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Custom Design of Rogers TC600 Circuit Board

Rogers Corporation has its headquarters in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. The company was founded in 1944 by Richard Rogers and Joseph Rousselot. The company is a global leader in high-performance materials for the electronics and communications industries. Rogers has been the world’s leading supplier of RF components since the 1960s. They are also the international leader in circuit board manufacturing technology.

Rogers Corporation is one of the world’s largest producers of copper-based laminate. They are also a large producer of high-frequency circuit boards. With over seven thousand patents, Rogers is suitable as one of the leaders in laminate technology. In addition, Rogers makes heat sinks widely used for power supplies and transmitters in laboratories.

Rogers is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of materials for printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs). Its products are helpful in antennas, satellite antennas, microwave transmitters and receivers, wireless phones, and military communications equipment. Companies in many countries use these products.

Rogers Corporation is also one of the world’s leading manufacturers of copper-based laminates. Its copper foil laminate is widely used in signal processing equipment and consumer electronics by Rayming PCB & Assembly. The company also produces RF front-end modules for analog radio and TV receivers.

With this PCB, you can expect improved thermal management, impedance control, low-cost circuit fabrication, and low outgassing. Your circuit board will meet your exact specifications with OurPCB’s advanced technology, materials, and services. The possibilities for customization are endless. Contact Us to learn more about our PCBs. Contact Us to Learn More About Custom Design of Rogers TC600 Circuit Board

TC600 laminates

The Rogers Corporation filed a lawsuit against Arlon, Inc. in Hartford, CT, alleging that the TC600 circuit board material infringes on its U.S. Patent No. 5,552,210. Arlon believes that Rogers’ lawsuit lacks merit and intends to defend itself vigorously. Nevertheless, Arlon believes that the lawsuit does not address the issue and will continue to pursue it vigorously.

As a result of the materials used in Rogers PCBs, they have low signal losses and a wide range of dielectric constant. Unlike traditional microwave laminates, Rogers PCBs do not require special handling techniques or through-hole treatments. Moreover, we can customize them to meet the specific requirements of customers. Custom design of Rogers TC600 circuit board becomes a breeze if you are using modern computer-aided engineering (CAE) software and a qualified Rogers PCB design company.

The Rogers PCB is an ideal choice for high-frequency applications. The high-frequency properties of the Rogers PCB material make it suitable for the manufacture of radio-frequency (RF) and microwave equipment. It is made from high-frequency-sensitive materials and is ideal for use in high-frequency devices. Besides, this material has excellent dimensional stability and offers minimum signal loss. And last but not least, it’s highly cost-effective for circuit fabrication.

RT/duroid 6035HTC laminates

RT/duroid 6035HTC is a ceramic-filled PTFE laminate produced by Rogers Corporation and intended for high-frequency, high-voltage RF applications. These laminates feature excellent thermal conductivity and dimensional stability and are available in bare copper, HASL, and ENIG. In addition, both materials exhibit high-frequency electrical stability and excellent through-hole reliability.

The RT/duroid 6035HTC is one of the best-selling high-frequency PCB laminates manufactured by Rogers. This laminate has a low dielectric constant, improving performance in high-frequency applications. In addition, we reinforce this material with randomly oriented microfibers. As a result, it is the most popular high-frequency PCB laminate available today.

RT/duroid 6035HTC and RT/duroid 6202 high-frequency laminates offer excellent electrical, mechanical, and dimensional stability. They are compatible with standard epoxy/glass processes and are ideal for applications requiring low insertion loss. RT/duroid 6035HTC and Rogers TC600 circuit boards are compatible with each other, and both products are compatible with standard epoxy/glass processes.

RT/duroid 5870 laminates

The RT/duroid 5870 laminate provides maximum protection against electrical arcs and splatters and offers a wide range of dielectric constant values. The material is easy to work with, cutting and shearing are no problems, and the laminate resists any plating reagents.

This material is highly suitable for electronic circuits, as it offers uniform electrical and thermal properties. The dielectric constant is 2.33+/-.02, and the material is lead-free. The Rogers 5870 laminate is very easy to shape, and it is also resistant to etching agents. The material is also isotropic, which means it can be easily shaped and re-shaped without damage.

The RT/duroid 5870 laminate provides exceptional dimensional stability and is designed for high-frequency PCB applications. A Dk of 1.96 at ten GHz is ideal for use in antennas and other applications requiring a high-frequency operation. In addition, the low dissipation factor makes it an excellent choice for broadband and high-frequency circuits.

The RT/duroid 5870 laminate is a renowned material for high-speed digital boards. It is also widely used in antenna fabrication. In addition, it has a longstanding reputation in RF, with many RF power amplifiers using this material. In addition to being an excellent material, RT/duroid 5870 is known for its low thermal conductivity.

RT/duroid 5880 laminates

RT/Duroid 5880 high-frequency circuit boards consist of PTFE glass fiber reinforced material. The dielectric constant of this material is 2.2 at ten GHz, which is considerably lower than comparable materials. The material also offers excellent mechanical strength and dimensional stability. These advantages enable a streamlined PCB design that reduces space requirements while delivering superior electrical stability and reliability.

Low-cost circuit fabrication is made possible by Rogers RO4835 laminates. These materials are compatible with standard glass/epoxy processes. In addition, LoPro(r) Reverse-treated copper foil is available for applications that require low insertion loss. RT/duroid 5880 laminates have consistent mechanical properties, which allow designers to experiment with materials with different dielectric constants.

RT/Duroid 5880 is an outstanding choice for high-power applications. Its copper foil offers excellent thermal stability and a dielectric constant almost 2.4 times higher than standard RT/duroid 6000 products. In addition, the advanced filler system offered by Rogers enables excellent drilling capabilities and reduced drilling costs. You can even request a custom design of Rogers TC600 Circuit Board with RT/duroid 5880 laminates.

Rogers RT/duroid 5880 laminate is a highly versatile material that helps maintain uniform Dk. RT/duroid 5880 laminates are commonly helpful for PCBs with high-frequency applications. These materials are available in two and one-sided metallization. They have high parameters and can combine with FR4 in manufacturing.

RT/duroid 4350b laminates

The dielectric constant of a Rogers TC600 circuit board must be within a specific range. A higher Dk value will improve the performance of the circuit board. The dielectric constant is the difference between the electrical conductivity and its ability to transmit heat. Its absorption factor is a key component in determining the quality of a PCB.

High-frequency circuit boards have two materials’ dielectric “system.” In most cases, the dielectric constant of a layered circuit board is less than one ohm. Rogers RT/duroid 4350B laminates is one such example. They are made of a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) dielectric and reinforced with glass microfibers for enhanced electrical properties. For example, the dielectric constant of an RT/duroid 5880 circuit board is 1.96 +-0.04 at 10 GHz, and the dissipation factor is 0.0019 at the same frequency.

RT/duroid 4350B is an excellent choice for microwave applications. Its low-thermal-transmission interface (CTE) is amazing and enables a wide range of frequencies up to 4 GHz. In addition, this material is compatible with FR-4 and offers the same mechanical and electrical stability as the RO4350B. This material entered the market in the late 1980s as a solution to the limitations of PTFE-based materials.

For spacecraft applications, low levels of outgassing are crucial. Therefore, the RT/duroid circuit-board materials used by Rogers Corporation pass the NASA guidelines. This testing shows that these materials are suitable for spacecraft applications. The RT/duroid 4350B laminates consist of a thermoset polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) dielectric with a ceramic filler. These materials have excellent TML and CVCM values.


The copper foil is an essential part of the Rogers TC600 circuit board. The R20 glue is the most critical factor in the Rogers TC600 assembling process. Glue has greatly influenced the market, which depends on its containing ability, adhesiveness, and drying speed. Rogers TC600 products have high-quality performance and are ideal due to their proven reliability.

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