Bluetooth PCB Circuit Board

Bluetooth PCB Board


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BlueTooth PCB offers low power, highly economic Bluetooth radio for adding wireless capability to your products. On BlueTooth PCB board Module supports multiple interface protocols, and is simple to use. We have carefully designed the BlueTooth PCB board and added an extra feature: using specialized connection pads on the side of the board you can easily connect USB-UART Board and contol it with your PC as a standalone Bluetooth device, without needing to use the Microcontroller.


How to Design a Bluetooth Low Energy PCB Circuit Board ?


Designing a new Bluetooth product, or any wireless product, can be somewhat challenging for the inexperienced. This is primarily due to the complexity of the PCB layout for the RF ( radio frequency) section. Fortunately, in BLE microchips, most of the RF circuitry is internal, so you don't need to worry about much more than the layout for the antenna.


Bluetooth Low Energy is a very popular open wireless standard for short-range communication. The range is typically about 50 feet, although this can be significantly increased with the use of a range extender circuit that either increases the receiver sensitivity, increases the transmission power, or both.


As the name implies, Bluetooth LE is a low-energy version of "classic" Bluetooth and thus is more appropriate for ultra-small devices powered by a single watch battery. BLE is the primary wireless technology for Internet of Things (IoT) products.