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Buy XA7A15T-1CPG236I Xilinx FPGA From Raypcb

Xilinx XA7A15T-1CPG236I is a 2010 Non-RoHS Compliant BALL Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). If you are looking to buy an automotive FPGA, this is one of the best out there.

Continue reading to find out more about the features that make Xilinx XA7A15T-1CPG236I one of the best Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) out there.

Xilinx XA Artix-7: The Series

It is common to see series of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). These are broad classifications of the circuits and depending on the manufacturer, the functionalities tend to differ.

The Xilinx XA7A15T-1CPG236I belongs to the Xilinx XA Artix-7 series; a family of FPGAs from Xilinx. It is primarily used for automotive designs and just like every board in the series, it spots unique features.

One of the outstanding features is the highest operating standards with the operating temperature being as high as 125-degree Celsius.

Specifications of the Xilinx XA7A15T-1CPG236I FPGA

In this section, we talk about the innovative characteristics or features that make Xilinx XA7A15T-1CPG236I outstanding out of the other FPGAs in the series.

1. Number of Pins

First, let us understand what Pins are in terms of their usage in a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). Pins are one of the primary components of a circuit board chip. They also double as the connection between the peripheral circuits and the internal circuits of the FPGA.

A total of 236 are embedded in the Xilinx XA7A15T-1CPG236I, giving designers more ways to connect the internal and external circuits in the chip.

2. Terminal Specifications

Terminals are also one of the most important attributes of an FPGA. For the Xilinx XA7A15T-1CPG236I, its terminal specifications are discussed below:

Input and Output (I/O)

The Input and Output (I/O) of a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) refers to the medium of processing information within the Integrated Circuit (IC)/chip and the external circuits. The Xilinx XA7A15T-1CPG236I has a total I/O of 106.


Just like the Input and Output (I/O), outputs in an Integrated Circuit (IC) are used to establish a connection between the internal and external circuits.

The total number of Outputs in the Xilinx XA7A15T-1CPG236I FPGA are 210. In addition, these Outputs are used to reproduce or display the results being processed and released by an input device into the Integrated Circuit.


A termination in an Integrated Circuit (IC) or FPGA refers to the termination or stoppage of a transmission line. For this to happen, the terminations must have been set and triggered.

Also, the triggering of terminations in the chip prevents signals from being reflected at the other end of the transmission line.

Terminal Pitch

Xilinx XA7A15T-1CPG236I has a terminal pitch of 0.5 millimeter. The role of the terminal pitch in an Integrated Circuit (IC) is to serve as the central point of ending the functions of a conductor in the electronic component.

The terminal pitch also has other uses that include establishing connection to the external circuits on the pitch.

Terminal Finish

The terminals in the Xilinx XA7A15T-1CPG236I are completed with the trio of Tin, Silver and Copper. That forms the compilation: Tin/Silver/Copper also interpreted as (Sn/Ag/Cu).

As a rule of thumb, the terminal finish in a chip must not be done with lead. It is best to leave the terminal finish free of lead-finishing because that goes a long way to improve the temperature strength of the chip.

That way, the plastic used in molding the component would be able to withstand the higher temperatures that may be tenable when the board is in use.

Location of the Terminal

The Terminal Position, also known as the “Location of the Terminal,” refers to the point where the conductor of the electronic component comes to an end.

3. Memory Storage

The memory storage of a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) is interpreted as RAM bits. That is, the Random Access Memory. The RAM bits of the Xilinx XA7A15T-1CPG236I is 921600. This provides enough storage space to safely store the data in the semiconductor.

4. Number of Registers

The total number of registers in the Xilinx XA7A15T-1CPG236I is 20800. For emphasis, the role of a Register in a semiconductor or Integrated Circuit (IC) is to store the binary code. The binary code, in turn, comprises flip-flops that have storage functionalities.

5. Propagation Delay

Propagation Delay refers to the delay or the slight wait before a full propagation or programming of an Integrated Circuit (IC) can be completed. The Propagation Delay in the Xilinx XA7A15T-1CPG236I is 130 ps.

During this wait, the configuration of the data in the internal circuit will be put on hold pending the completion of the propagation.

Also, the Propagation Delay in an Integrated Circuit (IC) can differ by the input. There is a chance that the delays may be extended, especially if the other elements in the chip are the same/constant.

6. Security Features

The security of the Xilinx XA7A15T-1CPG236I is also very paramount. In addition to ensuring that it functions optimally, it is also important to protect it from damage. Here are some of the security attributes of its Integrated Circuit (IC):

Peak Reflow Temperature (Cel)

One of the security features integrated into a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) is the Peak Reflow Temperature. It has to do with the maximum temperature that the electronic components inside the circuit can be exposed to. Anything above that could trigger excessive temperature that would make the components susceptible to damage.

As the Xilinx XA7A15T-1CPG236I is a Surface Mount Technology (SMT)-powered IC, it uses a 260 Peak Reflow Temperature to control the electronic components from damage.

Speed Grade

Speed Grade in an FPGA infers to the pin-to-pin latency. It also refers to how quick the device can work, provided that the cpld is lower.

The Speed Grade of the Xilinx XA7A15T-1CPG236I IC is 1.

RoHS Status

RoHS is a mandatory compliance standard that is used to reduce the excessive usage of harmful components in either electrical or electronic components.

The Xilinx XA7A15T-1CPG236I is Non-RoHS compliant, raising concerns over the conducive use of the chip, as it relates to protecting the environment and reducing risks for human use.


With the Xilinx XA7A15T-1CPG236I in your electronic device, you can be confident of using electronic components that are applicable for automotive uses. The Integrated Circuit (IC) has been in use since 2010. However, you need to be careful with its uses, as it is currently Non-RoHS compliant.

Contact Rayming Technology (RayPCB) to help you design this circuit and fix any other special specifications you want on it.




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