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Why Rigid Flex PCBs are preferred over other PCBs?

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Rigid Flex PCB offer amazing flexibility in circuit designs which has played a vital role in the production of complex circuits. Circuitry produced with a combination of rigid and flexible parts enables designers in achieving complex functionalities. Rigid Flex PCB design has brought a major breakthrough in technology.

These boards are developed in 3D environment, and the developers can fold and twist PCBs for the achievement of required shape according to requirements.

Since the routine circuit boards are inflexible and hard, they are unlikely to be used in many sensitive and compact applications such as gadgets, handheld phones, and digital books.

Imagine keeping a twisted cell phone in your pocket that you can even roll and twist it like a paper and still it does not break. Sounds amazing? That is one of the technologies under development by top phone manufacturers.

However, the development of such electronics without flexible circuit boards is not possible. Furthermore, sensitive electronics need to be shockproof, and this is not possible without flexibility in circuit boards.

In many applications, it is essential to use a combination of both flexible and rigid and the required functionalities are unachievable with only rigid board. Rigid Flex PCB is used for ensuring premium quality of sensitive hardware. Both Rigid and Flexible parts have specific functionalities. The Rigid boards are used in situations and portions where strength is needed and in sensitive portions, flexible PCBs are used. The consecutive layers of flexible and rigid PCBs provide unique features that are not achievable with simple PCBs.

Since last two decades, Rigid Flex PCBs have been widely used in aerospace and military equipment. With the passage of time, the technical industry is getting more interested in Rigid Flex PCBs. More research is being conducted for making their boards more reliable and durable while maintaining a high quality of performance

How are Rigid Flex PCBs different from other PCBs?

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Since Rigid Flex PCBs incorporate both flexible and rigid parts, the connections between these boards are developed with interconnected through holes.

High component density and robust performance are one of the salient features expected from Rigid Flex PCBs. These features are incorporated by the use of Rigid design in portions where strength is essential, and the board needs to be hard such as electronic components landing. The parts such as corners and places which are frequently exposed to vibrations are designed for flexibility. Furthermore, in many cases where the connections need to be jumped through mechanically sensitive areas, flexible parts are suitable.

The manufacturing procedure of Rigid Flex PCBs is quite different from routine PCBs. Special attention has to be paid to some sensitive factors while manufacturing.

For example, during the manufacturing process copper foil has to be etched, the flexible polyimide core also shrinks with it. Since the shrinking can deviate the final dimension of circuitry from the designed product, the variation in size must be compensated during designing.

Applications of Rigid Flex PCBs  

Rigid Flex PCBs are used in the manufacturing of medical equipment such as pacemakers. Their low weight and space requirements allow designers in designing more reliable products.

Saving space and weight budget, Rigid Flex PCBs have revolutionized cell phones and cameras. The overall compact designs of latest devices is mainly because of the reduced size of circuitry.

For similar reasons, Rigid Flex PCBs are used in military weapons. Since military weapons need to be robust and efficient regarding performance, Rigid Flex PCBs are widely known for their exceptional performance. Reducing weight of overall product allows ordinance factories in designing complicated weapons. With the integration of Rigid Flex PCBs in weapon industry, every day more advancements are being observed.

They are also used in the computer system and related devices such as hard disks, printers, and keyboards. This is mainly because of their vibration resistant, bending, folding, twisting qualities which are often needed in designing mechanically robust equipment. Routing signals in 3d space with cables is not as efficient as with Rigid Flex PCBs.

In consumer products, Rigid Flex does not just maximize space and weight but greatly improves reliability, eliminating many needs for solder joints and delicate, fragile wiring that are prone to connection issues. These are just some examples, but Rigid Flex PCBs can be used to benefit nearly all advanced electrical applications including testing equipment, tools, and automobiles.

Rigid Flex PCBs manufacturing at RAYMING


RAYMING is one of the leading manufacturers of Rigid Flex PCBs, offering manufacturing services for diverse industries. When it comes to Rigid Flex PCBs manufacturing, the brand has developed an image for premium quality and lead time. Most of the Rigid Flex PCB manufacturers offer limited design procedures and testing facilities but RAYMING provides complete range of solutions for your product.

Rigid Flex PCBs are one of the top products manufactured at RAYMING. We offer manufacturing facility on automated systems which ensures the quality and durability is preserved and the product is cost-effective.

RAYMING is a certified manufacturer of multilayer Rigid Flex PCBs. We ensure our manufactured PCBs are according to customer requirements and serves proper functionalities while optimizing Rigid Flex PCB cost according to your budget.

Over the years, we have upgraded our manufacturing systems, and now we are developing more complex products for our clients. Our systems are capable of manufacturing complex PCBs with accuracy. What makes us unique is manufacturing facility for single-sided PCBs up to 6 layers pcb, and double-sided PCBs up to total 16 layers.

Manufacturing Rigid Flex PCBs is a delicate process, always prefer a reliable and experienced manufacturer for your products. RAYMING is both reliable and experienced manufacturer of Rigid Flex PCBs. We have learned from traditional methods and the latest research conducted in our R&D labs. Accordingly, we have improved our manufacturing process and continued delivering high-quality products.

If you are looking for a Rigid Flex PCB manufacturing which incorporates 3D connections in design, fortunately, that is one of the routine jobs at our Rigid Flex manufacturing units. We can develop 3D connections for your circuitry and ensure the end product size is just according to your requirements.

Manufacturing Rigid Flex PCBs is , but that is not the only thing we are renowned for. RAYMING strongly focusses on testing of manufactured PCBs. We have developed testing procedures that are highly capable of tracing flaws and faults in design. Each PCB is tested to ensure it offers required functionalities.

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