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What are the Best Semiconductor Companies in the Philippines?

Semiconductors are important components in electronic and electrical devices. The electrical conductivity value of a semiconductor material falls between that of an insulator and a conductor. Also, the resistivity value drops as its temperature increases.

The semiconductor industry contributes a large percentage to the manufacturing gross value added. This industry comprises companies who are involved in the design and manufacturing of semiconductors. The production of semiconductors is very common in the Philippines. More companies are emerging in the semiconductor industry.

Semiconductor companies in the Philippines are a critical player in the semiconductor industry across the globe. Also, these companies are a hub for semiconductor manufacturing.

Overview of Semiconductor Manufacturing in the Philippines

As the demand for semiconductor exceeds its supply, semiconductor manufacturing is now considered a very lucrative business. Semiconductor companies now make an effort to invest hugely in production capacity. The Philippines has become a good market for semiconductor manufacturing. Semiconductor companies in the Philippines are working towards increasing the supply of semiconductors across the globe.

The Philippines is said to increase the value chain as it develops capacity to take over more development and design work for semiconductor manufacturing. In the Philippines, the semiconductor industry contributes to the revenue generated in the economy. This industry has continued to invest in its trade relationships with other countries.

With the support of the government, semiconductor companies in the Philippines are set to contribute to the country’s revenue.

Semiconductors in Electronic devices

Semiconductors play a crucial role in the operation of electrical or electronic devices. You will find them in digital consumer devices like washing machines, mobile phones, refrigerators, digital cameras, and televisions among others.

Top Semiconductor Companies in the Philippines

Fastech Synergy Philippines Inc

Fastech was founded in 1983. As one of the leading semiconductor companies in the Philippines, Fastech offers manufacturing assembly, product development, test and tune services for semiconductor and RF/ microwave producers in Asia, Europe, and the US. This company provides complete solutions on the assembly and testing for power components, IC semiconductor components, and micro-packages.

Also, this semiconductor company offers customized packaging operations to its end users. As a leading provider of manufacturing  services for a wide range of RF/microwave modules and components, this companies doesn’t compromise the quality of their products.

Fastech has advanced manufacturing facilities in the Philippines. These facilities enhance manufacturing operations in the company. Also, these facilities were designed to meet the increasing demand for semiconductor manufacturing services in several applications like automotive, consumer electronics, and telecommunications.

This company has been able to stay relevant despite the competition in the semiconductor industry. This is because of its dedication in manufacturing excellent products. Fastech assembles several power semiconductor components with materials like Gallium Nitride and Silicon for different devices such as HEMT, MPSFETs, and regulators.


ATEC is a semiconductor company based in the Philippines. This company believes in offering customized services to their partners. Also, they provide a huge range of engineering and manufacturing expertise.  Included among the best leaders and business owners in the Philippines semiconductor industry, ATEC is well-known in the field of semiconductors and RF/microwave modules.

Due to ATEC’s unwavering commitment to excellence, this semiconductor company has received several certifications over the years. Also, their years of experiences has given them leading-edge knowledge and expertise in power semiconductor companies. ATEC keeps maintained a reliable relationship with their clients. Also, they supply quality semiconductors which have helped their client’s businesses to grow.

This semiconductor company meets the global manufacturing standards. As a contract manufacturing company, ATEC has evolved to become a leading semiconductor company in the Philippines. This company is hugely invested in their partners, hence, enabling them to provide world-class solutions in the market to improve their services and products.

ATEC is totally committed to providing their customers with a seamless experience for testing and manufacturing requirements. Also, they have vast expertise in semiconductor manufacturing. ATEC diversified their capabilities for optoelectronics and automotive packages.

Amkor Technology


Amkor Technology is well-known for offering top-notch semiconductor packaging and world-class testing services. An unwavering commitment to engineering expertise, manufacturing excellence, and customer service is what makes this company distinct from other semiconductor companies. Amkor Technology is dedicated to addressing complex technological issues being faced in the semiconductor industry.

It is one of the most reliable semiconductor companies in the Philippines. A lot of things motivate this company to provide quality services, one of which is their meeting the demands of their customers. This company wants their customers to trust them to be their reliable test partner and reliable packaging technology company. Therefore, Amkor focuses on providing quality wafer fabrication and semiconductor design.

The operational base of Amkor includes their product development centers, sales offices, and production facilities located in major electronics manufacturing areas in the U.S, Asia, and Europe. This company has contributed to the advancement in the technology manufacturing landscape in the semiconductor industry.

With over four decades of professional experience in semiconductor manufacturing, this company has continued to provide creative packaging solutions to local and global customers.


SPI/Semicon is one of the top leaders in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. The merging of two semiconductor companies, Semiconductor Products and Semicon Systems formed SPI/Semicon. In 1970, Semicon Systems started manufacturing containers for storing and transporting silicon wafers. However, Semiconductor Products began its operations in 1987. It was the division of Professional Plastics.

Semiconductor Products purchased Semicon Systems.. These two companies were combined to form SPI/Semiocn. The parent company of SPI/Semicon still remains Professional Plastics. SPI/Semicon is dedicated to providing products used in safeguarding devices and wafers to the Semiconductor industry.

This company opened a new plant equipped with the great designs for manufacturing shipping tubes  in Utah in 1990. Also, the new plant is equipped with vacuum equipment and injection molding presses. SPI/Semicon takes pride in rendering great customer service. This company prioritizes the demands and complaints of their customers.

They respond to their customer’s challenges by providing appropriate products or innovate solutions. Also, SPI/Semicon is fully committed to providing their customers with quality products at affordable prices and courteous services. They design and manufacture products to their customers’ specifications.

Megachip Semicon Electronics Corp.

Megachip Semicon Electronics Corp is a reputable and highly ranked semiconductor company in the Philippines. This corporation was founded in 2003. Megachip is dedicated to delivering dynamic partnerships and excellence to their clients. The sales and services staff of this company have vast experience in Semiconductors manufacturing, maintenance, and operations.

With over 20 years experience in Semiconductors Packaging Assembly, Megachip focuses on providing innovative solutions to challenges in the Semiconductor industry. This semiconductor company offers quality services to customers. Megachip semiconductors generate unique value through innovative ways to enhance the quality of products.

Through the integration of automated solutions, Megachip offers improved process performance. Also, Megachip has facilities equipped with most recent technologies and as well integrates advanced processes in semiconductor manufacturing. They make use of several methods of manufacturing like die cutting and extrusion.

SFA Semicon

SFA Semicon is one of the most reliable semiconductor companies in the Philippines. This company was formerly referred to as PSPC (Phoenix Semiconductor Philippines Corp. On January 27, 2010, this company was incorporated with SEC registration number CS2010000985.

SFA Semicon Philippines Corporation is an enterprise who is dedicated to offering the best quality semiconductor products. Also, it strives to become the best semiconductor company in the Philippines. SFA Semicon hopes to accomplish this mission via innovation in its technology. It hopes to integrate advanced manufacturing processes in its production and as well improves its manufacturing processes.

While striving to achieve, this company focuses on customer satisfaction and quality control. SFA Semicon recognizes the importance of quality and believes that it is a continuous process. This is one of the reasons this company hold themselves to the greatest quality standards. Their ability to meet these standards is reflected in their quality systems.

SFA Semicon has become a reliable contractor to their customers across the globe. This company meets global standards in semiconductor manufacturing and has gained reputation in the industry.


us semiconductor companies

IMI stands for Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. It is a manufacturing portfolio of AC industrials. AC Industrials is a subsidiary of Ayala Corporation and it offers world-class technology solutions. IMI is ranked among the best 20 world’s EMS providers according to the Manufacturing Market Insider.

This company is now ranked among the largest EMS provider in the automotive market based on New Venture Research. Also, this company specializes in providing high reliable and quality semiconductors for the industrial electronics, aerospace, and automotive market.

IMI is an expert in providing hydronic solution for cooling and heating in buildings. As a well-known leader when it comes to the designing and production of semiconductors, this company delivers great application solutions for core.  energy and process industries.


This organization of foreign and Filipino electronics companies is dedicated to making the Philippines a competitive business environment. SEIPI is an organization open to semiconductor companies in the Philippines.

The creation of Filipino firms helps to balance the competition in the industry and also its position as a core sector. With the emergence of the Philippines semiconductor industry, the country’s economy has experienced a positive change. The establishment of Filipino multinationals and firms provided a balance in the semiconductor industry. This made the position of the industry a growing high-technology sector.

SEIPI comprises about 350 members. These member are multinational semiconductor and electronics companies in the Philippines. SEIPI partners with various industry organizations in Singapore, China, France, the USA, and Taiwan for trade promotions.

Nexperia Philippines, Inc

This is a leading professional in the production of high-volume essential semiconductors. Also, Nexperia Philippines produces components needed by electronic design. The product portfolio of this semiconductor company includes ESD protection devices, diodes, GaN FETs, and MOSFETS. Nexperia is ranked among the best semiconductor manufacturer in the world.

This company hires professionals for the production of their semiconductor components. Nexperia ships over 100 billion of their product annually. These products are manufactured to meet the standards established by the semiconductor industry. Nexperia’s products are used across several applications.

These products are known for their high power and quality performance. Nexperia’s leading small packages offers a lot of benefits. These packages save energy and space. The team at Nexperia works for better value beyond excellence. This company aims for world-class competency in semiconductor manufacturing. Nexperia has been contributing to the development of the semiconductor industry in Philippines through its new innovative ideas.

This company aims to improve semiconductor manufacturing and provide lasting solutions to challenges being faced in the semiconductor industry.

XiNYX Semiconductor

XINYX semiconductor design services Inc, also known as XINYX Semicon is an expert in semiconductor manufacturing and distribution. This company is 100% Filipino and was established in 2009. XINYX Semicron keeps improving and investing in all areas of its production. Some of the services rendered by XINYX include digital and full-custom design, full custom layout, and back-end verification among others.

XINYX semiconductor has great expertise in semiconductor production which is an advantage for their customers. This company practices proactive communication with their clients in order to keep them informed on how to grow their businesses. Driven by values, XINYX is committed to delivering world class products and services to their customers.

As a pioneer in the semiconductor industry, XINYX provides quality IC design solutions for their esteemed customers. XINYX IC design solutions house is located in Metro Manila in the Philippines. Since XINYX’s inception, they have been able to earn a good reputation by focusing on cross-site collaboration.


There are several semiconductor companies in the Philippines. These companies are making positive impacts in the global semiconductor industry. With the increasing demands for semiconductors, more semiconductor companies are emerging. Here, we have compiled the list of the best semiconductor companies in the Philippines.

These companies offer world class products and services. Also, they have earned a good reputation in the semiconductor industry. These semiconductor companies in the Philippines meet the global semiconductor manufacturing standards. When choosing the best semiconductor company for your project, ensure you consider experience, expertise, and the quality of the products & services rendered.




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