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Nelco N4000-12 High Speed/Low Loss PCB

If you’re looking for the best high-speed and low-loss PCBs, look no further than Nelco. They offer a diverse range of high-performance fiber optic connectivity solutions available to all industries. In addition, they are tough enough to handle anything from harsh chemical environments to extreme thermal conditions. Let’s explore how this product can help you with your business in more detail.

In theory, the only “low loss” products you should be choosing are those constructed with a “low-loss” plastic material comprised of an Inorganic Polymer or a Low Loss Plastic. However, these exotic materials also come at a high price. If you can get by with something less expensive, you need to know there is nothing wrong with choosing a product made from standard clear plastic. It’s still the best choice for fiber optic applications.

Nelco’s “low-loss” plastic has an Inorganic Polymer core that gives it the characteristics of both a low loss and high-speed plastic. It is also highly durable and completely transparent, with the same bend radius required for fiber optic applications. So, your end product will look great, and you can be confident knowing it will perform in any environment you put it into.

Nelco N4000-12 High Speed/Low Loss Laminated Cables Review

The Nelco N4000-12PCB has an outer plastic shell machined from a solid block of high-quality polycarbonate. These are the characteristics that make it an Inorganic Polymer product. This plastic is the same as the stock plastic used in fiber optic LED systems from a transparent perspective. Compared to other plastics, such as ABS, PP, and PC, these materials have similar optical properties.

Clear polycarbonate (PC) is a thermoplastic that is highly impact-resistant, scratch-resistant, and optically clear. Although the most common use of polycarbonate is in bulletproof glass, it has many other uses. These include enclosures for computers, cell phones, and TVs; bottles for sports drinks; medical testing tubes; pens and light bulbs. Polycarbonate can also be injection molded into almost any shape you can imagine.

Nelco N4000-12PCB High Speed/Low Loss PCB is a standard product, ideal for fiber optic applications. This is because it offers the same qualities as many of the fiber optic connectors on the market today and is available at an economical price.

The Nelco N4000-12PCB comes in various sizes and offers numerous combinations of core diameters and outer diameters. These are fully compatible with industry standards, and all the necessary products are available to provide you with everything you need for a successful installation.

The Nelco N4000-12PCB can endure harsh chemical environments and extreme thermal conditions. As a result, we can use it in fiber optic modules, fiber optic light sources, fiber optic power supplies, and fiber optic test systems. This makes it ideal for Rayming PCB & Assembly services that require quick delivery times and rugged handling of delicate products.

Mechanical and Physical properties

The Nelco N4000-12 High Speed / Low Loss Laminates have excellent mechanical and electrical properties. They provide excellent thermal stability and excellent signal speed. They are ideal for RF and digital applications. The laminates are chemically desmear compatible, which reduces the chances of corrosion. A comprehensive review of its features and benefits will help you decide on the best material for your needs.

The Nelco N4000-12 High Speed /Low Loss Laminated Cables enable your engineers to create more reliable and durable designs. With excellent mechanical properties, the Nelco N4000-12 is an excellent choice for various PCB assembly projects. These laminates also feature a low CAF, excellent thermal stability, and excellent signal speed.

The Nelco N4000-12 High Speed /Low Loss Cables have a unique epoxy resin system that provides outstanding mechanical properties. This laminate is suitable for PCB applications requiring high signal and low loss. They also provide excellent signal speed and reliability. In addition, they are ideal for the manufacturing of PCB assemblies.

The electrical and thermal properties

The properties of the Nelco N4000-12 Laminate are among the most important considerations for the materials. These materials exhibit excellent CAF resistance, and the Z-CTE is lower. They are also compatible with a wide range of RF and digital applications. Lastly, Nelco N4000-12 laminates exhibit high electrical performance.

The N4000-12 high-speed/low-loss laminates consist of epoxy resin systems. They offer excellent thermal and CAF resistance. High-speed and low-loss applications characterize them. Moreover, they have high-speed/low-loss characteristics and are suitable for any multilayer printed circuit board.

The thickness of Nelco N4000-12 laminates varies. Therefore, it can be customized but must conform to the range allowed by the manufacturer. This PCB is a multilayer high-reliability material with excellent thermal and mechanical performance. The Nelco N4000-12 is a flexible, low-loss laminate with a glass transition temperature of 240 degrees centigrade.

N4000-12 laminates can withstand high-reflow temperatures and reflow temperatures. As a result, they are helpful in various high-reliability electronic components, including power supplies and telephony. If you’re planning to use this high-speed/low-loss laminate, specify its surface finish.


Among the advantages of Nelco N4000-12, High-Speed Low Loss PCBs are highly durable and can withstand varying temperatures. Moreover, these laminates are suitable for harsh environments. In addition, they have high signal speed and high thermal stability, and we can customize them with specific information and details. This is a unique feature that sets these products apart from other PCBs.

Among the benefits of the Nelco N4000-12, High-Speed Low Loss PCBs are the high thermal stability, wide bandwidth, and ruggedness. They are suitable for use in assemblies with high reflow temperatures while providing superior reliability. They are also highly customizable, and we can use them for various high-speed applications.

The Nelco N4000-12 High-Speed Low Loss PCBs are suitable for high-speed, low-loss applications. The material is excellent for various PCB materials and is CAF resistant. Compared to other PCB materials, this material offers excellent versatility and performance. The advantages of this laminate will make it a preferred choice for many manufacturers.

Tips for Selecting a Material

If you are designing a board that operates at a higher frequency, you must select materials that withstand high temperatures. For high-frequency applications, high-performance epoxies are a necessity. However, these materials have drawbacks, such as limited processability and poor thermomechanical properties. The following tips will help you select material for your board.

As with all PCB materials, high-speed/low-loss PCBs require various materials. The N4000-12 series is an enhanced epoxy resin material. It is excellent for communications, automotive, and other industries. The high-speed/low-loss PCBA has a high-reliability dielectric constant. In addition, the heat-resistant, CAF-resistant, and lead-free characteristics make it an excellent option for PCB applications.

Choose the proper material for your PCB. The best material is compatible with your PCB. For example, if you build a high-speed, low-loss PCB, you can use the Nelco N4000-12 high-speed/low-loss multilayer. Regardless of the type of PCB, it is possible to choose a suitable material for your application.

A printed circuit board uses a battery as its main power source. Capacitors store electrical charges. By choosing a Nelco N4000-12 High-Speed/Low-Loss material, you will avoid the need to worry about lead. In addition, this PCB material will last longer and resist heat.

Printed circuit boards consist of multiple layers. To get the best performance, you must choose a material with the best dielectric constants. Depending on the type of PCB, you can also choose different types of materials. The best way to choose the right material for your project is to know your requirements. So, first, you should know what the materials you need are.


The Nelco N4000-12PCB is perfect for making high-speed and low-loss boards to meet your optical networking needs. In addition to these attributes, it is also transparent and has the same bend radius as fiber optic cable. This means you can place it into any fiber optic or copper PCB without worrying about damaging the surface.




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