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A Guide To Choose The Right Military Cable Assembly Manufacturers

Military equipment can never perform nicely without cable assemblies and wiring. These are important factors in conducting successful military operations based on the latest and tech-based machinery. The better the cable assembly, the better will be the performance of military devices. The field of the military is hugely benefitting from these cables.

Technicians use their skills to keep this domain afloat. Moreover, many improvements in the cables for military equipment and machinery are taking place as time passes. We are going to see how PCBs in this field actually perform a substantial role and how we can define this relationship. Let’s get started!

Military Systems that Rely on Wire Harnesses & Assemblies

The field of military, as we all know, comprises of latest gadgets, industrial-grade radars, defense mechanisms, and invasive equipment. It means the PCBs used in these are of the highest quality. Also, there is no margin of negligence in the construction of these PCBs. It is because any small defect in the performance of these PCBs can put the entire device in danger leading to failure. Due to this reason, governments invest in high-end and precision machinery for the military. It ensures the safest defense and effective attacking strategies. Other than this, the cable harnesses used in the military are of great importance. We are going to have a look at the benefits of wire harnesses and assemblies for different domains below: 

  1. Communications – We all know that satellites are major sources of communication for us. Therefore, wire harness plays a crucial role in the maintenance of this type of communication. The military also relies on telecommunication for its multiple coveted operations. However, only industrial-grade and precision wire harnessing can make its way into the military. 
  2. Vehicles – All sorts of vehicles, whether they run on land or fly in the air, need wire harnesses. Even marine equipment relies on wire assemblies for effective performance. The wire harness basically transmits and receives signals impressively at the highest altitude and in the deepest of the oceans. Therefore OEM cables have vast applications in this regard. 
  3. Medical – The medical sector within the military also uses wire harnesses. Different medical equipment relies on wire harnesses like ultrasound machines, scanners, and monitors for their effortless performance in the long run. Different designs of cable harnesses and assemblies have use cases in this area which is why patient safety has now become much easier for the paramedical military staff. 

Design and Development of Custom Military Cable Assembly

Military Cable
Military Cable

Now you know that we need to rely on military-grade cables on all counts. However, producing such a cable that meets military standards is not a piece of cake. Producers deploy their teams of professionals to produce high-end military cables that are effective in performance and safe to use in all terms possible. The company brings a cable design into reality and verifies it, in the end, to ensure it’s safe to use. Therefore, we at RayPCB make sure that all the equipment used in the military cable is valid.

Our professionals know how to fill in the gaps. Also, our machines are fast to produce positive results. We use readily available tools to ensure precision in the cables and meet bulk orders at the same time. Speaking of our software mechanism, which enables us to develop tech-based cables for improving military operations. Captor’s prototypes also are helpful in terms of visualizing the defects in our cables. We truly adhere to military standards and produce high-end military cables. 

Tips for Choosing the Right Military Cable Assembly Manufacturers

If you are looking for a cable producer, then you need to know that finding a perfect fit is not easy. Since the market is brimming with hundreds of military cable producers, it gets difficult to analyze your options. The type of tech the military uses today is highly complex and intense in terms of performance.

Due to this reason, military operations are all based on precision and promptness. Therefore the military equipment has to be at par excellence on all counts. In all this, cables play a huge role. It means you need to find a producer that knows their thing. Now the question is, how do you find the one? The answer lies in this section. We are going to shed light on the qualities that make a cable producer trustworthy enough for your collaboration. Also, you need to evaluate your options based on the following factors. Let’s get on with it!

  1. Broad Manufacturing Experience. The experience says it all. A rookie cable producer has more chances of making mistakes than an experience cable maker firm. Therefore shortlist the companies based on their experience. Always go with the ones that have 10+ years of experience in cable making. 
  2. Expertise and Experience in Your Industry. The clients like you that demand cables come from different fields. It is important for a producer to know about the requirements of all such fields that rely on wire harnesses and cable assemblies. Therefore extra knowledge is crucial. You can select a firm based on this factor as well. 
  3. Types of Cables that Match Your Needs. At the end of the day, all you need is a good cable that meets your demands. It should be reliable, durable, precise in performance, and should long last as well. If a producer is unable to get you a cable that meets your requirements, then hiring them will be a waste of time. Therefore how many types of cables they can produce that match your needs is important to know. 
  4. Extensive Design, Production, and Testing Resources. Check their portfolio to have a better idea. How are their cable designs? What product process do they follow? Are they meeting all the legalities on all counts? Also, do they even test their cables before delivering them to you? Make sure to inquire about all this firsthand before making your decision. 
  5. Multiple Manufacturing Locations. You need to find a nearby cable maker. So that you can go to them frequently for discussions and changes; if a cable producer is located far from you, traveling long distances would be exhaustive and will take a lot of time. 
  6. Component Sourcing Capabilities. The process of component sourcing of a cable producer matters a lot. Are they procuring from credible sources? Do they use quality components? What exactly are their sources? You need to be sure about all these before hiring them. If their component sourcing is poor, forget that their cables will do you any good. Therefore confirming this will greatly help. 
  7. Speed of Delivery. Confirm their delivery time. You dont want to keep waiting for your order. Some cable makers take time for the delivery, which is a big turn-off. Therefore inquiring about the speed of delivery comes in handy on all counts. It will help you shortlist fast cable makers that never compromise on quality at the same time. 
  8. Lower Product Costs. Make sure to always go with the cable producer that is affordable. However, if you can splurge on cables or want to, then there is no harm in hiring a pricy cable maker. In the other case, if you are tight on budget, always select the one with lower production costs. 
  9. Certifications and Regulations. You always need to rely on a certified cable maker on all counts. It will help you save your time, investment, and mental peace. Frauds mostly happen in this field since clients end up trusting scammers. Therefore, check for their regulations and certifications. Also, identify and research the authorities that have credited the cable makers. 
  10. Personalized Customer Service. You can never go wrong with a cable maker that has exceptional aftermarket service. In case of any confusion, you can consult their active customer care. Their professionals will sort out your problem in time. Many cable makers lack this, which is why you need to shortlist the ones based on this factor as well. 

Choose RayPCB as your Military Cable Assembly Manufacturer


RayPCB is a cable maker firm. We specialize in different types of cables that have vast applications in many domains. We have been in this field for many years and adhere well to the dos and don’ts of cable making.

Our cable solutions are useful for client problems as well. We take great pride in our products that meet the industry and military standards. These promise precise performance and give desired results. Our specialized quality control program called zero defects is the crux of our cables. Below is the list of the certifications of RayPCB for our clients: 

  • AS9100 D / ISO 9001: 2015 Certified. RayPCB adheres to the guidelines of ISO, which supervises all the producers like us. Therefore, trusting us becomes much easier for you in order to get professional services in exchange for your investment. 
  • UL Recognized. RayPCB is a UL-recognized firm which means we are allowed to produce UL components paired with cable making. 
  • RoHS Compliant. Our products are RoHS compliant, which means we never use hazardous and dangerous materials, and if we have to, then complete technical supervision is conducted in this regard. 
  • Corning Gold House. This certification proves that our products are of industrial grade and efficient for the field of military. We have achieved this after the consistent performance and exceptional service to our clients. 
  • IPC /WHMA-A-620 Certified. It proves that our wire harness is exceptional in performance and certifies RayPCB regarding industrial cable making. 
  • Installation Certifications. We have received several installation certificates from authorities like Hubbell, Molex, and BICSI. 
  • ITAR. Our collaborations with ITAR, which is a leading authority that supervises the US national security and regulates US military operations on a deeper level. 




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