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Gold Fingers PCB

golder fingers pcb

Gold Fingers PCB is gold-plated terminal of a card-edge connector, usually, Fingers are fabriacate by flash gold (hard gold) and the gold thickness is requested to be from 3u“ to 50u“ because fingers are mainly used for pluging for many times.

When PCBs will be repeatedly installed and removed electroplated gold is used for edge-connector contacts or as they are more commonly known: Gold fingers

Gold fingers are edge connector contacts and are used to electroplate pads onto the board. The idea behind a gold finger is to help protect the printed circuit board prototypes from wear and tear. If applied correctly, with the right thickness, they are expected to last upwards of 1,000 cycles before there is any need of repair.

Gold Fingers PCB Board

The gold finger bevel default value: 45 angle, As following figure. The default plating for gold finger does not support the hard gold.

PCB Gold fingers Design

PCB Edge Connector                                      2 Layer PCB Finger Connector           

pcb edge connector
2 layer pcb finger connector

Gold Fingers PCB                                                Circuit Board Fingers

Gold Fingers PCB
circuit board fingers

These little fingers are quite versatile, and they have many different uses depending on their intended purpose. Some of these uses include:

Provides connections for network transfer data.
Attaches specialty adaptors.
Connects different devices to the board.
Can be used as audio adaptors.

Here is several design rules are required for gold fingers PCB / PCB edge connectors.

1. No plated through holes are allowed in the plated area
2. No solder mask or silkscreening can be present in the plated area
3. For panelization, always place gold fingers facing outward from the panel center
4. Connect all gold fingers with a 0.008” conductor trace at the edge to allow for manufacturing
5. Features can be placed on one or both sides to a depth of 25mm from the outside edge

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