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What is .PRO File ?

The .pro file majorly belongs to Punch’s Home and Landscape Design Pro. This file extension is the main type used in storing a building’s 3D models. Also, it is useful in the interior designs that are created with the use of IMSI’s TurboFloorPlan.

The .PRO file has different contents. These include foundation, building layouts/floors, electrical plans, plumbing and landscape. You can save unfinished designs to a .PRO file and then resume it later. PUNCH’s 3D home design tool called Professional Home Design utilizes the .pro file. It helps to store its projects. This type of project may involve the floor layout, foundation, the deck. It also involves other objects such as a home’s roofing design.

Furthermore, KiCad, which is a program known to automate designs for electronic circuits. This makes use of the .pro file to store any project. Also, ProPresenter, which is a software that helps in presenting and sequencing worship songs, makes use of .pro files in storing different video and audio files, which are mostly worship songs. Also, the .pro file is useful in storing projects that are created with the use of Qt. Qt is a package that develops applications.

How Can You Open .PRO Files?

To open .pro files, you will need reliable software such as Home and Landscape Design Pro. Furthermore, without making use of the right software, you will get a message from Windows.  Examples are “Windows failed to open this file” or other related alerts from Android, iPhone, or Mac.

Also, if you fail to open the .pro file the right way, you can long-press or right-click the file. Next, select “Open With.” Once it opens, choose the application you will love to use. Also, you can display the .pro file in your browser directly.

What Programs Can You Use in Opening and Converting PRO Files?

Home and Landscape Design Pro

This software was developed by Punch. They are usually called the 3d images of the Home and Landscape Design Pro. This is because it is majorly used or created by using this software.

Chord Pro

This is by Mussoft. This program is a classic one, which allows users to edit, create, print, and display the lyrics of songs. These include piano chords or associated guitar in a form of graphical representation.

Also, you can store music notation. This is created with the help of Chord Pro by making use of file extensions that are arbitrary. These include CHPRO, PRO, CHORD, and more. The classification of the file format is under “Data”.


This hardware was created by Steven Tucker. It is capable of imitating Atari computers of 8-bit. Also, the main format for the disk-image that is utilized by the operating systems of Atari for the APE emulator is the PRO. The classification of the file format is under “System.”


This programming language is an interpreted one for computers that run using MS-DOS, FreeBSD, Linux, and Windows. Furthermore, on computers using Windows, Euphoria makes use of PRO files in storing color highlighting data. Also, the classification of the file format is under “Developer.”

Creo Elements/Pro

This is a well-known Windows-based CAM, CAE, and CAD modeling program from 3D, with PTC known as the developer. Furthermore, this program is majorly useful in the manufacturing and engineering sectors. Also, GUI elements, settings, skins, themes, as well as other Creo Elements/Pro configurations that are stored in the .PRO files. The classification of the file format is under “Settings”.


This was developed by Lorenz Graf. It is a reliable and versatile code editor that helps in the editing and creation of the source code for JavaScript, ASP, CCSS, HTML, and more. Also, the program provides better features such as FTP client, spell checker, and syntax highlighting.

Any project file that is created using the HTML tool is stored in the .pro file. The classification of the file format is under “Developer.”


This is a top and classic software that allows users to perform phonetic searches that are parallel to the usual spoken audio. Furthermore, this program has the ability to search, as well as retrieve a word or string very quickly. The pronunciation files that are useful in determining the phonemes sequence in any search tem have .pro file extension. The classification of the file format is under “Audio”.

Pagis Pro

Xerox developed this. Pagis Pro serves as a suite for color scanning. This allows users to view, scan, copy, fax, or edit electronic photos and documents. Also, this is done on Windows NT 4.0, 98, and 95 computers. These graphics are stored in the .pro files. The classification of the file format is under “Raster Image.”

Infinity Game Engine

BioWare is credited for this. This is a kit for software development. It helps in creating role-playing isometric video games. Furthermore, this package was useful in creating video games such as Baldur’s Gate. There are game data like descriptions for the projectile type, which the Infinity Game Engine created and saved in the .pro file. The classification of the file format is under “Game”.


This is a form of programming language. PROLOG is majorly useful in artificial intelligence and computational linguistics. Also, the initial release of this program happened back in 1972. The source code that was written in PROLOG language was stored in the files having P, PL, or PRO file extensions. The classification of the file format is under “Developer.”


This is a C++ application framework for development. Also, it includes tools for possible cross-platform internationalization and development.

Also, this .pro file has information like stylesheets, translation sources, and resource files. These are necessary for the compilation of a Qt application by making use of the command “qmake.” The classification of the file format is under “Settings”.


We hope we have been able to explain what the .pro file is all about. Also, we have given you several ways, as well as softwares that will help you open the .pro file. If you have any more questions bothering you, please reach out to us here.

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