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30 Best ESP32 Projects in 2023

Our homes are getting smarter and smarter as manufacturers release new technologies every year. In 2022, the esp32 will be one of the most powerful and widespread chips of its kind on the market. The Internet of Things has become a reality. We will see these devices that people are adopting across various industries. This article will show you thirty of the best projects that you can make using this chip so far. It will showcase some amazing advances in technology from all around the world.

What is Esp32?

The esp32 is a microcontroller chip by Espressif Systems. They are a Chinese manufacturer of low-cost but high-performance chips and smart devices. The esp32 offers a flash memory of 128KB, an AMSD11A 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 processor at 72MHz, 4MB of RAM, and 16KB of EEPROM. Its programs and downloads with a built-in USB interface can run firmware written in C or JavaScript.

Thanks to its open-source nature, the esp32 is popular with RayMing PCB and Assembly PCB devices. They are creating and developing some incredible projects with it. Using Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi features, these smart devices have brought automation to homes worldwide. It improves our lives in many ways.

A brief history of the esp32

Espressif Systems is a semiconductor company that focuses on developing low-cost, high-performance chipsets. The computer industry widely adopts it. They produce a wide range of chips and products, including those designed for robotics. The esp32 series is one of several chips released so far. Currently, they have seven features in total, with six of them being variations on the original esp32 series.

In 2016, Espressif Systems announced its first-ever IoT chipset, the ESP32. Manufacturers created this new device to operate in wireless devices and sensors. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi features. The ESP32 came into the market in February that year. It soon became available to hobbyists, developers, and manufacturers worldwide.

The company released its new series right at the start of a boom in the Internet of Things industry. With this new chip came a whole new range of possibilities. Hobbyists and developers quickly adopted it because of its ease in projects. The chip was helpful in many projects, including several different home automation systems.

ESP32 LED fading

ESP32-xx family

The first esp32 series came into the market on February 22nd, 2016. Since then, there have been six other chip variations that honor the original naming scheme. An additional series including various options for internal flash memory came out in mid-2017. Additionally, a series including options with Wi-Fi came out in early 2018.


This chip features a single-core Xtensa LX7 processor at up to 240MHz. The chip comes with 128KB of flash memory and 32KB of RAM, along with an AMSD11A 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 processor. The max frequency reaches up to 240MHz. So we can use it in many applications where we need a fast processor.


This chip features a single-core 32-bit RISC-V CPU at a clock speed of up to 160MHz. The chip comes with 128KB of flash memory and 32KB of RAM, along with an AMSD11A 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 processor. The max frequency reaches up to 160MHz. So, we can use it in many different applications where one needs a fast processor.


This chip features two identical 32-bit Xtensa LX7 CPUs, each at a clock speed of up to 240MHz. Each of the cores can process its independent task and talk to each other for cooperation. The serial connections between the two cores enable both cores to read and write independently. The chip comes with 128KB of flash memory, 32KB of RAM, and an AMSD11A 64-bit ARM Cortex M3 processor.

Ever Wondered What an Esp32 Can Do?

The Espressif ESP32 chipset is a 32-bit microcontroller capable of achieving 650 MHz. It uses a small form factor and low power consumption. It comes with nearly 70 GPIOs and many peripheral components, making it one of the most versatile chips on the market. Espressif released the chip in 2016. This increased the speed of their previous model by almost four times. Since then, there has been an incredible amount of projects released by hobbyists worldwide.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the most amazing projects that have come from this powerful little chip. Our collection includes everything from home automation to custom-made tools and games. If you ever wanted to get involved in the maker community, now is your chance. These are some of the best esp32 projects out there that will help you get started.

1. ESP32-OLED scrolling message display

Every time a text message enters your cell phone, it displays on the home screen. This can feel very frustrating because you have to scroll through many messages to see important ones. It is often difficult to find the message you want while scrolling. ESP32-OLED is a new project that bases its architecture upon the esp32. Its display is an OLED screen that displays everything typed in on your phone directly onto the screen at high resolutions. This allows you to scroll through your messages easily and find the most important ones.

2. ESP32-MQTT relay switch for home automation

Home automation is a growing trend in the tech community. It allows users to connect different devices and appliances through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It communicates with each other and shares data over the internet. However, some of these devices are not always connected to the internet, making it difficult to control them remotely. An ESP32 can install an MQTT server and act as a reliable relay connecting devices and the internet. This allows you to control your home appliances from anywhere in the world, giving you complete control over your home.

3. ESP32-mote button for smart light bulbs

ESP32-mote is a wireless button that allows you to control your electronics without using messy wires or even touching them. It consists of a unique circuit board, a few buttons, and some custom software to communicate with your other devices. One can hold down the button to turn on or off every light in your house from one point.

4. ESP32-based music player for home automation

Home automation isn’t just about controlling electronics. We can use it to play music across various rooms using Bluetooth speakers. This allows you to listen to your favorite tunes no matter where you are in the house. This idea is possible with an ESP32-based music player. It can connect to Bluetooth speakers in your house. You can switch between them depending on the songs you want to hear. It turns the speakers into a powerful music hub that works with any device in your home.

5. ESP32-based game console

The ESP32 is compatible with the Arduino IDE. It allows you to control anything you like and develop custom programs and games. One great example is an ESP32-based game console. It gives you the power to create your games using a wide range of libraries and code. You can play games using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth controllers, making it easier for multiple people to play simultaneously. It connects with other computers through the internet and allows you to download new games on the go.

6. ESP32-based deep learning device

The ESP32 is one of the most powerful microcontrollers, coming in at 650 MHz. This is more than enough power to run any deep learning algorithm you need. It allows you to create your neural networks and perform accurate artificial intelligence. We use the ESP32 in several projects, including this powerful machine learning system.

The network can pick up on facial features and analyze them, making it an excellent tool for the future.

esp32 MOUDLE

7. ESP32-based Arduino board

Arduino boards are popular because we can use them for many different projects. ESP32s are also compatible with the Arduino IDE. They allow you to program and control your electronics. We can also use the boards in various projects. They range from robots to artificial intelligence systems. They work well with other microcontrollers and sensors. It makes them customizable and programmable.

8. ESP32-based character recognition system

The ESP32 is a powerful microcontroller that can process a lot of data simultaneously. It helps save time when dealing with complex calculations. This is why we are using them in several projects, including the ESP32 character recognition system. It can recognize several different characters like words, numbers, and symbols. This allows you to autocomplete and search through large amounts of text instantly. It makes it perfect for anyone who needs to type long, complicated messages daily.

9. ESP32-based waveform monitor

Sometimes you may need to use your electronics as a means of sensing other things. For example, you might be using it to measure temperature or sound levels in an environment. The ESP32 can help by acting as a waveform monitor, displaying information about waveforms in the frequency domain. This allows the user to see changes over time and interpret them for various calculations. It is ideal for measuring different waves and signals.

10. IoT weather station

We use the ESP8266 to create a powerful IoT weather station. It measures various environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and pressure. You can monitor all these factors remotely from any computer through the internet. This helps you better understand the environment in which you live and better prepare for future changes.

11. ESP32-based Bitcoin miner

Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies globally. It allows people to trade money online and spend it anywhere that accepts it as payment. However, Bitcoin requires a lot of computational power to mine and verify transactions. This means you will need powerful hardware. We use the ESP32 has to create powerful Bitcoin miners that can efficiently mine Bitcoins without any problems. These miners are also capable of mining other cryptocurrencies. They include Ethereum or Monero, making them great for several different tasks.

12. ESP32-based motion detection system

The ESP32 is one of the most popular microcontrollers out there at the moment. This is mainly due to its ability to create powerful IoT projects using the Arduino IDE. Many people don’t know that we can use them to perform AI tasks. This has become incredibly popular in recent years with the emergence of deep learning algorithms. The ESP32-based motion detection system is a perfect example of this. It uses deep learning to recognize multiple different types of movement. This makes it one of the most innovative sensors on the market. Its accuracy is also incredible, as it can detect movement as small as 0.

13. DIY BLE Gamepad

The ESP32 is one of the most powerful microcontrollers out there. It’s also compatible with the Arduino IDE. This means that you can create projects that require a wide range of sensors and an intuitive interface. The ESP32-based gamepad is an excellent example of this. It makes use of the controller’s integrated Bluetooth chip to make games. You can play it on different systems through a Bluetooth connection.

14. Ghosty and Skully Halloween Robots

Sphero is a company known for its toys, including one of the most popular robotic toys called Ghosty. This robot makes use of the ESP32 to make facial expressions that we form by its two motors and a bunch of sensors. The robot can also talk thanks to an MP3 system that allows it to say random phrases when it detects people. Skully is another Sphero toy that uses the ESP32 to make facial expressions. It makes it part human and part machine.

15. ESP32-based smart indoor gardening system

This smart gardening system uses the ESP32 to integrate several sensors into one network-connected microcontroller. It is ideal for farms, greenhouses, and horticulture stores. It can offer advice to farmers on how to improve the way they grow their crops. This helps them learn from the mistakes that they make and get better at the art of managing plants.

16. E-paper photo frame

We can use the ESP32 to create a wide range of projects. It includes this e-paper photo frame that displays pictures from your smartphone. Thanks to its incredible price and power, we can use it in a wide array of different projects that need a lightweight but powerful chip. Its GPIO port makes it ideal for integrating into other projects. A good example is using another ESP32 to control an LED strip.

17. Wi-Fi connected pet feeder

We can use the ESP32 in a wide range of different projects to help you keep tabs on your pets better. It helps them stay in good health and feel happy. The ESP32-based pet feeder is a perfect example of this. It requires no batteries and makes use of an SD card for storage. This makes it great for those who need to keep track and monitor their pets with ease.

18. Macro keypad with touchscreen

The ESP32 makes it possible to create simple and intuitive interfaces thanks to its GPIO port. It is an important aspect when making commercial devices. A great example of this is the Macro keypad with a touchscreen. This device offers a wide range of buttons and controls that can control home automation systems. The touchscreen also acts as a display and allows you to see what it’s doing at all times.

19. Discord security camera

 For esp32 cam projects, this security camera is perfect for people who are active in online communities. It is also suitable for people who want to watch their children play games all day. It can provide video surveillance over a wide area, recording motion and audio using the camera’s HD sensor. This means that it will be able to capture the movements and sounds of who arrives at your door when you leave it open. It helps you stay more secure by preventing burglars from stealing anything valuable when you aren’t around.

20. Smart Swimming Pool Controller

This is a project that you can use to control the temperature of your swimming pool. It is essential for maintaining its water. It makes use of the ESP32’s humidity and temperature sensors to maintain the water at a specific level. The ESP32 can also control electrical switches. This is ideal for turning on different equipment like pumps and UV light.

21. Matrix Clock

Matrix clocks are a great way to add style to practically any project. It makes them ideal for offices, homes, and even commercial buildings. Thanks to their simple user interface, they are also very easy to use thanks to their simple user interface. You can quickly set them up using the Arduino IDE. This matrix clock made by Espressif is one of the most exciting projects out there. It also uses OLED lighting technology to create a very vibrant display that projects a beautiful digital map onto its display.

22. GPIO controlled LED strip

This is a project you can use to show your reaction when someone mentions your name. You can also use it to remember important dates and names. It uses the ESP32 to create an LED strip that reacts accordingly when you mention its name by flashing a light pattern. This is a great way to add some personality to your home. It makes it more appealing and memorable for visitors.

23. Remote-controlled teddy bear

We can use the ESP32 in projects that use the Remote Controlled Teddy Bear to help you keep tabs on the kids while they play games all day long. It has all the sensors you need to make a teddy bear that can sense movement, voice command, and temperature. This makes it easy for you to control devices from afar. It means that you won’t have to get up every time your kid needs something. The bear will be able to relay this information to you.

24. Cafeino: The Barista Robot

The ESP32 makes it possible to create a wide range of projects with minimal effort and strain on your budget. It is ideal for making everything from coffee machines to simple automated systems to help you manage the entire kitchen. This project uses the ESP32 to make automatic coffee machines and several other heltec esp32 projects that involve making coffee.

25. Alexa Voice Control Smart Home Assistant

The ESP32 makes it possible to use Amazon’s Alexa Voice Control in a wide variety of security and home automation projects. The best way to do this is by using the ESP32’s GPIO port to connect it to an Amazon Echo. It allows you to use your voice commands as the central hub for controlling pretty much anything in your home.

26. Smart Security Light

Using the ESP32 to build a smart security light is very easy, thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity found in its chip. It can also work with other Wi-Fi microcontrollers, allowing you to create a wide range of different smart security projects that make use of it. The ESP32 creates a very bright display, making it easy for you to see if anyone is in your house at any given moment.

27. IoT Smart Wallet

The ESP32 makes it possible to create a wide range of different projects, which is why it is so popular. The best way to do this is by creating an IoT Smart Wallet that can store digital currency. Create a wallet that can use the microcontroller as its private key and public key system. This allows you to send and receive Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies at any time. It makes them easier to handle and manage when compared to traditional electronic payment systems like credit cards.

28. Fan control in a car

This is a project that you can upgrade your vehicle’s fan control system. It is essential for areas like the United States with very hot summers. It uses the ESP32’s onboard temperature sensor to ensure that your vehicle’s fan doesn’t overheat at peak temperatures. This way, you won’t have to spend a lot of time in your car when it’s extremely hot outside. Instead, you can enjoy yourself and still stay safe.

29. Indoor Wi-Fi sensor

The heltec esp32 projects makes it possible to create a wide range of projects that use the onboard Wi-Fi that it comes with. It can work as an indoor access point thanks to its antenna. This allows you to create a system so that any devices can connect and use the internet in your home. It also has a built-in microcontroller, making it easy for you to store sensor data and make use of it.

30. Door Bell Set for Home Assistant

Object tracking is a very popular technology that is slowly becoming more common. It allows you to tell where an object has been, even if it leaves the area and goes back in again. This means that you don’t have to worry about losing something important ever again. It will be able to keep track of where it has been so that you can find it once again. This project uses the ESP32 to make use of object tracking so that you can always know where your stuff is.


Automation is a trend that is becoming more and more popular. It is why we use the ESP32 in so many different projects. We can use the ESP32 board to create IoT Smart Home systems that control A/V components, security cameras, and lighting within homes. It can also use multitasking to help you create systems that use multiple cores to handle large amounts of data. We can also use the ESP32 for remote access and wireless networking, ideal for DIY hardware projects.

ESP32 is one of the most powerful microcontrollers that you will find on the market today. It can make your Arduino-based projects much better by improving their capabilities.




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