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What Are The Benefits of Choosing The Shengyi SG7350D PCB Material?

Amazingly, there are many benefits of using the Shengyi SG7350D PCB material for our designs. When you choose to use this PCB laminate with many outstanding features, your circuit board will last long. The reason being that it has a way of connecting every layer of your PCB board together. So, when you are assembling a circuit board with many layers, you can use this laminate because it is easy to design.

We shall ensure that we discuss in detail everything you need to know about the advantages of using the Shengyi SG7350D PCB material. Please, read through this interesting write-up to know more.

Benefits of Shengyi SG7350D PCB Material?

As outrightly stated above, there are many benefits of using this laminate for your circuit board. Apart from the fact that it makes fabricating the circuit board easier, it is very effective because of its high performance.

Easy to Design

When it comes to complexity, there are some PCB laminates that require only expertise to design. However, it is very simple to design Shengyi SG7350D PCB material. This is a type of laminate that every designer and engineer can easily design.

So, it doesn’t need only the professional designers and fabricators to design this laminate. Although there are simple steps required to design this laminate material. If you are not careful enough, you may miss out and not get the design right. This implies that you need to follow each step thoroughly when fabricating this laminate for your circuit board.

Laminate Strength

This is another importance of choosing this PCB laminate for your circuit board. Shengyi SG7350D retains its strength and stability no matter the exposure it may have to certain environmental conditioning.

Whether you expose it to high temperature, rain or sunshine, it is a very strong laminate material. However, you need to test its chemical reaction and mechanical strength when exposed to much force.

Plus, Shengyi SG7350D has very good peel strength, same as flexural strength. It is not the kind of laminate whose flexural strength weakens after a long period of time. Also, you need to give details on the way you prefer its strength when you are purchasing this from a designer or engineer.

Environmental Friendly

This is one advantage with Shengyi SG7350D. Shengyi SG7350D PCB material has a tendency to perform well in high temperatures. Yet, it retains its environmentally friendly property. This means, in no way does it cause any form of pollution after a long use.

Therefore, this is a type of laminate that uses materials that are safe for the environment. Accordingly, this is a lead free laminate. So, Shengyi SG7350D doesn’t contain toxic latex materials that are unhealthy for the environment.


Shengyi SG7350D PCB material and laminate allows for versatility during design. This laminate comes with various construction styles. This implies that there is no room for rigidity when designing. This is so because it uses varying materials for design.

Interestingly, the various glass weights allow the easy method for versatile construction. Also, you can design to your taste using various copper densities. Shengyi SG7350D allows creative thinking and innovative styles when constructing it.


Shengyi SG7350D is a highly durable laminate. Unarguably, it is one of the PCB laminates that can stand the test of time. There are so many factors that contribute to how long lasting this laminate material could be.

So, these factors include CAF resistance, weather resistance, and performance stability. It can withstand heat and no matter the density of water, it can last long. Therefore, this is a highly durable laminate for multilayer PCB.

Good Thermal Reliability

Of course, this is a key factor to consider when choosing any laminate material. Shengyi SG7350D PCB material has good thermal reliability as a feature. This means that it retains thermal stability under any temperature.

This laminate can work perfectly for PCB that one uses in a temperature that increases regularly. This means increasing temperature doesn’t have an adverse effect on this lead free material.

What Are The Features of Shengyi SG7305D PCB Material?

Thermal Conductivity

Notably, this is a feature of Shengyi SG7305D laminate. The thermal conductivity of this laminate material conducts amplified heat energy. So, proportionally the thermal conductivity of Shengyi SG7305D is enhanced. The transfer of heat rate of this PCB laminate material is high. Temperature gradient is in relation to thermal conductivity. As such, it is an important feature of Shengyi SG7305D.

Lead free Component

In addition, one feature of this laminate is its lead free material. It goes in line with any process that is lead free during construction. Interestingly, one can use Shengyi SG7305D for lead free applications. It is always suited for thermoset procedures.

Reliable Electrical Properties

The Shengyi SG7305D has reliable Electrical components. This is not the type of laminate whose electrical properties change after exposure to heat. Its electrical stability revolves around reliable electrical conductivity and dielectric strength.

Reinforced PTFE

Another feature of Shengyi SG7305D is its reinforced PTFE whose component is glass fiber. It has some amplified wear properties. This laminate material has high density and can resist any high or increasing temperature.

Therefore, this is why it is applicable for many industrial uses. Also, it makes it possible for versatile styles during construction.

Where is Shengyi SG7305D Applicable?

Thus, this laminate material is applicable in many industrial areas.

Electronic Amplifier

This is one of the major areas where you can apply this PCB laminate. It helps to enhance the power magnitude of a power amplifier.

Signal Lamps

Also, you find this laminate in use for constructing signal lamps. It helps to improve the performance.


There are many benefits of choosing Shengyi SG7305D. Out of these numerous benefits, it is highly durable. This encompasses the fact that it is weather resistant. Also, this laminate is applicable in communication services. That is why you use it to improve the performance rate of these applications. No doubt, this laminate can withstand any degree of heat, same with water density.