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What is .CAM File?

Mostly, .cam files belong to Autodesk’s Eagle. The extension of the CAM filename has to do with the files that are created using the Drawing Editor. This is then saved in the FastCAM format.

Furthermore, these CAM files’ contents may deal with an object’s material, thickness, quantity, and path. Also, the extension of the CAM filename has to do with designs of printed circuit boards (PCB), which are saved in the vector graphics format of Gerber. The creation of these types of PCB designs may have happened with programs like CircuitCAM or Eagle.

Also, HouseCall, which is known as an anti-malware program, helps by using the CAM file as a place to save the backup of the AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

Furthermore, CimaGraphi, which is a CAD/CAM design software that saves some of the CAD data in the CAM files. Also, the projects which were created with Camtasia Studio’s older versions also make use of the extension of the CAM filename. Note that Camtasia Studio is a video editing and screen recording software.

Also present in the CAM project file is an ongoing work, which is going through editing. For example, the video game – Age of Wonders III makes use of CAM files in storing campaign maps. Furthermore, the extension of the CAD filename are pictures that are also captured using the digital cameras of CASIO QV.

How do I Open .CAM files?

To open CAM files, you will need reliable and suitable software such as Eagle. Without using a proper software, a message from Windows will pop up like “how do you wish to open the file.” You may see another message like “Windows doesn’t recognize or cannot open the file”. Another thing you may see is a similar Android/iPhone/Mac alert.

One you fail to open the .cam file the right way, try to long-press that file, or right-click it. Next, select “Open with” and then tap on any application you want.

What Programs Can I Use to Convert and Open .CAM Files?

You may be searching for programs that you can use in converting and opening .cam files. Here are some of them.


This is by Autodesk. Here, the .cam files are seen as Eagle cads. This is because this file type is mainly used or created with the help of this software.

Altium Designer

This one is by Altium, and it is a combination of computer-aided design and manufacturing tools that helps in the design, the printing, as well as the exporting of PCBs. Also, the reading of the design components of CAM PCB which gets into the Altium Designer is only possible by the Editor component of CAMtastic. Also, the file format is under the category called CAD.

Abe’s Oddysee

This is a computer video game in 2D form. Here, Abe, which is the major character of the game is a meek slave that works in a factory for meat processing. However, Abe decided to find a way of escape after discovering that he and everyone related to him would be slaughtered.

Furthermore, the storing of this game’s background is in the .cam files. The format of this file is placed under the “Game” category.


This is by GraphiTech. It is a reliable CAD/CAM program that works for different 3D and 2D applications like milling and engraving. Also, the storing of some of the milling data that are utilized by CimaGraphi is done in CAM files. Also, the format for the file is under the CAD category.

 Camtasia Studio

This is by TechSmith. This project is a video editing or screen recorder software, which helps in the creation of training materials and demos. The storing of the program’s older versions is usually in the .cam files. The format for this file is under the CAD category.


This is a program by Trend Micro, and it is useful in protecting computers against spyware, malware, as well as other possible cyber threats. Furthermore, the saving of the backup of the AUTOEXEC.BAT file of HouseCall is in the CAM file. The format of this file is under the Backup category.

Drawing Editor

This is by FastCAM. For the Drawing Editor, we can say that it is a software for product fabrication. This helps in the creation and the cutting of the designs of product parts from the geometric shapes, which are accurately drawn.

The creation of objects using the Drawing Editor is taken to the CAM files for storage. The file format is under the CAD category.


This is a software, which allows the user to create great and accurate 3D and 2D models as well as measurements from the photographs taken using a very standard camera. Also, One PhotoModeler calibrates the camera, it goes ahead to save the details of the camera in the CAM file. The file format is under the category “Data”.


This is by Casio. These are Casio digital cameras that are no longer in production. The photographs taken with the help of these cameras are stored in the files having the CAM filename. The file format is under the Raster Image category.

NASCAR Racing 2002

This one is by Sierra. This is a video game that involves car racing. This features real tracks for race. The storage of the replay settings of this game’s camera is in the .cam file. The file format is under the Game category.

How Do You Solve Problems Involving CAM Files?

First of all, you will need to associate the extension of the CAM file with the right application. Visit Windows, then check any CAM file, and right click it. Next, click “Open With” then tap “Choose another app”. After this, choose another program, then go ahead to check this box saying “Always utilize this app to help open all *.cam files”.

Next, update the software which you use in opening your PCB designs. This is because only the latest version allows the use of the latest format of .cam file.

To ensure there is no virus infection or corruption on your .cam file, get this file again and do some scanning using the of Google.


By now, you should have a clear understanding of what .cam file is all about. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us.