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Why choose the RayPcb as your 24-hour PCB manufacturer? is a company that can quickly make printed circuit boards (PCBs) for research projects. They can make the PCBs and assemble them in just 72 hours if you need them fast. RayMing Technology is a one-stop shop for all your manufacturing and PCB assembly needs. They provide best-quality services that can be customized according to your specifications. 

24 Hour PCB Manufacturer

At RayMing, being fast is essential in today’s business world. We specialize in quick-turn printed circuit board fabrication and assembly services. Our skilled manufacturing team is dedicated to meeting your needs for NPI, printed circuit board Prototyping and Bread Boarding. We are committed to doing everything we can to provide high-quality service. 

If you need an electronic project to be done fastly, choose RayMing.

We can make PCBs fast enough to meet your tight deadlines. We also have processes to ensure your printed circuit board order is handled quickly from the beginning to the end, from giving you a price estimate to delivering the finished boards. We do everything in-house and don’t outsource any part of our quick process, so you can trust us to have your PCBs quickly and with high quality. Our swift turn service is available for all clients, including those who need certification for industry, defense, and automotive products. 

We make quick-turn PCBs very fast, but we still maintain the same high-quality standards that our customers expect from us at RayMing. 

  1. We can manufacture PCBs (single-sided, double-sided, and 4-layer) in 24 hours. 
  2. We use digital systems to quickly provide quotes, process orders, design and manufacture PCBs, test them, and ship them.
  3. All standard processing of PCB steps are completed in-house at our fabrication facility
  4. We have complete control over the PCB manufacturing process, ensuring timely completion and high-quality products. 


Consider a 24 Hour PCB Manufacturer

Shengyi WLM1 PCB

Quick PCB assembly manufacturing is becoming increasingly popular and essential for the electronics industry. This market is expected to grow from 54.3 billion dollars to 58.87 billion dollars from 2021 to 2022, according to market statistics. 

Some clients have been unhappy with their printed circuit board assembly companies because their staff did not meet the deadlines. This article can help you learn about fast-turn printed circuit board assembly to avoid such situations.

What Is 24 Hour PCB Manufacturer?

Quick-turn printed circuit board assembly means making a PCB concisely, usually within 24_48 hours, while maintaining quality & precision. 

To make sure the PCB is assembled correctly, the manufacturer needs to check things like design, layers, and mounting methods. Quick-turn printed circuit board fabrication is designed to speed up the process of designing, manufacturing, and assembling the PCB. It’s also a good idea to make a prototype of the PCB to test it before making many of them sell.  

Benefits Of 24 Hour PCB Manufacturer

The electronics industry is very competitive, and being the first to introduce a new product can give a company an advantage. One way to get to the market quickly is by using fast PCB (printed circuit board) assembly services. These services offer several benefits, such as getting your product to market faster

  1. Turnaround Time: Fast PCB assembly services mean that clients can get their boards assembled quickly, even for complex circuits. The excellent producer ensures clients are happy with how quickly they get their circuit boards. However, if manufacturers promise to deliver the circuit boards speedily but end up taking too long, clients may lose trust, and it can delay their product getting to market. 
  2. Cost Saving: The “Quick turn printed circuit board assembly package” is a helpful way for manufacturers to save money and time in making circuit boards. This process also includes testing the circuit boards using good equipment, which is a cheap and effective way to check if they work properly
  3. Different Boards: Manufacturers want to make their clients happy, so they give them options for different types of circuit boards to choose from. It lets designers try various circuit boards to see which works best. The producer offers both expensive and sturdy boards at reasonable prices. 

Procedure of 24 Hour PCB Manufacturer


When a designer wants a quote from a printed circuit board assembly company, they usually propel a Gerber file. The company will review the file and make sure they understand the layout. Then they will send a file back to the designer for approval. Once the designer approves the file, the process of making the circuit board can begin. 

· PCB Prototyping

The “quick turn PCB” is the first step in making circuit boards. It lets designers test their ideas before making the final product. When designers send Gerber files, they may not have finished their designs. So, they use jumpers to check (test) the circuit boards.

· Assembly Stage

Once the designer has tested their circuit board using the “fast turn PCB” process and is satisfied with its appearance, the next step is “component assembly.” During this stage, the printed circuit board assembly services might use “hot air solder leveling” or “ball grid array soldering” on flexible circuit boards. 


In THA, the people in charge put and attach components with metal legs through the holes in the circuit board. They then heat to melt a unique metal that sticks the parts to the board. 

  • Combined Assembly

The fast PCB maker uses both surface-mount technology and thru-hole assembly techniques to put the circuit board together. It is a popular method used by many assembly services. Once the board is put together and checked, it is wrapped up and sent to the customer. 

Decide The Cost Of 24 Hour PCB Manufacturer Services

It’s essential to understand what makes the price of printed circuit board assembly services go up or down. It helps designers to know what to expect. Here are some of the things that affect the cost. 

  • Quantity: The cost of making PCBs quickly can be affected by how many boards are needed. The price can also change depending on how many layers each panel has. 
  • Machine Cost: When making PCBs quickly, there need to be technicians & engineers available right away. They have to be able to work faster than before. Also, the machines used to put the PCBs together can be different for each board
  • Assembly: As we said before, there are many ways to assemble circuit boards, like SMT, THA & Mixed technology. Each of these methods has a different cost. But, most companies that make PCBs like to use a mix of these technologies. 
  • Quick Time: When manufacturers offer fast turn services, they must work hard to deliver products on time. They may have to work around the clock and put in the extra effort. The price of this fast delivery relies on how quickly the product needs to be made
  • Packaging & Delivery: Everyone knows that packaging & delivery are just as essential as making the PCB. So, if someone wants a quick-turn printed circuit board assembly, they must be ready to spend a lot of money on delivering and packaging the PCB correctly. 

Factors When Selecting 24 Hour PCB Manufacturer

  • Experience: Designers don’t want to waste valuable resources on any bad printed circuit board assembly team. That’s why it’s a good idea for them to ask about the assembly team’s experience and methods before hiring them. 
  • Delivery Time: Make sure you know when you will get your PCBs delivered, and also have a contract in case they break their promise. Also, check if their turnaround time is possible. 
  • Quality: Ensure the urn PCB assembly services use products that meet international standards without sacrificing quality.
  • Price: If you want to check if the price for a quick-turn printed circuit board assembly service in the USA is reasonable, ask for quotes from different companies. It will help you know what is expected in the industry.

Final Thoughts

Because the printed circuit board market is expected to grow, it’s an intelligent decision for designers to use quick-turn printed circuit board assembly services. These turnkey PCB assemblies can provide designers with a lot of time to work on new ideas and designs and can also help them save money




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