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What is .NCD file ?

The .NCD file is a Nero Cover Designer application. Files that feature .ncd file extension are associated with the .NCD CD/DVD label design software.

NCD files feature the layout, graphics, and text included in the design of the cover label. There are several software applications that utilize the .ncd file suffix. An example of such software is the Norton anti-virus software.

The .NCD file is a Cover Designer created by Nero. This file extension is commonly associated with files featuring CD or DVD labels. Also, these files feature artwork designed with CoverDesigner. The CoverDesigner  is a software  for making DVD/album cover designs. Also, it is part of the Nero multimedia suite. Its NCD files consist of text, layout, and image settings that comprise the cover art design of a CD.

Also, the NCDC is a file extension the CD maker uses as the default disk image format. These NCD files have an exact copy of information gotten from a compact disc. The new version of CD Maker, Media Maker Express supports NCD disk image format. ISE Design Suite saves native circuit descriptions in NCD files.

Ways to Open .NCD File

One of the most common ways of opening a file extension NCD is by double clicking it. However, this might not work at times. If this doesn’t work, there are a few ways to open the .NRD file.

Select the right program

It is important you choose the right program. There are some programs that allow you to open the NCD files easily. These programs include:

  • Xilinx Integrated Software Environment Native Circuit Description
  • Norton Change Directory
  • CoverDesigner CD Cover Picture
  • NTI CD-Maker File

Note the type of file

The type of file you are opening is very important. Some programs can open your NCD file. However, this depends on your file type. To know the type of file, check the properties of the file. Right click the file and check properties and view the “Type of File.” If you are using a Mac computer, right click the file and select “More Info” and check under “Kind.”

Make use of a Universal File Viewer

This is the easiest way to open a .NCD file. For instance, File Magic can open several file types based on the format. Some files may not work with these programs. The NCD file will appear in a binary format if it isn’t compatible.

Ask the Developer

One of the easiest ways of opening an NCD file is to contact the software developer.

Programs that can Open and Convert .NCD Files

There are several programs that can help you open and convert your NCD files. These programs include:

ISE Design Suite

This is an integrated development platform for designing CPLD and FPGA devices of Xilinx. The NCD file stores ISE design suite’s native description data.

Media Maker Express

Media Maker Express created by NTI is  a media backup and disc burning software application. This program features several burning engines and improved disc image support. Media Maker Express can read and write disk images in NCD format. Also, this file format is a Disk Image.

Dragon Burn

Dragon Burn by NTI is a MacOS application designed for burning media content to DVDs and CDs. Also, you can use it to clone and make disk images in different formats including NCD.

Norton 360

Norton 360 by NortonLifeLock is a comprehensive anti-spyware and anti-malware program for mobile and desktop devices. The .NCD files saved some change directory data utilized by Norton 360’s older versions. The more recent version seems not to use this file.


IsoBuster by Smart Projects is a disc burning application that features data repair/recovery support. Also, any disk images saved in the NCD format work well with this program.

How you can Open File with .NCD Extension

There are various reasons why you won’t be able to open your files with the NCD extension. You can solve these problems without any in-depth IT skill. Follow these steps to open a file with NCD extension.

Install Nero Multimedia Suite

The most common reason why users can’t open their NCD files is that their system doesn’t have any program that can handle NCD files. In this case, you need to download the Nero Multimedia Suite and install it. You can visit the Nero AG and download the software with the links provided. This is the safest way to download the Nero Multimedia Suite.

Update Nero Multimedia Suite if Necessary

If you can’t access NCD files after installing the Nero Multimedia Suite software, ensure it is up to date. Software developers may introduce newer versions of this application. Nero Multimedia Suite may not handle NCD files because it is outdated. The most recent Nero Multimedia Suite must support all formats that worked with its older version.

 Set the default application to manage NCD files

Sometimes the Nero Multimedia Suite installed on your system might be up to date and the problem will still persist. In this case, choose the Nero Multimedia Suite as the default program to manage NCD on your device.

Ensure the NCD is not faulty

After trying the above-mentioned options you might still encounter some problems. Then, you need to verify if the file is an .NCD file. There are various reasons why you might not be able to open the file. Therefore, you need to do this:

  • Verify if the file is already damaged or corrupted.
  • Check if your PC can handle Nero Multimedia Suite
  • Also, check if the NCD doesn’t have a computer virus
  • Make sure the latest drivers and system updates are installed in your system


.NCD files are ideal for storing artwork documents for DVD or CD booklet inserts. If you are having problems with how to safely open the NCD file, this article is for you. We have discussed ways to open the .NCD files in this article. Also, there is well-detailed information on programs that can open and convert the .NCD files.

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