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Top 14 electrical cable manufacturers in the world

The process of creating cables to transport electrical power or communications is called electrical cable manufacture. Wire drawing, stranding, insulation, jacketing, shielding, and testing are some of the phases involved. The final cable is put through several tests to ensure it satisfies the requirements for electrical performance, mechanical strength, and durability. This procedure may change depending on the type of cable, the intended usage, and the materials used.

The rankings of the top electrical cable manufacturers may change depending on the metrics used to assess them. Below are 14 of the biggest and most respected producers of electrical cables, listed alphabetically:

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Another area of expertise for W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. is the production of electrical cables. The business manufactures a variety of high-performance cables and cable assemblies utilized in various sectors, including telecommunications, aerospace, and defense.

Electrical cables made by Gore deliver fast data transfer, dependable signal integrity, and toughness under challenging conditions. High-speed data cables, microwave/RF assemblies, power cables, and aircraft cables are among the company’s offerings. Moreover, Gore cables are renowned for their excellent shielding efficiency, low attenuation, and durability to corrosive substances, abrasion, and freezing temperatures.

It offers engineering services, such as cable design and prototype, as well as testing and certification services, in addition to its cable products to guarantee that its cables meet or surpass industry standards and client needs.

Gore has created novel cable designs that have raised the bar for performance and dependability. As a result, well-known applications, including the Mars Rover, the Hubble Space Telescope, and the Large Hadron Collider, among others, have used the company’s cables.

Lapp Group

German-based Lapp Group is a worldwide corporation that produces cables, wires, and cable accessories for automation, mechanical engineering, and industrial applications. Oskar Lapp established the business in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1957.

Lapp Group offers a variety of products, including fiber optic cables, Ethernet cables, control and power cables, and data cables. Moreover, the business provides specialized cable solutions, cable management programs, and cable extras, including connectors, glands, and marking devices.

Lapp Group has production facilities and sales offices worldwide, including Europe, Asia, North America, and South America. The business is strongly committed to sustainability and has taken several steps to lessen its negative effects on the environment, including adopting renewable energy sources and cutting back on waste and emissions.



A French multinational corporation, Nexans, specializes in producing and distributing electrical cables and related goods. The business, which has its headquarters in Paris, France, was established in 2000 due to the union of two major cable producers, Alcatel Cable, and Nexans.

Power cables, control cables, instrumentation cables, communication cables, and fiber optic cables are just a few of the many cable products Nexans offers. Together with installation and maintenance services, the business also offers cable accessories, including connectors, terminations, and jointing kits.

Nexans works internationally with facilities and sales offices across more than 50 countries. The business has a strong commitment to sustainability. It has taken several steps to lessen its negative effects on the environment, including creating eco-designed goods and lowering its carbon footprint. Nexans also makes research and development investments to provide cutting-edge cable solutions for several industries, including energy, transportation, and construction.

Prysmian Group

An international company with its main office in Milan, Italy, Prysmian Group focuses on producing cables and systems for the energy and communications industries. Two top cable producers, Prysmian and Draka, merged to establish the business in 2011.

Prysmian Group employs over 29,000 people and operates in more than 50 nations. The company provides a wide range of goods. They include high and medium-voltage cables for power transmission and distribution, optical fibers and cables for telecommunications, submarine cables for offshore wind farms, and specialized cables for various industrial uses.

The business is well renowned for its emphasis on research and development. It has various sites worldwide specifically for that purpose and relationships with top research institutions and universities. In addition, the Prysmian Group values sustainability and has established challenging objectives for lowering its environmental effect and fostering moral and responsible behavior throughout all of its businesses.

One of the biggest cable producers in the world, Prysmian Group serves clients in the energy, telecommunications, construction, and transportation sectors. It is a component of the FTSE MIB index and trades on the Italian Stock Exchange.

Southwire Company, LLC

RF cable

Leading producers and suppliers of wire goods, including electrical and communication cables, are Southwire Company, LLC. Roy Richards Sr. established the business in Carrollton, Georgia, in 1950, and its headquarters remain there.

In addition to building, industrial power cables, automobile, telecommunications, and utility transmission and distribution cables, Southwire manufactures various other wire and cable products. Also, the business produces and sells a variety of electrical tools, gear, and accessories.

Southwire is renowned for its dedication to sustainability, corporate responsibility, and industrial activities. The corporation has a variety of environmental and social objectives, such as lowering its carbon footprint and fostering inclusiveness and diversity among its employees.

One of the US’s biggest wire and cable makers is Southwire, a privately held business. It has several production sites nationwide, a North American-wide distribution network, and some overseas markets.

Sumitomo Electric Industries

Japanese multinational company Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. is in Osaka. The Sumitomo Group began the business in 1897. Since then, it has expanded to become a top producer of various goods, including electrical wire and cable, optical fibers and components, electronics, automotive parts, and industrial materials.

Across several areas, including the energy, telecommunications, and automotive industries, Sumitomo Electric Industries is renowned for its technological prowess. The company’s products are helpful in various applications, including power transmission and distribution, telecommunications networks, and electronic gadgets.

Sumitomo Electric Industries offers a variety of energy-related solutions, such as power cables and wires, transformers, and energy storage systems. In addition, the business provides optical fibers and parts for high-speed data networking and transmission in the telecommunications industry.

A significant player in the automobile sector is Sumitomo Electric Industries, which offers a variety of systems and parts, such as electronic control units, engine components, and wire harnesses.

The business is dedicated to sustainability and has established challenging objectives for lowering its environmental footprint and fostering social responsibility. With operations in more than 40 countries and a staff of more than 280,000 people globally, Sumitomo Electric Industries has a footprint worldwide.

The Okonite Company

The Okonite Corporation is an American manufacturer of electrical cables and wires used in various sectors. They include communication and control systems, power production, transmission, and distribution. E. T. Hall established the business in Paterson, New Jersey.

The Okonite Company is known for making sturdy, high-quality cables and wires to satisfy its clients’ exacting demands. Power and control cables, instrumentation cables, communication cables, and specialized cables are just a few of the many things the business provides. Products from Okonite are helpful in a wide range of settings, including petrochemical factories, hospitals, airports, railroads, and power plants.

To fulfill particular client needs, Okonite also provides bespoke cable design and engineering services in addition to its conventional product offerings. In addition, the business values research and development to continually enhance its goods and services.

The Okonite Corporation has a long history of quality and innovation, and many businesses that need dependable and secure electrical cables and wires rely on its products.

TPC Wire & Cable Corp.

TPC Wire & Cable Corp designs and produces high-performance wire and cable products. Additionally, it has its corporate headquarters in Macedonia, Ohio. TPC is a well-known provider of industrial-strength wire and cable products to various sectors, including oil and gas, mining, automotive, and industrial automation.

Power and control cables, instrumentation and thermocouple cables, high-temperature cables, flexible and portable cords, and bespoke cables are just a few things the business offers. TPC Wire & Cable products can endure abrasive conditions and high temperatures, making them perfect for use in demanding applications.

TPC Wire & Cable provides various value-added services in addition to its goods, such as custom cable design, engineering assistance, and cable assembly services. The business has established a reputation for excellence in the wire and cable sector by committing to offering its clients superior goods and first-rate customer service.


ABB is a provider of digital technologies focusing on electrification, motion, and industrial automation products, systems, solutions, and services. It offers customers in the utilities, industry, transport, and infrastructure sectors. They operate in Asia, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe industrial equipment and systems.

Turnkey solutions are provided by ABB’s cable system and cable accessory division. It also includes design, engineering, supply, installation, commissioning, and servicing. Karlskrona, Sweden, employs around 1,000 people and contains cutting-edge production and R&D facilities for high-voltage submarine and underground cables. A brand-new, state-of-the-art cable-laying vessel that is now under construction is also in the transfer of assets.

For over 60 years, ABB has provided utility and business clients a full spectrum of technical equipment, services, and solutions in automation and power technology. Additionally, they have a significant presence over the whole nation.

Belden Inc.

High-performance cable solutions from Belden Cables are transforming the look of contemporary manufacturing facilities, production methods, and industrial infrastructure. In addition, they can deliver dependable communications wherever in between, including between management and staff, factories, and corporate headquarters.

Belden provides a variety of cables, including Ethernet, fiber optic, electronic wire, VFD, audio, instrument, Fieldbus, and more. A cable of type 3 In addition to a choice of logarithms from 2 to 400 risers and plenums, ATMM (corrugated aluminum strip) variants of Belden’s DataTwist 3 are also available for improved crush resistance. In locations where costs are a concern we use IP applications, and category 5e cables offer the highest network performance and stability.

Each level of performance offered by category six cables surpasses that of TIA-568-C.2 while providing excellent performance with ample headroom. In addition, using bonded-pair technology makes installation as robust as feasible. Belden creates, produces, and sells technology and goods related to networking, security, and connectivity. One of the most reputable industrial cable producers in the world is Dekoron Wire & Cable LLC. Wire and cable are produced and distributed by Basic Wire and Cable.


High-performance fiber connection is produced by CommScope utilizing a wide range of materials. In addition, they invest in their R&D work to optimize performance while upholding the highest quality and safety standards in their cable goods.

Since 2016, they have collaborated with BASEC for their cable testing and certification requirements. Additionally, they have chosen to work with BASEC for the higher classification AVCP Systems 1+ CPR certifications. This thorough assessment method ensures that the facilities and goods meet the necessary standards. In addition, exceeding the minimal criteria gives customers and end users more certainty that the cables won’t aid in spreading flames in the case of a fire, protecting both persons and property.

Corning Inc.

Corning produces and sells specialty glasses, ceramics, and other related materials. The business sells glass substrates for LCD televisions, desktop monitors flat-panel options, notebook computers, and laptops. It also sells hardware, cable, optical fibers, and tools for the telecommunications networks, filters for automotive, ceramic substrates and diesel applications, serum, glass and plastic labware, and tools for discovering drug. Furthermore, it produces specialized glassware and sophisticated optics for consumer electronics, semiconductor, aerospace & defense, optical, and telecommunications industries. Africa, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas are all places where the corporation conducts business. The city of Corning in New York, serves as the headquarters of Corning.

Corning Cable Systems provides the widest selection of end-to-end fiber optic and copper product solutions for clients worldwide telecommunications networks. Its customer-focused solutions include cables, connectors, associated hardware, and network services. They stand as a global telecom business leader because of their dedication to excellence and exceptional client satisfaction.

Hitachi Metals

A Japanese multinational corporation, Hitachi Metals, focuses on producing and marketing metal goods, including steel, copper, and aluminum. The corporation has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

For various applications, including usage in rolling stock, Hitachi Metals manufactures and markets a selection of electrical wires, cables, and associated materials. Our wide spectrum of consumers appreciates and acknowledges our products’ reliable quality.

Rolling stock’s usefulness is significantly improving over recent years. This increases the amount of data transferred while trains operate, necessitating rolling stock telecommunication links with ever-improving performance.

In addition to producing wire and cables for rolling stock, Hitachi Metals provides services for rolling stock and harness assembly based on design data. As a result, Hitachi Cable Europe s.r.osystem strengthens with the addition of harness assembly lines. It enables it to provide solutions that assist rolling stock manufacturers in Europe in lowering labor costs and fabrication times.

TE Connectivity

A maker of connectors, relays, fiber optic cable, wireless components, and touch displays with a presence all over the world is TE Connectivity. During its 75-year existence, TE Connectivity has created and produced over 500,000 items. TE Connectivity products can help you satisfy your wire and cable requirements. This is for electronics necessary in the toughest conditions and demanding applications. Their materials science and EMI shielding expertise enable them to provide the ideal solution. It balances the necessary qualities for fit, shape, function, performance, and dependability.

Moreover, TE Connectivity aids businesses in the creation and improvement of electrical components. They produce performance-efficient connection and sensor solutions through collaboration with clients and partners. Reliability, durability, and the will to keep driving forward were the focal points of the collaborative efforts.

TE Connectivity provides high-performance wire and cable.




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