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High Quality Rogers 6202 PCB Manufacturer

Rogers 6202 laminates are designed to provide great mechanical and electrical properties needed in building microwave structures. These laminates are electrically and mechanically reliable. The addition of limited woven glass reinforcement in Rogers 6202 helped to achieve dimensional stability within 0.05 to 0.07 mils/inch.  With this laminate, engineers can produce tight tolerance planar resistors.

Due to the unique properties of Rogers 6202, this laminate is best suitable for applications that include non-planar and flat structures like complex multilayer circuits and antennas. RT/duroid 6202 is a woven glass reinforced PTFE composite.

This high-grade laminate offers the electrical performance needed for high-frequency applications, features mechanical properties that contribute to great yield, and has the thermal properties needed for stable stripline and the construction of a multilayer board.

Duroid 6202 features rolled and electrodeposited copper foils, however, it matches with resistive foils. Designers have revealed that there are resistor tolerances up to +/- 5% when working on duroid 6202 covered with foils.

Copper clad duroid 6202 can be used to process multilayer boards and stripline assemblies. RT/duroid 6202PR is best stored at ambient conditions. Rogers is the leading producer of engineered materials for power electronics and great connectivity in the world.

Rogers 6202 is a low-loss dielectric material designed for electronics and radio frequency devices. These materials allow engineers to efficiently build and design substrates. RT/duroid 6202 doesn’t only offer unique mechanical and electrical properties. It also allows PCB fabricators to design high-frequency multilayer boards that give high yields.

6202 has a low loss dielectric constant (Dk) required for most electrical needs of today. With the mechanical properties of this laminate, designers can hope for the long-term reliability of PTH.  Due to its mechanical rigidity, the dimensional movement via the printed circuit board process is more repeatable in 6202.

Processes such as multilayer bonding make use of high stress on the product because of its exposure to high pressure and temperature. To build complex multilayer boards, material movement predictability is needed to enable PCB shops to hold dimensional tolerances. 6202 is designed to offer a better solution to designer demands.

Key Properties of Rogers 6202

Roers 6202 PCB

Low dissipation factor: The dissipation factor of Rogers 6202 is 0.0015 at 10 GHz, this is said to be less than other materials with similar Dk. Designers in need of materials with improved loss characteristics can opt for duroid 6202 instead of woven glass, PTFE, or ceramics.

Low dielectric constant: The dielectric constant of Rogers 6202 is measured at 2.94 ± 0.04. This laminate features low Dk which helps to maintain both mechanical and electrical stability essential for designing complex multilayer boards.

Very low thermal coefficient: The thermal coefficient of the dielectric constant is 13 ppm/°C. This property is taken into consideration when designers are choosing laminates. Rogers 6202 is an ideal option for any type of temperature.

Low Thermal conductivity: Rogers 6202 is often seen as an ideal option for designers who demand laminates that do not allow heat to easily pass through them. This laminate is regarded as a good insulating material.  

Benefits of Rogers 6202

Rogers 6202 is one of the best materials designers demand due to its mechanical and electrical properties. This material is used in several applications due to the wide range of benefits it offers.

High-frequency performance: Rogers 6202 is a high-grade circuit material that offers a high-frequency range. Due to this benefit, it is ideal in the military and high-reliability applications. It is also used in several fields.

Reliable Assemblies: In the production of Rogers 6202, the in-plane coefficient is carefully matched to copper, and as such this allows for reliable assemblies.

Good dimensional stability: Dimensional stability measures the linear dimensional change that results from exposure to temperature.  Rogers 6202 laminate maintains its size even when exposed to various environmental conditions. Due to this, it is suitable for applications vulnerable to temperature change.

Excellent Moisture absorption: This laminate can retain moisture from its environment which makes it an ideal option for a humid environment. The copper layers in this laminate act as a barrier and influence the way moisture is distributed.

Great mechanical and electrical properties: The mechanical and electrical properties of laminates are evaluated by their dielectric constant, coefficient of thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, etc. RT/duroid 6202 is electrically and mechanically stable and reliable.

Rogers 6202 Applications

RT/duroid 6202

Rogers 6202 has offered designers a lasting solution to some of their needs. This material is used in several applications. Designed for consistent performance and reliability, this material provides various dielectric products for radiating elements, antennas, feed networks, and phased arrays.

Conformal antennas: Rogers 6202 is a perfect option for non-planar needs and has had a long-standing history in various conformal antenna applications.

Low noise amplifiers and receivers: Most times, low noise amplifiers and receivers operate better across varying environmental conditions. Rogers 6202 is a low loss and thermally stable material that achieve great performance in any kind of environment.

Digital communications control circuitry: Precision circuitry is needed for advanced microwave communication systems. Rogers 6202 laminate offers low electrical loss that helps to support lower crosstalk, higher data rates, and faster switching.

Global positioning system antenna: Rogers 6202pr is one of the main materials used in developing this antenna. This device is used for expanding and receiving radio signals that are sent by different frequencies from GPS satellites. These antennas will then convert these frequencies into electronic signals to enable GPS receivers to use them.

Phased array: Designers always opt for materials with a low dielectric constant when choosing laminates. RT/duroid was specifically made for use in the fabrication of multilayer RF, antennas, and high-speed digital boards.

Airborne radar system: Rogers 6202 is an important material in several applications. Airborne radar system discovers ships, vehicles, and aircraft at long ranges. The best radar system uses laminates with high-frequency performance.


Rogers 6202 laminates offer a wide range of benefits and properties which makes them one of the most effective laminates that meet the increasing needs of today’s designers. This laminate has proved to be electrically and mechanically reliable, hence, an ideal option in building complex microwave structures. This low loss and low Dk material is reinforced with glass which helps to achieve great dimensional stability.

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