PCB Assembly of Turnkey PCB

Turnkey can be elaborated as either service or product which is being sold to the consumers in such a form which is ready to be used immediately. The term turnkey when referred for PCB can be elaborated that dealer of products is handling all of required features of PCB comprising of components, fabrication, manufacturing, and installation as well. The placement of various components on accurate places on PCB along with its picking is also included in the turnkey PCBs. In other words, turnkey PCB can be referred to as offering freedom to consumers or buyers to have a greater focus on design of PCB in case when suppliers are taking care of the other factors of PCB fabrication.


Some of advanced PCB manufacturers such as RayPCB who have emphasis on maintaining greater quality of PCBs include the PCB assembling services as well. RayPCB has profound experience of delivering reliable full turnkey PCBs to its consumers. The consumers belong to various countries of the world and hundreds of companies are clients of RayPCB. The single source technique utilized by RayPCB is both time saving and capital saving at the same time and has a guarantee of consistent results and reliable quality.


The professional team of RayPCB has the ability to manage the project skillfully right from the concept of PCB till its delivery making its sure that the process of assembly goes smoothly and electrical or electronic product has utmost quality. The following are major advantages of turnkey PCB services.


PCB Assembly of Turnkey PCB Manufacturer in China


1. Smaller Lead Time: Basically there are three phases of the PCB assembly being taking case of fundamental form of assembly of PCBs. The phases are fabrication, procurement of components, and assembly of PCB. Conventionally, the quote and made and then design files are confirmed with sales engineers who are working with the manufacturing company of PCB, after which distributors of components are contacted, and finally assemblers of PCBs. Such a process of quotations and its confirmation is time consuming. Now, in case if the stakeholders are from various countries then much problems may arise due to difference in time zones, language barriers, way of communication, and currency as well.


However, turnkey assembly is known as the most professional way of PCB assembly. By the time when the design of turnkey PCB is finalized, an estimated quotation is also produced as well. Therefore, it reduces the time consumption, communication, and other hurdles involved along with dramatic improvement in performance of PCB.


2. The Lower Cost: Lower cost is another benefit of having turnkey PCB services. Electronic assembly of turnkey services is way cheaper. Another advantage is that the fee of freight is saved as you are not required to get the PCB boards manufactured yourself but complete electronic product will be delivered at your doorstep. The procurement of components is also very easy and consumer friendly as the experienced assemblers are providing the services for delivering reliable electronic product which is low cost and has high quality.


3. The Monitoring Process is Transparent: The process of electronic assembly is very easy to monitor when it comes to turnkey PCB services. The assembly process is relevant to the performance of product and market. The turnkey assembly services are allowing engineers who are working on it to have awareness of the accomplished services and have a better understanding of the finished products.


The Low Cost PCB Assembly of Turnkey PCB Manufacturer


Who could get More Advantages from Turnkey PCBs?


As discussed already that turnkey PCB services are allowing designers of PCB to make better utilization of the time to enable them focusing on better design. This feature is best for the companies who are striving for up-gradation and refreshing the existing products. The manufacturers are required to have a deep insight of the products by delivering creative electronic products.


The turnkey PCB assembly services are also ideal for startup companies who have aim expanding their business in near future. Through turnkey PCB services, startup companies will be able to deliver small PCBs in to markets without huge investments or having a bigger inventory. The turnkey PCB services are also offering a cost-effective means of PCB manufacturing through the process of assembling and testing of the sample PCBs in to new products.


Instant Quotation and Instant Ordering


One of the best features that RayPCB offers is its online system through which consumers can easily get an instant quotation of what they want to order. The online quoting system is very easy to use and consumers can have an idea of the total cost easily. The consumers are required to provide details and specifications of the qualities that PCB to be manufactured must have along with the PCB tools to be used. The online system will give a rough sketch of the total estimated cost including labor cost. The provided information is stored on the cloud storage of the company. This is how RayPCB is capable of achieving timely delivery of orders of turnkey PCBs.


To get More Advantages from Turnkey PCBs Manufactuer


Tips for Expediting Quotation


The following are some tips which are helpful in expediting online quotation.


1. Check the checklist preorder file given on the website for guaranteeing the PCB files you need has everything included.


2. Visit download section of website and download template for BOM and fill in the required places e.g. components etc.


3. Compare the files that you provided with one given on the website such as complete capability of the spacing of circuits, package or footprint, and part polarity etc. before you submit RFQ.


4. Make sure that the requirements of your project are within capacity of our company.


5. Look for the stage by stage guide present on our website for submission of Quote of turnkey PCBs.


RayPCB; Ultimate choice for Turnkey PCBs


RayPCB has a talented staff for managing your turnkey PCB services. The updated equipment of the company is making it sure to manufacture best possible turnkey PCB for your needs. Therefore, in case if you have any questions, then contact the online support of the company available 24/7 or contact through toll free number provided on the website.