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What is .GML File ?

In most cases, GML files belong to yEd’s Graph Editor. The full meaning of GML is GameMaker Language file. This file extension is useful in saving developer files, which have an association with a software from Yoyo Games called GameMaker.

The GameMaker software is mainly useful in creating computer video games. This software makes use of the GML file in strong program code which is written with the help of the GML –GameMaker Language.

Furthermore, you can execute these GML files’ code making use of the GameMaker interpreter. This is mainly for the creation of modules, functions, or game scripts.

GameMaker Language can also be called Geography Markup Language File. Galdos systems developed the GML. Furthermore, this is useful as a data format, with backing from the Geospatial Consortium. This format is useful for geographers in saving any geographical information in an interchangeable format.

Also, GML files serve as output files for data, which are generated by Autodesk EAGLE. Furthermore, the GML files have layout data, which indicates the positions of the hole, which needs milling.

How Do You Open GML Files?

To open GML files, you will need to use appropriate software such as Graph Editor. Without using the right software, you will get a message from Windows like “Windows failed to open this file” or other related alerts from Android, iPhone, or Mac.

Also, if you fail to open the GML file the right way, you can long-press or right-click the file. Next, select “Open With.” Once it opens, choose the application you will love to use. Also, you can display the GML file in your browser directly.

What Programs Can You Use in Opening and Converting GML Files?

Game Maker

This is a program, which allows you to create different computer games. This is without the need to write any code, not even a line. Also, this program permits the incorporation of sound effects, music, graphics, backgrounds, as well as many different features, tailored towards computer programmers.

Also, these.gml files are useful in the creation and storage of modules, functions, and game scripts, which are written using the language of GameMaker. The file format will be under the “Developer category.”

Graph Editor

At times, .gml files are called the files of the Graph Editor data. This is because this file type is mainly used or created with the help of this software.


This is a programming language that serves graph algorithms using user interfaces. The program is open for all operating systems of today. However, presently, this is no longer supported or developed.

Also, the GML files have the algorithms for graph drawing, which are mainly useful in C++ coupled with libraries that are STL based. Here, the file format is placed under the “Data” category.

Geography Markup Language

This is a form of modeling language that serves geographic systems. This is specifically called XML grammar, which is always written in XML Schema. Many programs support this language including Canvas X and Merkaartor.

This GML file includes different objects that help in describing geography, which includes topology and reference systems. Here, the file format is placed under the “Data” category.


This is a configuration file that is XML-based. This software is useful for controlling Promixis smart devices like speakers, lights, or TVs. Also, it permits bidirectional communication excluding any issue related to line of sight. This GML file also includes the configuration data that is XML-based, which NetRemote uses. Here, the file format is placed under the “Data” category.

Ways of Solving Issues with GML Files

All you have to do is to associate the .gml file with the right application. Also, to achieve this, visit Windows, then right-click on the GML file you desire and then select “Open With”, then “Select another app.” Then, choose a different program and then tap the box that reads “always make use of this app when opening any .gml file.

Another thing you can try is to update the software which should open the language files. This is because the present version alone backs the latest format of the GML file. Search the website of the yEd manufacturer to know if there’s an update of the Graph Editor.

To ensure that the GML file is virus-free or not corrupted, take the file once again and then use the of Google to scan it.

Apps that Use the .GML File Extension

The applications below are open to different GML files. Take note that different programs may make use of GML files in serving different purposes. Therefore, there may e a need for you to try some of them in order for you to know which of them opens your file.

For Windows, the applications include FalconView, Gaia3, TatukGIS Viewer, Garden Planner, CODE Editor, GoVisual Diagram Editor, MiraMon, Protel DXP, and yEd Graph Editor. For now, we are yet to be sure of any software that works using .gml files on Mac. The same goes for the Web. However, if you have any ideas of any, feel free to let us know.

Specifications of the .GML File

You can find these specifications in a full GML dataset.

  • The first section has more information regarding the format of the GML data.
  • The second section has more information regarding the bounding box. Also, the coordinates are those where the map shows.
  • The third section has information regarding the dataset
  • The fourth section has the required geometry to draw the features of the map on the map
  • Next is the fifth section, which has opening tags, which gives additional information regarding the features of a map. These features include the polygon, line, or point.
  • The last and final part contains the entire closing tags.


We hope we have been able to explain what the .gml file is all about. In this article, we also talked about how to open the .gml file, as well as other software that works with it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us here.




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