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Top Aviation Engineering Services Companies in the World and What they Offer

There are different branches of engineering. These include mechanical engineering, civic engineering, chemical engineering, and aviation engineering among others.  Aviation engineering deals with the design, development and navigation technologies of aircraft. Also, it involves airspace development, aerodrome planning, and airport design. Our main focus in this article is the aviation engineering services. We will discuss what aviation engineering entails and what aviation engineering services offer.

What is Aviation Engineering?

Aviation engineering deals with the design, development and navigation technologies of aircraft. Also, it involves airspace development, aerodrome planning, and airport design. This branch of engineering also deals with the formulation and integration of public policy, regulations, and laws as regard aerodromes, airspace, airports, and airlines.

It is important to know that aviation engineering is entirely different from aerospace engineering. Aerospace engineering deals with the event of aircraft and spacecraft. Also, aerospace Engineers are involved in the designing and testing of spacecraft, missiles, and aircraft. These engineers develop propulsion systems and assess the performance of aircrafts. Furthermore, they ensure all products, blueprints, and prototypes meet the requirements of engineering and environmental standards.

The requirements of aviation span across several departments such as IT providers, fuel suppliers, and ground handling services among others. However, there are several service providers that help in meeting these requirements. Nevertheless, it is quite challenging to get an aviation engineering service that understands the business requirements and as well identifies the pain points and effectively implement the proper strategies.

What are the Duties of an Aviation Engineer?

You might have been wondering what the duties of an aviation engineer entails. Well, aviation engineers carry out a lot of tasks. These engineers have a lot of duties to perform. Below are some job duties of an aviation engineer:

  • Maintenance of the quality of different aircraft
  • Designing, developing, and testing of aircraft
  • Management of internal control systems that are within aviation design
  • Simulating flying situations
  • Implementing comfort and safety procedures for possible passengers
  • Troubleshooting aircraft systems and equipment-related issues
  • Partnering with industrial manufacturing designers and electrical specialists
  • Meeting certain timelines for every project

What Skills Should a Successful Aviation Engineer Have?

An aviation engineer should have some special skills. Most times, these skills aren’t taught, they are developed over time. Also, they are often innate. These skills are beneficial for these engineers as they help them carry out their responsibilities easily.

An aviation engineer must have technical and analytic skills to create working designs. Furthermore, an aviation engineer must be able to work with a team since multiple engineers are required to work on the same project. Also, this engineer should be able to coordinate the efforts of their team members and as well meet deadlines. Aircraft design process can be a very long one. Therefore, an aviation engineer needs problem-solving skills, persistence, and creativity. Below are some skills an aviation engineer should have

  • Creativity
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Highly collaborative
  • Math and physics skills
  • Strong analytical and technical skills
  • Persistence
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Patience

What is the Difference Between Aviation Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering?


Sometimes, people think aviation engineering and aeronautical engineering are the same. Once they hear aviation, they think it has everything to do with aircraft and aerospace. It is important to understand that these two branches of engineering are completely different from each other. An aviation engineer carries out different tasks from an aeronautic engineer.

Aviation engineering deals with the development of airspace, aircraft navigation systems, the designing of designs, and the planning of aerodrome. This branch of engineering is very crucial to innovation process. Aviation engineers usually control and regulate the design process for military aircraft.

Aeronautical engineering involves the design, development, and testing of flight-capable machines such as drone, aeroplane, missiles, and helicopter. Also, aeronautical engineering is one of the branches of aerospace engineering.

While aeronautical engineers work on systems that function within the atmosphere of the Earth atmosphere, aviation engineers work on mechanical elements, flight systems, wing or body materials,  airspace navigation systems, and other aspects of aviation.

Furthermore, aeronautical engineers work in several locations. They work in places where they can check aerospace assets. Also, you will find them in office environments where they design plans for future developments. Aviation engineering helps in minimizing air emissions, reducing costs for extensive operation, and minimizing aircraft noise.

What do Aviation Engineering Services Offer?

Since we all understand what aviation engineering entails we can now discuss what aviation engineering services offer. Aviation engineering services provide insights into the supply of aircraft accessories and as well cater to the needs of airline companies. Also, these service providers offer consultation to create a strategy that optimizes opportunities for airlines.

The aviation engineering industry is a high-profile one. This industry enhances a portion of world trace, economic growth, and global investments which make it the brain behind globalization. Since it is a capital-intensive industry, it is crucial to have insights into the market. Therefore, this makes it crucial to choose the right aviation engineering services. There are a wide range of aviation engineering services.

Top Aviation Engineering Services

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In this section, we will discuss a handful of the best aviation engineering services. This will help airline companies to work with the right partner. Also, we will be evaluating the technical prowess of these companies and as well consider the ability of the vendor in providing services. Also, we will pay attention to the Skills, expertise, and competence of these service providers.

Flight research

Flight Research was founded in 1981 and has continued to provide aviation engineering services since its inception. This aviation engineering service provider deals in aviation training and flight test. Also, it focuses in three distinct but interrelated areas which are Defense Contractor Services, Advanced Flight Training, and Flight Test. Furthermore, Flight Research offers training in spaceflight and all types of aircraft.

Flight Research operates a fleet of over 35 aircraft that ranges from twin turbo aircraft to helicopters and supersonic fighters to piston engine aircraft. Another interesting thing about these companies is that they provide aftermarket support to clients.

Xtreme Aviation

This aviation engineering company offers engine services, testing platforms, and full maintenance MRO. Furthermore, Xtreme Aviation offers a wide range of services like engine and landing gear swings and interior reconfiguration as regards to heavy maintenance provision. This company offers a wide range of examinations to ensure functionality and safety. Furthermore, this company carries out final checks of each serviced engine. Its testing platforms are at the Miami-Opa Locka executive airport.

Xtreme Aviation offers exceptional aviation engineering services to clients. This company works with a team of experienced and skillful aviation engineers. Their engineers have the qualification required in the aviation engineering sector.

GA Telesis

GA Telesis emerged as the biggest commercial aerospace company in the world. This company offers a wide range of high-quality engines, aircraft, and components. Also, it offers services such as maintenance and solution-based services. GA Telesis has several integrated business units that help in optimizing the value of commercial engines and aircraft.

One of the benefits of choosing this aviation engineering services is that they have a positioned distribution and maintenance facility. This facility is managed by a team of professional aviation engineers with extensive experience in the industry. GA Telesis has co-invested in assets and companies related to aerospace. With its headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, this company has continued to offer the best.

Allen Aircraft Radio

Allen Aircraft Radio provides a wide range of products and services to the aviation industry as a whole. Also, it is one of the aviation engineering services companies that offers aftermarket support. AAR trades while planes, airframes, and overhaul engines. Also, it produces certain components. With its maintenance facilities in Oklahoma, New York, Miami, and London among other, AAR offers world-class aviation solutions.

It provides aviation services for commercial and government customers in more than 100 countries across the world. Allen Aircraft Radio has more than 50 years industry expertise and experience. The team of this company focuses on delivering innovative technical solutions to improve competitiveness among their customers.

Precision Aircraft Solutions

This aviation engineering services company is a world leader in the aviation industry. With its headquarters in Beaverton OR, this company is a world leader in aircraft modification. Also, Precision Aircraft Solutions converted the Boeing 757-200 aircraft to freighter and combi configurations. Its clients include ATI, DHL, and SF Airlines among others.

This aviation engineering services provider supplies more resources to increase raise returns and leverage assets. This company doesn’t only purchase aircraft, it designs, repairs, changes, and integrates parts of aircraft. Precision Aircraft Solutions can design structures, kit to conversions, and more. This company offers some of the best and reliable aviation engineering services.

MRO Holdings

MRO Holdings was founded in 1999 and since then it has been providing exceptional aviation services. This company offers solutions for overhaul projects, repair, and maintenance. As one of the leading aviation engineering services providers in the US, MRO Holdings has a wide market experience and international reach.

Also, this aviation engineering services works with professional and highly-skilled employees. This company provides exceptional solutions and creates valued collaboration with clients. MRO Holdings is well known for providing a wide range of aviation services. It is a reliable company that has built its reputation over the years by providing top-notch services.

Industries for Aviation Engineering

Aviation engineers can work in different industries. They can work in private engineering firms or  government aviation firms.

Aviation engineering is crucial in the development of airport design, their operations, and maintenance. Therefore, these professionals need to understand everything about the aviation industry.

Government Aviation

Government aviation is a prominent sect of aviation engineering. This is because the government aviation sector hires a wide range of professional aviation engineers, especially those within the civil and military fields.

You can secure an aviation engineering role with organizations like the Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration and the Civil Aeronautics Board if you wish to work on aviation engineering projects. These organizations deal with aviation engineering tasks.

Aviation engineering students can get involved in the projects of these government agencies. These  students can engage in guided tours of the aviation operations wing. But, there may be security clearance for students who want to tour the operations.

Private Engineering Firms

Private engineering firms are also a good place for students to get professional opportunities. These firms allow you to explore your skills, expertise, and knowledge as regards aviation engineering. Private engineering and aviation software firms are good recommendations for students who intend to work with private firms.

Also, a wide range of private engineering firms permit aviation engineering students to get a tour in the workplace and get to experience the type of job they will get involved in the future.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Aviation Engineering Services

They are several factors you need to consider when choosing aviation engineering services since they are many. You don’t want to choose a company that doesn’t meet your requirement. Therefore, take the following factors into considerations when choosing an aviation engineering service.


This is the first factor you should consider. Expertise talks about the skills and knowledge of aviation engineers. Aviation engineering services providers must have vast expertise in aviation engineering. These providers must be able to offer top-quality products and services to clients.


This is another much talked about factor you should consider. Some aviation engineering companies have been existing for decades while some are just emerging. Experience doesn’t only talk about the years of existence, it also talks about the professionalism of these companies when it comes to aviation engineering projects.

Customer support

Customer support is important when looking out for a reliable aviation engineering service. Some service providers offer after sales support to their clients. Also, these providers focus on satisfying the needs of their customers.


The aviation engineering industry is a high-profile one. This industry enhances a portion of world trace, economic growth, and global investments which make it the brain behind globalization.




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