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A guide to the Use of PCB Assembly Cost Calculator in Electronics

Finding out how much a PCB assembly will cost is among the most difficult and time-consuming jobs for beginners. In addition to being a substantial contribution to an electrical gadget, PCB assemblies have advanced to the point where they need to be assembled by skilled hands.

In light of this, manufacturers absolutely cannot neglect the PCB assembly cost as another important factor. In addition to allowing manufacturers to estimate their overall costs, this cost also persuades them to constantly have all available tools at their disposal in order to minimize costs as far as possible. Even so, the overall cost or expenditure of PCB assembly would aid manufacturers in determining the optimal pricing for the finished product.

There are various factors that determine the overall cost of PCB. This article gives you a detailed insight into those factors.

PCB Assembly Cost Calculator for Transferring Data 


Do you worry about how much PCB assembly will cost? Do you want to be informed of any unanticipated costs? You must first locate a reputable PCB assembly company if you want to learn everything there is to know about this pricing procedure.

Don’t let the abundance of choices you have overwhelmed you. Instead, the list makes your selection extremely difficult because it would be challenging to determine which company is a reputable one and why you should hire them. The general guideline is to contact a few short-listed PCB specialists and seek a price for printed circuit board manufacture based on the information supplied, taking into account the SMT technique utilized and the availability of money.

Make sure you make a list of all things that need to be analyzed by the selected manufacturer. Some of those are

  1. Centroid Data
  2. Assembly files
  3. Amount of layers of circuits
  4. BOM
  5. Gerber Files
  6. Uniqueness

PCB Assembly Cost Calculator

The PCB cost calculator starts working the moment the manufacturer begins information analysis. The professionals will enter the necessary data and wait for the calculator to provide a response. The amount so acquired is dependent on a number of important factors that may need to be changed if the actual cost turns out to be higher than anticipated.

To make modifications simple, once the calculator offers a number, it is essential to understand the price before assembly, particularly the cost of the material.

· Material Cost Before Assembly

The manufacturing business begins by obtaining bids for the electronic components and PCB bare boards, along with estimates for designing and PCB assembly charges to be added to the purchase amount. Because of capacitance disk loading, Surface-Mounted Technique chip, and resistance, the resulting must replace around 5% of the destroyed material. But the prices are offered with modifying SMT line, stencil, and processing file for lesser PCBA quantities.

· Solder Joint Cost

As every solder junction on a circuit board is unique and requires a separate processing procedure, SMT and DIP after welding are other important factors to take into account when estimating the cost of PCB assembly. A single solder pad is typically considered as one point, whereas the length of an IC solder junction is measured in feet. After 1206 SMD accuracy, with the exception of CD54 inductance, which is recorded to 12 points rather than the other solder pads’ 24 points, each solder pad is given two points.

The price ranges between 0.03 CNY and 0.008 CNY depending on the kind and other variables after accounting for every solder joint. The test time of the PCBA board, which covers packing logistics, the price of three proofing paint, and special packaging materials, is the next assessing factor. Moreover, the term FOB which is related to transactions, is also required to be added to the cost calculator of PCB assembly.

PCB Assembly Cost Calculator to Determine The Order Quantity


Order volume has a major impact on a commodity’s price, which is among the main fundamental principles of economics. A bigger order quantity typically results in lower product pricing.

The assembly of printed circuit boards is also subject to this guideline. For instance, paying $3.025 per unit for ten pieces of a standard 50mm × 50mm 2 layers order will cost you $30.25. You will pay $30.15 if you alter your order to 30 units at a price of $1.005 per item. You’ll save a ton of money on manufacturing as a result. For businesses searching for affordable SMT, it’s the ideal solution. As a result, a pick-and-place robot will be able to put the electronic components on the Assembly of PCB with ease.

PCB Assembly Cost Calculator for Single-Sided Or Double-Sided

The total cost of a PCB assembly is significantly influenced by the number of panels in the assembly. Every time there is a layer count rise, the price of a PCB typically goes up. In simple words, the price of the PCB increases each time a layer is added to the circuit board.

A double-sided PCB of 50 by 50 mm from several manufacturers costs about $16. It requires online information on purchasing customized PCBs.  


Engineers base their estimate of the cost of PCB assembly on a variety of factors. This occurs because the cost of producing electrical equipment is a very important consideration. The good thing is that you may make effective preparations for a PCB assembly job by making an accurate guess as to how much it will cost. All you have to do is carefully analyze a number of important variables that have an impact on PCB assembly costs.

Your company’s profitability can increase if you can reduce the cost of PCB assembly. Working with the proper PCB manufacturer is a clever method to keep prices low.




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