTM Technologies .Inc is responsible for maintaining and implementing the production processes utilized to fabricate circuit boards. Also, these processes could include establishment of operating conditions, failure analysis, and regular monitoring of process conditions.

The Financial Outlook of TTM Technologies

The net income of TTM Technologies .Inc for the first three months of 2022 amounted to $25.3 million on a non-GAAP basis. Also, in the first quarter of 2021, this company had a net income of $25.3 million. In the first three months of 2022, the adjusted E BITDA was $62.0 million. This is more than the $61.0 million realized in the first quarter of 2021.

At a conference call, TTM Technologies .Inc made high revenues and non-GAAP earnings beyond the mid-point of the guided range. The strength of the commercial end markets of this company contributed to this outperformance. Despite the production and labor problems in North America, TTM Technologies .Inc was able to achieve this.

Also, the CEO of TTM Technologies .Inc claims that the company took some steps to improve its differentiation strategy. This company agreed to get Telephonics Corporation which delivers engineered solutions for Defense and Aerospace end market. Therefore, TTM technologies .Inc could move up the value chain.

TTM technologies .inc has announced its plans to build a new manufacturing facility in Malaysia. The new facility will help customers in markets like data center computing, industrial, and networking. Also, this new facility will offer TTM Technologies .Inc with more growth vector. This is because TTM Technologies .Inc will attract more demand from existing and new customers in need for technologically advanced PCBs manufacturers outside China.

Therefore, TTM Technologies .Inc will be able to provide customers high layer count and high volume PCBs. According to estimates, the revenue for the second quarter of 2022 will be around $620 million. Meanwhile, the non-GAAP net income was estimated to be between $0.30 to $0.36.

The new facility will take up about $130 million. Also, this investment will spread through 3 years.

Applications of TTM Products

TTM printed circuit boards and other technical products are widely used across industries. Also, this company offers high-quality PCBs, RF and microwave, and more.


TTM Technologies .Inc is a great supplier of advanced technology and high reliability PCBs to the automotive industry. Also, automotive electronics manufacturers rely on the products of this company. TTM technologies .inc supports full range of the PCB needs of its automotive customers.


TTM Technologies .Inc is a leading supplier of PCBs used in mobile phones. Also, TTM Technologies .Inc  has been able to bring the power of computing and world-wide communication to the palm of your hand. With its leading technology in flexible circuits and advanced HDI, TTM has made major contributions to the mobile phone industry. Also, TTM’s cost efficient production makes it a global leader in the smart phone industry.

Aerospace and defense

As the largest PCB manufacturer in North America, TTM Technologies .Inc has made significant contributions to the aerospace and defense industry. Also, this company delivers custom assemblies to the Aerospace and Defense industry.

Great reliability and exceptional performance are a major concern for military and aerospace electronics. Also, these electronics need to function under the most extreme conditions. Therefore, military and aerospace electronics manufacturers lay more emphasis on the products used for these devices.


California TTM Technologies .Inc is one of the largest suppliers of Microwave and RF components. Also, these components are widely used in the communications industry. Furthermore, telecommunication devices need high signal integrity to function. The microwave and RF components of TTM Technologies .Inc ensure high signal integrity and minimize signal loss in telecommunication devices.

 TTM technologies .Inc offers products and services that enable satellite communication systems and GPS devices.

Benefits of Choosing TTM Technologies .Inc

There are several PCB companies in the world. However, some companies stand out among others. One of such companies is TTM technologies. Inc. Also, this leading global manufacturer offers electro mechanical solutions and one-stop manufacturing services. TTM’s time critical is one of the reasons behind its quick-turn PCB services.  Below are benefits you will enjoy when you choose TTM Technologies .Inc.

Quality products and services

TTM technologies .Inc offers quality PCB products and PCB one-stop manufacturing service. Also, this company provides high volume production and quick turn services. TTM Technologies .Inc integrates state-of-the-art technologies and procedures when manufacturing circuit boards. It manufactures products like PCB products, conventional PCBs, and high density interconnect (HDI) PCBs.

Great customer service

One of the benefits you will get to enjoy from TTM Technologies .Inc is its great customer service. This PCB manufacturing company ensures it offers support and advice to its customers. Also, TTM Technologies .Inc prioritizes the demands of its customers. Its manufacturing services enable customers to get the best.

Great reputation

California TTM Technologies has built a great reputation in the printed circuit board industry. This company has more than two decades of experience in delivering quality PCB products and services. Also, this company carries out market research and competitor analysis before commencing production.


TTM Technologies .Inc has continued to impact the electronics and PCB industries. This global PCB company has set a great standard for PCB manufacturing. With its headquarters in Santa ana, California, this company is a global designer of PCBs.