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What is .GPI File ?

The .GPI file format is integrated into files that comprise geographic data like the location of the user’s point of interest. GPI stands for the Garmin Point of Interest.  Garmin, a GPS company developed this file format. This company designs hardware units known as GPS Navigation. GPS Navigation is a commonly used device sync with mobile phones. Also, it helps in locating routes and directions.

For example, if the point of interest of a user is a market .GPI files will provide details about the location of that market and the closest routes to get to that market. Therefore, .GPI files are of great importance in GPS devices. You can use POIConverter software to open and view what is in these files.

Also, you can use .GPI files in fax files by Bitware. The Bitware Fax software utilizes the .GPI file suffix. As long as the Bitware Fax Program created these fax files, the .GPI extension is used as their fax output file format. The .GPI file stores the location and name of a user’s point of interest. Also, this file can provide navigational routes as an inter-route point or destination.

Also, GPI files can save navigational route data like final and intermediate destination points. Furthermore, these files serve other purposes as they can store traffic enforcement camera locations.

How to Open .GPI File

Below are steps on how to open your .gpi file.

Double-click the file

Double-click the .GPI file icon. The file will automatically open if you installed the right program.

Look for another program

If you realize that the .GPI file doesn’t open after double-clicking it, look for another program. There are several programs ideal for opening a GPI file. Program like Garmin Point of Interest File or Bitware Fax File.

Check the type of file

You will have to check the type of file if the programs mentioned above won’t open the .GPI file. The majority of GPI files are data files.

You can check for the file type in the file’s properties. Right-click the file and click on properties. You will see the file type under “Type of File.” If you are using a Mac computer, just right-click the file and select “More info.” You will see the file type under “Kind.”

Contact your developer

If you have tried all of these steps and nothing worked out, contacting a developer may be the final solution.

Get a universal file viewer

This is another easy way you can open a .GPI file. Download a File Magic to help you open different file formats. The file will be in a binary format if .GPI isn’t compatible.

Software Applications that can Open and Convert GPI files

Not all software applications can open and convert .GPI files. You can open and convert .GPI files through the following programs:

POI Loader (point of interest database file)

The POI Loader created by Garmin is specifically designed to generate navigational routes by using points of interest. Also, GPI files can save a database of points of interest by Garmin POI Loader.


EAGLE is another reliable program that can convert and open GPI files. These files are also known as EAGLE data files. This is because Eagle created these files.


gEDA is a reliable application for opening .GPI files. This program supports other files like SCH and GML. Also, it is a free open source application.

Problems Associated With Opening .GPI Files

Sometimes you might not be able to open the .GPI file. This may not be a result of having inappropriate software. There are other common problems that may prevent the .GPI file from functioning. The following are potential problems that may cause this:

  • A corrupted .GPI file
  • Partial installation of software that supports the .GPI format.
  • Deleting the GPI’s description from the Windows registry.
  • Thee GPI file has a malware
  • When the computer has inadequate hardware resources to open the .GPI file.
  • The Drivers of equipment to open a GPI file are outdated.

How to Solve Problems Associated with Accessing .GPI Extension

Get the POI Loader

Without proper applications installed on your system, you can access your .GPI files. Download the POI Loader and install it. Visit the developer’s website to install the POI Loader.

Update the POI Loader if necessary

If you can’t still properly access the .GPI files after you have installed the POI Loader on your PC, try updating it. Update it to the most recent version. Also, the latest version is backward compatible. In addition, it can handle files supported by the software’s older versions.

Set the default software to open GPI files to POI Loader

Associate the .GPI files with the most recent version of POI Loader. Associating file formats with default applications is a very simple process. However, this process may be different based on the platform.

Verify the GPI file is completely free of errors

If you are still encountering problems with the .GPI file, it is time to verify it. This is very important as the file may be corrupted. Therefore, this can prevent you from accessing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I associate my .GPI file with installed software?

There are two ways to associate your .GPI file with a new program. The easiest way is to right-click the GPI file. Click on “choose default program from the drop-down menu”. Then choose “Browse” and locate the desired program. The second way is to associate the .GPI file extension to the software in the Windows Registry.

What is a file extension?

 A file extension refers to the characters after the dot in a file name. For instance, the file extension for ‘myfile.sch’ is sch.  With a file extension, Windows can choose the appropriate program to open the file. Also, a file extension indicates the file type. Windows always associates a default program to every file extension.


The Garmin Point of Interest file plays a significant role in GPS devices. In this article, we have discussed important things about the .GPI file. Also, we discussed the programs that can help you open and convert this file.

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