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Top 10 Companies to Manufacture semiconductor – Complete Guide

Semiconductors are big assets for different domains, so it is beneficial to learn about the products that function similarly to semiconductors for various devices and the giant companies that specialize in producing semiconductors. These are made from a fine substance called silicon. An extensive process is what manufactures extremely useful semiconductors. These include oxidation, metallic wiring, and many other crucial steps. 

In this post, we will explore the production process of semiconductors with all the essential steps in detail for better understanding. 

Steps in the Manufacturing Semiconductor Industry

1. Silicon Substrate Semiconducting Properties 

The initial step in producing semiconductors is to position them on each other to form a stack. It is a complex symmetry and a complicated structure. The main factor that makes the semiconductors strong and efficient is the silicon wafer chip. It is the foundation that makes the semiconductors serve long through their performance. This silicon which is useful for semiconductors is obtainable directly from the sand. Below is the detail of the process that extracts silicon from sand for the production of semiconductors. 

  • Collect a considerable amount of sand from melting, and then turn this sand into small or big crystals. 
  • This forms the ingots of silicon which are broad and heavy. Cut these ingots into fine wafer surfaces of silicon which are fragile and slim to appear. 
  • The upper layer of these ingots is not only uneven but also needs proper refining so that the circuitry that includes the semiconductor performs well on all counts. 
  • These wafers have a special line-based design on the upper layer. 

The average size of the silicon wafer processing determines the number of semiconductors. Small wafers cannot produce semiconductors in bulk. 

2. Oxidation 

Semiconductor Manufacturing Process

The silicon wafer produced recently does not contain the conductive ability. There is another process that makes these wafers conductive. It is a crucial step, and the slightest negligence in this step can ruin the ability of wafers. The process of oxidation is important for silicon wafers. Spray the oxygen in the form of vapors on these wafers, which creates a fine coating on these wafers. Now, this layer acts as a protective layer from water leakages and protects the circuits from sparks as well. Due to this fact, it is important to execute the process of oxidation on the wafers with complete vigilance and care to not compromise their functioning while on the circuit boards. 

3. Photolithography 

The step of photolithography refers to producing a design of the circuit with the help of water. It is identical to the process of capturing a photo from a camera. It includes a photo mask which is an important factor in the process of photolithography. There is a special computer that produces the design of the circuit in an efficient way. The photoresist is a material that actually produces circuit design on water. It gets applicable equally on the oxide layer present on the wafer when this substance comes into contact with the light. The light penetrates the photo mask. 

4. Etchin – Remove Unnecessary Materials

Etching means cleaning the wafer from unwanted residue and remains of the process so far. It helps in excluding the residue from the water layer just produced in the previous step. It ensures that only patterns are with the wafers. A special method of gas or liquid etching is useful to remove substances from the layers. There is a difference between both types of etching which is why it is important to consider both techniques before beginning to implement one of them. 

  • Wet Etching: It includes effective chemical substances only. 
  • Dry Etching: It includes plasma or gas in some cases for the process. 

Suppose there is a stack of semiconductors that is smaller than the width of a common paper. Both the steps of etching and photolithography are frequently executable on each layer present in this stack. There is also a fine insulator which is in the form of a film, that divides these layers to provide feasibility during these processes. It also protects the stack as well. The entire process is also identical to the production process of Multilayer printed circuit boards. 

5. Deposition & Implementation of Ion  

The deposition is the process that delivers a thin atomic layer on the wafer. There are several benefits to attaching this layer to the previous layers already present on a particular wafer. It is a feasible method and does not take much time as well, and It accurately attaches the deposition layer to the wafer. It is the main layer that provides the semiconductors with different electrical as well as conductive attributes. The process also includes a sub-step of ion implementation. A semiconductor also has some impurities due to the extensive process of manufacturing. All the abovementioned steps are important to give electrical and conductive attributes to these wafers so that they can work with several other circuits without any complications. 

6. Metal Wiring

Metallic wiring is important to make this entire set-up work which is why this should be done with utmost precision by the responsible technicians. This step conducts the electrical signals throughout the entire circuit. A clear and uninterrupted path is needed for the smooth current flow of the circuit. A thin layer of metals like titanium, tungsten, or others is also useful to conduct electricity in a flawless manner regarding the performance of the semiconductor in the future. 

7. EDS – Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy

The step is energy dispersive spectroscopy. This is a crucial step since it develops effective chip manufacturing of semiconductors. It can also be useful to eliminate faulty microchips that can create complications in the future while performing. The unit of yield is for measuring the relativity of prime chips as compared to one wafer on the basis of MCC or maximum chip count. This testing step is important to shortlist the best pieces for assembling into the circuit boards. 

8. Packaging in the semiconductor manufacturing process

Packaging is the step that winds up the production process. The whole structure of the previously produced wafers is divided into small chips that can be easily attached to an electronic device that functions with the help of a semiconductor. The chips that have been securely cut are then positioned on the printed circuit boards. The sub-step of bonding combines both the contact points of these chips and the substrates. Then another sub-step of molding gives these chips a proper shape that fits with the circuit boards. Then sealing and naming of these chips is important to differentiate them from others that have been produced. This mainly helps in shipping and delivering the semiconductors to the suppliers and direct clients. 

Top Best Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies


1. Intel 

Intel operates from California. It has been a giant producer of semiconductors for many years. It houses a huge workforce of employees and technicians, which are spread around 45-46 countries. The famous product of Intel is the X86 microprocessor and its other variants. These are important for the smooth functioning of laptops and other similar devices. These processors get assembled in the devices of Lenovo, HP, and many more. There are motherboards, integrated circuits, graphics chips, and others delivered and produced by the company. The company is reliable to get in touch with regarding such services. 

2. Samsung Electronics

Samsung is a Korean producer of world-class electronics. The most famous of them are Samsung smartphones and smartwatches. It has been operational for many years and provides consumers with extraordinary electronic appliances. The semiconductors of the company are exceptional in their functioning. These semiconductors are present in tablets as well. The company has a solid stance among the pool of electronic producers, which makes it reliable for new consumers on all counts. 

3. (TSMC) Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company

It is on the list of major producers of semiconductors and relevant chips. It is a standalone producer of these chips in Taiwan, which is an impressive factor about the company. These semiconductors are useful for Apple products and others. The company has also been successful in generating decent revenue through the delivery of its well-produced semiconductors and chips. 

4. SK Hynix Inc

This is a special agency to produce memory semiconductors which are important for electronic gadgets. It is functional in South Korea and has different offices in many regions of the globe. There is a large workforce that handles the company and its global operations. The clients of the company are Apple, Dell, and HP. The other products offered by the company are smartphones and CD players, along with others. All of its products have no parallel in performance, durability, and precision. 

5. Broadcom Corporation

It is an American manufacturer of semiconductors that have been functional for many years. Their semiconductors are useful to be installed in mobile phones, PCs, and many other devices. The company produces encryption-based chips, which are helpful in the domains of E-commerce and defense. The main objective of these chips is to accelerate the functions of the electronic devices they are attached to. A special series offered by the company delivers uninterrupted WiFi, which is an important feature in mobile phones. These chips are also supportive of different brands like Android and Apple. 

6. Qualcomm

The products of Qualcomm are not only wireless but also helpful in the domain of software development and implementation. These services are the main character for the progress and solid stance of the company. The company offers not only semiconductors but also laptops and transportation equipment for its consumers. The first ever chip produced by the company was Centriq 240. Its success and acceptance among consumers empowered the company to produce more chips identical and different from this flagship chip that address the problems of digital users. 

7. Micron Technology

The company operates from Idaho. Its specialty is semiconductors, and it also offers services that enhance data storage for consumers. These devices are effective in securing personal data on computers. Also, the semiconductors produced by Micron are useful when it comes to precise functioning. The agency is a giant and houses many employees who are all adept and devoted to their responsibilities. There have been some incredible innovations brought to light by the company. These are microSD cards with exceptional storage capacity.  

8. Applied Materials

It is another good producer of semiconductors. They specialize in electronic gadgets, computer accessories, mobile phones, and other devices. These also deliver the raw materials needed for the production of the chips of semiconductors. These are also important for the production of useful coatings and layers needed for some devices. The company is reliable when it comes to its claims and services. It is also one sole reason to provide feasibility to the consumers on all counts. 

9. Nvidia Corporation

It is another producer that operates from California. The company produces not only remarkable semiconductors and relevant chips for them but also manufactures graphic processing units as per the orders of the clients and the needs of the consumers. These are inevitable for gaming computers which contain some extra and unique features as compared to other computers. The most renowned processing unit from Nvidia is the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti which is on top of the dependable GPUs for gaming enthusiasts. The company is also important to consider for supercomputing websites that are highly active around the globe. The processors of the company are useful for mobile phones, tablets, and other devices for daily usage. 

10. Texas Instruments Inc.

Texas Instruments (TI) is a seasoned player in the game. It is among the most experienced producers of semiconductors for consumers. The company works with the help of a large workforce, which is the backbone of the company. The main products are the special embedded processors and also analog chips and microchips, along with the production of useful semiconductors. The products offered by the company are accessible and are supportive of all types of devices, no matter the software. The company itself is a major supporter of the industry. There have been several successful devices produced by the company that laid the foundation for the modern production of tech-based electronics. These are transistors and calculators. 

Reasons Why Manufacturing Semiconductors Is Essential

semiconductor manufacturing machine

There is no doubt in the fact that several authorities have reported the downfall and deficit of semiconductors in the industry. There are many reasons for it. These factors can greatly impact the perspective of using semiconductors in a layman’s life. These induce power in all the electronic appliances that might be portable or not. Whether it is a small device like a mobile phone or a giant device like a plane, semiconductors are equally beneficial for their performance. These devices have actually helped technology evolve to a large extent. These are responsible for the amount of progress and joy we all have experienced over the last years through the existence of technology. In this section, we will learn why semiconductors are important for smooth work-life balance and typical electronic devices. 

Why are Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes Essential?

In the past days, computers were the only devices that were reliable for people. These were invented way before the early silicon oxide film microchips. Computers were big in size and also consumed a huge amount of power all the time for proper functioning. Semiconductors became a good alternative to fussy computers. These were quick to produce, function, and more reliable than others. These were more affordable than computers. The adjustable shapes and sizes of these semiconductors helped in the astonishing emergence of mobile phones, smartwatches, and other gear, which developed a whole industry of electronics for producers, suppliers, and consumers. It is important to know about those sectors which cannot survive without semiconductors. 

Industries Count on Semiconductor Manufacturers 

All sorts of machines with variable magnitudes work with semiconductors. These chips are important for their fine performance. These semiconductors are important for internet connections, automobiles, and smart devices, which are commonly used by every other consumer. Below are some important sectors which completely depend on semiconductors for their well-being and commercial progress at the same time. It is not wrong to say that these sectors have the ability to generate bigger revenue due to the existence of semiconductors and pertinent chips. 

  • Computing

The most integral domain which relies on semiconductors is computing. The chips, like semiconductors, are integral to developing strong connections between the servers and the clients. These work with the help of a binary code to give directions to the instructions of the users. It can be either for downloading something or saving a file on the computer. Typical types of semiconductors used in the computing industry are GPUs and microprocessors. These are designed to assist the devices in non-jarring performance. These secure the battery life and maintain the performance as well. 

  • Telecommunication

The semiconductors function similarly to the computing industry for telecommunicate operations. The goal is to regulate machine-based activities. This can also vary according to the type of semiconductor chip used for a certain operation. The patterns also vary from one electronic to the other. The chips for mobile phones have the ability to smooth out navigation, battery life, and many other features. The function of these chips is also different when it comes to overall performance. Other devices used in the telecommunication field also include such chips for effective functioning.

  • Household Appliances

Typical household electronic appliances like washing machines, microwaves, ACs, and others cannot work properly without semiconductors. These semiconductors render different features like temperature regulation, automation, and timing functions, all due to the installment of semiconductors in these devices. These have made the functioning of home appliances easier. So that these can contribute to making the life of users more feasible, these chips are being evolved at a rapid pace, and the bar of their excellence is rising at the same time to meet the expectations of the clients.

  • Banking

Semiconductors are also helpful in banking operations. These are tech-based and ease the hectic banking activities for the officials and the customers as well. Banks are among the top investors of semiconductors owing to their benefits on a regular basis. These rely on expanding chip manufacturing for flawless operations. The computers for digital interaction, accounting activities, and others related to banking are all feasible due to semiconductors. These can prove to be beneficial when installed in surveillance cameras and ATMs when enhanced technically. 

  • Security

The field of security can gain huge advantages by using semiconductors. These can be used in alarm systems, security equipment, and locking systems to ensure complete security and protection of the premises regarding houses and offices. These are tech-based, which makes them effective in sending quick alerts to the users through their computers and mobile phones if someone sneaks into their premises discreetly.

  • Healthcare

Healthcare is another big fan of semiconductors. It is true that healthcare centers and hospitals implement cutting-edge technologies for different purposes. The medical equipment that uses semiconductors is not only reliable and durable but also performs quick surgeries and diagnoses, which save the lives of hundreds of patients daily. These are accurate pacemakers, monitors, diagnostic machines, scanners, and many more. The chip production of semiconductors in these machines is for enhancing the features like scanning fingerprints, hands, temperatures, patient’s vitals, and much other stuff regarding the health of a patient. 

Final Thoughts 

The existence of semiconductors is important for daily survival. These have transformed a complex life into a much simpler one for millions of people. These are also beneficial for the essence of life and regular commute. Plus, the activities related to office and home are equally feasible due to the effective performance of these semiconductors through various devices. 

In this post, we have learned about some major producers of semiconductors and the industries where semiconductors are mostly used for the daily survival of consumers. So that technical complications can be kept at bay that can be irreversible later. 




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