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Why You Should Choose the Panasonic R-8700 PCB Material

Different types of materials are involved in PCB fabrication. These materials contribute to the performance of a PCB. Some materials are specially designed to offer distinct features and properties. PCB materials offer their specialty in different applications.

Panasonic presents a different type of PCB material. This material is made of paper phenolic. Panasonic R-8700 is a well-known material for PCB fabrication. In this article, we will be discussing the Panasonic R-8700 and what it offers.

What is Panasonic R-8700 PCB Material?

The Panasonic R-8700 is a paper phenolic PCB material with great mechanical and thermal properties. Paper phenolic material is often used in manufacturing PCB substrates. Also, these substrates will be made of phenolic polymers and wood fibers. Phenolic paper offers a high level of resistance.

Paper phenolic material offers low cost and low density. Also, this material is ideal for the punching process. The Panasonic r-8700 is ideal for use in consumer electronics and communication devices. Also, this material offers excellent dimensional stability and low heat loss.

Most times, paper phenolic materials are usually brown in color. Panasonic R-8700 PCB material is resistant to low and high temperatures. When this material is used for PCB fabrication, it provides extreme durability. It is usually lightweight when used for PCBs.

In addition, this PCB material offers several benefits. It is also widely used in several applications. The insulating properties of Panasonic R-8700 PCB material make it an ideal option for impact resistance applications. Also, this material features low water absorption. Therefore, it is ideal for use in applications exposed to humidity.

Panasonic R-8700 PCB material is flame retardant. Also, this material features great impact resistance and abrasion. Furthermore, it resists corrosion from chemicals. It is ideal for use in commercial manufacturing where lightweight materials are crucial.

A paper phenolic PCB material is resistant to fire and cracks. Also, Panasonic R-8700 PCB material is non-porous. This material is one of the highly-sought materials for PCB fabrication. Panasonic R-8700 offers great punching resistance at a very low temperature.

Applications of Panasonic R-8700 PCB Material

Panasonic R-8700 is commonly used in home appliances and computer applications. However, there are other application areas of this PCB material.


Panasonic R-8700 PCB material is widely used in computing systems like keyboard and LCD. Also, you can find this PCB material in IT peripheral products. This material is widely used in this application due to its high signal integrity. Also, Panasonic R-8700 is a low loss material.

Consumer electronics

This PCB material is ideal for use in consumer electronics like telephone, TV, and calculator. Also, you will find it in other consumer electronics. For example, this material is available in DVDs, remote controls, and in- vehicle instruments.

Features of Panasonic R-8700 Laminate


Panasonic R-8700 is a halogen-free laminate. Therefore, it is very safe for the environment. Furthermore, the use of this material helps to maintain flame retardation in PCBs.

Low transmission loss

This feature is very important in telecommunication. Materials that have a low transmission loss usually have high data transmission. The use of resin design technology in this material helps to achieve low transmission loss. Also, Panasonic R-8700 laminate contributes to the development of the 5G mobile communication system.

Flame resistance

Panasonic R-8700 laminate features high flame resistance. As a result of this, this material makes the operation a reliable one. Also, using compound technology and resin design technology assists in achieving this feature. This multilayer PCB material has excellent reliability in extreme temperature environments.

Ease of multilayer PCB manufacturing

Panasonic R-8700 laminate improves the processing of multilayer PCB. Also, this laminate achieves excellent ease of manufacturing of multilayer boards.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Panasonic R-8700 Laminate

Heat resistance

This is a factor you need to consider before choosing Panasonic R-8700 laminate. Also, heat resistance is a crucial factor in high frequency applications.

Signal integrity

Signal integrity is critical in the telecommunication industry. Most communication infrastructure devices require signal integrity for great performance. Panasonic R-8700 laminate enhances signal integrity in applications. If signal integrity is a major concern, then this PCB material is an ideal choice.


PCBs used for communication networks need to be free from any halogen constituents. Also, this is very crucial for environmental protection. Therefore, when choosing a PCB material, consider the safety of the environment. Panasonic R-8700 laminate is completely free of halogen.


Panasonic R-8700 laminate features distinct electrical and thermal properties. These properties are responsible for the high performance of this material. Therefore, ensure these properties meet the requirements of your PCB project. For instance, if you need a material with low Dk and low Df value, this material is suitable.

Advantages of Panasonic R-8700 PCB Material

Panasonic R-8700 offers a lot of advantages. Due to the type of material it is, there are some distinct benefits it offers:

Long shelf life

Panasonic R-8700 has a long shelf life. When used in PCB fabrication, it offers a high level of durability. Therefore, this makes it ideal for use in materials that are rigorously used.

Moisture resistant

This PCB material features a low water absorption rate. This means that it is resistant to water. Therefore, it is ideal for use in applications exposed to humid environments.

Environmentally friendly

Panasonic R-8700 PCB material is free of halogen. Therefore, it is safe for the environment. Also, this material complies with the specifications and requirements of RoHS.

Great insulation resistance

This PCB material offers great insulation resistance. Also, it is an exceptional insulator against harsh environments. This material is specifically designed to withstand vibration and thermal shock.

Fire resistant

This PCB material is resistant to fire. Therefore, it is useful in extremely high temperatures. Fire resistant PCB materials are useful in several applications.


Printed circuit boards are essential for the production of electronic devices. However, without efficient PCB materials, these boards can’t perform well. Therefore, it is important to consider the type of materials used for PCB fabrication.

The Panasonic Corporation has continued to offer materials that offer solutions to problems in PCB fabrication. Panasonic R-8700 PCB material is a great example. We have shed more light on this PCB material and what it offers.

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