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How to Get the Best Instant PCB Quote

This time and period is the best ever to get involved in the development of electronic devices with impedance control and PCB manufacturing. There has never been a greater need for very fast PCB prototyping as well as assembly service. At all times, consumers wish to be connected to different things. We wish to have control on everything i.e. sprinkler system, thermostat, etc, using our phone or tablet.

For a good number of businesses, there is a fierce competition to get their products into the market to reach its customers faster. This is why PCB assembly service and electronics manufacturing companies have evolved just to meet these demands.

Check out for these Warning Signs When Searching for PCB Quote

For decades, companies have delivered electronic devices that have printed circuit boards. The development of the infrastructure for traditional manufacturing was meant to meet the needs and requirements of large companies having large orders, lots of waiting time, and no iteration requirements. If you are searching for a printed circuit board quote, then you must check the following warning signs.

  • You must send some documents relating to the pcb design, bill of materials, gerber file, as well as other related files via email
  • A PCB quote need back-and-forth exchanges of emails with a specific salesperson and this takes about days or weeks to be completed
  • Ensure you source all the parts by yourself
  • Make sure you email or call someone to know the progress of your project
  • They are usually situated offshore; this makes travel and communication more challenging
  • You face the risk of losing your property to black marketers
  • The vendor won’t accept the prototyping order. If accepted, you will be charged excessively
  • The vendor doesn’t offer fulfillment or inventory services
  • There is a huge minimum order requirement for production or much charge for little or small runs

What is the New Approach to PCB Quote?

Contrasting the old-fashioned model, the on-demand manufacturing (cloud manufacturing) ensures that service providers offer support for creating a printed circuit board as well as impedance control electronic devices from the first idea down to delivering it to the customer.

We achieve this via a platform that uses internet-based technology that ensures designers get their instant PCB Quote within minutes, manage inventory, and track projects through their browser at any time.

With on-demand manufacturing, contract manufacturers are allowed to package lots of small orders all together thereby ensuring the combination of small batch runs and prototyping orders are combined with the larger orders.

Furthermore, this helps in reducing costs and then permits them to do without minimum order requirements that are passed to the customer.

The approach for printed circuit board assembly and manufacturing of devices does something similar for developers. You put your focus on the creation of the right product and then promote it in your market.

Upload the designs via online portals. This gets you your PCB Quote within minutes. The provider of manufacturing services will then take action bringing your vision into life. Furthermore, you will have full time access into your project’s status and don’t be taken aback by the costs.

Who can Benefit from a PCB Quote?

The development of printed circuit board and manufacturing of devices are now becoming very available to everyone ready to launch a new product or have a brand new idea. Entrepreneurs are creating different ingenious ideas. Small businesses have started to introduce niche devices. Even huge organizations have given time to engineers to handle projects they are interested in asides from their research and development projects.

Purchasing Teams

You can get some benefits from on-demand manufacturing even if you don’t possess a background in engineering. You can email the necessary PCB file i.e. gerber file to a reliable manufacturing company like RayMing and there you’ll get a printed circuit board quote for your PCB assembly.

To ensure great success, businesses should find a way to move products with high quality to the market very quickly. You don’t have to wait around to get your pcb quote. This isn’t an option

Small Businesses

Growing businesses and start-ups usually don’t require large orders to be able to get prices that are affordable from big manufacturers. Also, they prefer in-time deliveries and also make efforts to avoid any large inventories. With on-demand manufacturing, the needs of businesses like this are met. This happens by reducing the costs involved in runs of small quantities.

Furthermore, some providers of PCB assembly provide fulfillment and inventory services. They may also provide software that can integrate the website of the business with the platform for manufacturing. This integration helps in ensuring low costs. It also allows the employees to spend some time focusing on strategic needs for the business. Note that on-demand manufacturing is a sure way that small startups and businesses accelerate their growth.


Engineers can work in different positions, in research and development, PCB design firms, and in small businesses. Irrespective of your role, for your PCB assembly, you can work with RayMing to get your transparent and fast PCB quote at each stage of the development as well as manufacturing.

You can also create prototypes more frequently, and iterate without having any association with old-fashioned techniques for manufacturing.

Common Features to Look For Before Requesting for an Instant PCB Quote

There are lots of options available out there, therefore, choosing the best manufacturing partner for your printed circuit board could be difficult. Many manufacturers claim to offer the best services at affordable and low prices.

When applying for online PCB Quote, you will be given a quotation form or an online quotation form, you will be allowed to choose a payment method i.e. choose PayPal payment directly. You will also be asked to upload gerber file. Most pcb companies involved in high volume manufacturing deal with only pcb related Quote, anything above pcbs, then you have to find another option.

However, how will you know if they have all the features and services you desire? Below are some of the characteristics and features to check for.

Transparent Pricing and Instant PCB Quote

Once you request a PCB quote from a partner, you must have a good experience. Search for a platform that is easy to use and which will allow you to upload your bill of materials and design documents for your instant quote.

Also, the best possible solutions ensure that the pricing scenarios are easy to run. This helps in determining the price at different quantities. In addition, it helps with calculating your capital needs and setting the prices of the product.

High Ceiling and Absence of Minimum Order Requirements

Contract manufacturers that have the ability to handle orders between 1 and 10,000 ensure that you don’t spend too much money up front. This assures you that once you grow quickly, your contract manufacturer will be able to help. Don’t pay for any unit or units you won’t need. Also, you don’t have to worry if your partner will not be able to fill your necessary needs during quick growth.

Not Involved in Sourcing

After you have seen and accepted the PCB quote, your contract manufacturer has to take up the huge task of sourcing and buying. This Company must have strong relationships for supply and also have a position of negotiating for the best possible terms and prices.

Online Project Management and Tracking

Check out for a portal that is cloud based, which makes it very easy for you to track, as well as manage your project during the specified period. Furthermore, you should have the opportunity to make some changes, get updates, and give reports on inventory.

Onshore Manufacturing

You will find lots of onshore manufacturing out there. However, they are not the available choices anymore. Now, you may decide to work with a PCB fabrication company or service which operates in your country for a PCB quote. By this, you will avoid any delays in shipping, potential issues with intellectual property and complicated communication.

Manufacturing of Hardware Device

Though you are focused on having the best possible PCB quote, it is also a great idea to have other ideas like choosing a partner, which can manufacture completed electronic devices. Working with a service that can work with your idea right from the planning and then to the customer, this will help you to streamline production, keep costs low, and simplify the vendor management.

Fulfillment services and Inventory Management

Concerning the choice of a partner that will support you all through the lifecycle of the product, why not work with companies offering fulfillment and inventory services to get your PCB quote.

They will help you to build your printed circuit board, manufacture the device, and keep it safe in the inventory until an order comes for it and it is shipped to the customer.

Top-tier partners will also assist you in reducing the shipping cost. This is achievable by having a negotiation with the carriers and then passing on the discounts to you.

Benefits of Working with a Single Partner Approach

Reduces risk

By working with a partner that stays with you during the whole production, will reduce missed communications, ensure a successful outcome, and eliminate risk as well as shipping cost. If you’ll be having one partner, it must be the best one, therefore choose wisely.

Gets to the Market Faster

When you streamline the whole process by using online tools that are easy to use, instant PCB Quote, quick prototyping, you will be able to get your product or innovation to the market faster

Helps you focus on the customers and your product

One reason why some businesses will outsource some functions regularly is because they aim at focusing on the competency and core functions. They will allow someone else to take charge of the other things.


Here comes the end of our article on PCB Quote. Once again, make sure you work with a company that not only offers the best Quote, but is also involved in PCB manufacturing. Any questions? Reach out to us immediately.




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