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The Capabilities of PCB Fabrication

The printed circuit boards (PCB) are forming backbone of almost all electronics. These are miraculous boards which have popped up in almost all of the computational electronics either simple gadgets like calculators and digital clocks etc. to complex devices such as televisions, computers, and PLCs etc. The PCBs are meant for routing the electrical signals throughout the electronic devices connecting different modules and parts satisfying the mechanical and electrical requirements of the devices. In short, it can be stated that PCBs are the deciders through which electricity is routed and electronic device is brought in to life.

The printed circuit board is directing the current through their surface via network of copper links or pathways. This complex system of copper pathways or routes is determining the distinct role of each piece of PCB. The circuit designing engineers are suggested to have a visit of the printed circuit board shop to have a communication with the fabricators directly over demands of manufacturing the printed circuit boards before starting the design process of PCBs. Such process is helping the designing engineers to limit chances of errors during the process of design of printed circuit boards.

However, this phenomenon is quite unpractical in current scenario because most of the electronics manufacturing companies are outsourcing the PCB design and manufacturing phase. This article is dealing with all the complexities regarding the design, fabrication, and assembly process of the printed circuit boards. This article will indeed be helpful in giving a clear and crisp idea of the PCB manufacturing and fabrication process for the circuit design engineers and individuals who are new to the printed circuit board industry and ways to tackle all sorts of unnecessary errors during the processes.

RayPCB’s Printed Circuit Board’s Associated Concepts

The Capabilities of PCB Fabrication

When you see a printed circuit board, at first glance it is differing in appearance irrespective of possessing inherent quality. The functionality and durability of the printed circuit boards are discussed owing to the differences they posses under its surface. The consumers are not always knowing the major differences but they are assured by RayPCB which puts a lot of effort for making its sure that their customers are provided with the best possible printed circuit boards are of high quality and are meeting all of their needed requirements.

At RayPCB none of the order is too large or too small as we ensure high quality product irrespective of the quantity of its order. RayPCB is also offering large production and high specialized precision printed circuit boards. Our customers are always achieving the best outputs out of our manufactured PCBs and they are also capable of having a competitive advantage through production of PCBs in way which is sustainable and cost effective because of our product quality, delivery accuracy, and competence. In case if you are required to check the standards of our manufactured printed circuit boards or the capabilities of our manufactured quick-turn PCBs, please check our website and also go through our customer testimonials.

The Fabrication Capabilities of Printed Circuit Boards

The Capabilities of PCB Fabrication

As mentioned earlier, RayPCB is offering the printed circuit board manufacturing services with constant higher quality at an affordable price range. The printed circuit boards manufactured at RayPCB are following all of the international quality standards. No matter if we are ordered with a single PCB for purpose of prototyping or we are given bulk orders, RayPCB is always meeting the requirements of customers along with the fabrication needs. All requirements are fulfilled through use of variety of high-tech technologies and materials. At RayPCB we are having a dedicated focus on the multi-layered printed circuit boards, HDI printed circuit boards, and impedance-controlled circuit boards trough varying intricacies as well as we are offering a wide range of good quality cost-free options for making it sure that our customers are receiving best quality products. In case if you are in need of PCB fabrication services then start an online quote now on our website or contact our customer service representative now.

You are advised to have a keen look at the offered specifications for PCB fabrication before giving us an order so that you may have an idea whether we are fulfilling your requirements or not. The following is detailed information regarding the capabilities of printed circuit boards.

The Specifications of Printed Circuit Boards

  • The maximum available panel size is about 19.7’’ x 31.5’’.
  • The maximum number of layers offered are 56 and minimum 1 layer.
  • The offered copper thickness if about 0.5 oz minimum and 5.0 oz maximum.
  • The minimum line width offered is about 3 mil.
  • The minimum line spacing offered is about 3 mil.
  • The smallest possible size of hole offered is 0.006’’.
  • The plugged, buried, and blind vias are offered.
  • Controlled impedance PCBs are also offered.
The Capabilities of PCB Fabrication

Material Specification of Printed Circuit Boards

  • The offered thickness is about 0.008’’ to 0.240’’.
  • FR-4 material is also offered along with high TG FR-4 material.
  • PTFE is also offered.
  • Aluminum base is also offered.
  • Rogers are available.
  • Specific material as per request is also available.

Solder Mask Specification of Printed Circuit Boards

  • Different colors such as blue, red, white, black, yellow, and green are available.
  • Peelable solder mask is also offered.

Finishing Specifications of Printed Circuit Boards

  • Carbon finishing is available.
  • Gold plating is also available.
  • OSP is offered.
  • Immersion of tin, gold, and silver is also available.
  • Soft and hard gold plating is also offered.
  • HASL based SMOBC is available.

The Legend Specifications of Printed Circuit Boards

  • White and any other colors legend can be offered as per specifications of customers.

Offered Inspection Methods

  • Visual inspection is 100 percent free.
  • Nails bed, or flying probe i.e. electrical testing is offered.
  • Sample lot inspection is offered.
  • Cross sectioning is also available.
  • X-ray inspection is available on demand.

Delivery of Printed Circuit Boards

  • Rush or urgent delivery is available withing 24 hours.
  • The standard protype is delivered within 3 to 5 working days.
  • Standard production is delivered in 8 to 10 working days.