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How to Open PCB Files?

PCB File:

A file that contains an electrical circuit board pattern is called a PCB file. The PCB stands for “Printed Circuit Board.” You do not require the computer program utilized to produce the file; many Windows application programs with PCB support are acquirable, and each can open up the printed circuit board pattern.

Your blueprint file will hold the mandatory info of levels and other things associated with PCB. Your PCB data file will contain information about all layers and their spread-eagling. Moreover, it will also hold information concerning holes and via sizing along with the lowest and uppermost silk layers.

Your maker will demand this data file to manufacture your electrical circuit design. This data file will state your trusted PCB attributes, finished copper, solder mask via the process, and additional details.

PCB File Formats:

At this spot, it is valuable to mention that your final file will not all of the time bear the .pcb file extension. It may be a PCB file or a Gerber file. Furthermore, each software system will have its particular file type. Frequently, you will run across .pcb files more than other extensions.

PCB design end product is the data files wanted by the makers for planning the PCB. Although operating on a PCB setup, you edit out a data file that is selective to your CAD software system. It is not a general file format, and the data it utilizes is unneeded to the maker. This is how you want to get a different kind of data file as you change the conventional into a physical, electrical circuit board. Almost every electronic gimmick is a PCB onto which the elements are automatically and electrically linked up by soldering. PCB pattern utilizes a CAD (computer-aided design) system. To physically understand the pattern, we must shift the cybernetic blueprint information to a photolithographic computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) system. As various companies typically create computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing systems, they must accord on a CAD-to-CAM information exchange format to shift the information. You can also open .pcb files online.

Which file format can you beget or export with a basic software system?

open brd file

In the concern for manufacturing PCB, you will frequently require to create a Gerber file format as Gerber file carries data concerning 2-D artwork that states the maker about the place of solder mask, copper, and so forth.

Thus, you might find out it hard to beget a Gerber file. It does not associate with internet connectivity, blueprint rules, or component libraries. You will require excogitating about distinct configuration details as creating a Gerber file.

As a whole, you will be able to abide by the following two steps for begetting a Gerber file:

  1. Search for a maker who will offer you directions for begetting a Gerber file. The directions will be as per the particular CAD software.
  • And then, you can utilize that CAD software to intent your printed circuit board.

All the same, this is not as effortless as it sounds. All the same, with practice, you will be able to master this piece of work. Further, you can avoid a malfunctioning PCB and held up manufacturing by cautiously following the directions. Well, you can try to open gbr file online it may help you out.

How do I open up a PCB file in Eagle and PCB file viewer?

  • Opening up a PCB file in Eagle Software:

Eagle is doubtless one of the popular software packages of an electronics engineer. Eagle is a PCB design software package and has created the contriving process a joyous one. Instantly, a question might come up in your mind concerning opening up a .pcb file in Eagle software, is it possible to open up a .pcb file in Eagle software? Or can we open gbr files in Eagle?

Unluckily, the .pcb file format is not associated with Eagle software. So, you cannot open up a .pcb file with Eagle, but you certainly can apply different software packages to do so. You can open the file with gerber viewer online free tool.

Furthermore, you will find a user script here that can change your file into something like that Eagle can open up.

  • Refreshing the PCB file in PCB file viewer:

When you have your wanted .pcb file, you require viewing it. Looking at it is determining to be sure that it has everything that you and your maker want. You can refresh your PCB files in a Gerber viewer. You can use the Gerber viewer online for free. It will assure that whatsoever you are posting is a suitable illustration of your pattern files.

Moreover, previewing the .pcb files will also make sure that your data files have been exported correctly.

How To open up or change Your PCB files from some other Software?

  • Eagle to Gerber:

Foremost, you will require opening up your PCB design data file in Eagle. This data file will hold a .brd extension. Later on, that, abiding by the following commands:

  1. Select “File -> CAM Processor.” CAM central processor instrument will open up to create your Gerber file.
  • And then, choose “File -> Open -> Job”.
  • And then go to your default option that is the cam folder of Eagle, choose “ -> Open”.
  • At last, select the “Process Job” button to beget the Gerber files.

You are also able to open .brd files open. You can try to open .brd file online it might help you so you should not require downloading the software packages.

Fortunately, you will be able to import Altium data files in Eagle. You require to export your Altium blueprint file into ACCEL ASCII file format. Eagle then simplifies this information structure. You will need to tick on Import/File/Pad in Eagle and abide by the commands.

  • Changing Gerber Files (“.gbr”) to “.pcb” files:

For changing Gerber data files (.gbr) to Altium (.pcb) files, you will require to convert the data file extensions. For instance, if you have a peak layer Gerber file called “Layer1. Pho”, you can change it into an Altium file by converting its name to “Layer1.GTL.”GTL” file extension mentions Gerber Top Layer.

PCB files requisites:

Every PCB maker has a few requisites which you require to accomplish before positioning an order. The PCBs data file that you will propose to them must bear these requisites.

PCB design requisites:


As per to a few makers, Gerber files should let in:

  • Drill instrument listing
  • Silkscreen
  • Excellon drill data files
  • Solder mask
  • Internal layers with signs depending upon the pattern
  • Aperture / D-Code listing
  • Board draft
  • Readme file
  • Copper levels
  • Copper weight and insulator thicknesses essentials

You will as well come across a couple of makers who will accept aboriginal blueprint files of:

  • Altium
  • IVEX
  • Ultiboard
  • PCB123
  • OrCAD

PCB drill file requisites:

Once again, the makers will demand you to present PCB drill files the accompanying way:

  • Possibly in Excellon format.
  • They had better not bear “G01”, “G54,” and “D” codes if opened up in a text editor.
  • They had better not hold some weird graphic characters; they must hold visible ASCII text.
  • If they are arranged properly, they will have sizing dispensed with “T” codes.
  • In that respect, there had better be a tool write-up holding the drill sizing.
  • Present them NC Drill File or fab graphics for cuts out and slots.
  • For a plated cutout or slot, you had better put the dimension on the drill level. Later on, mention an external layer pad bearing a minimal cutout or slot you would like to be plated.
  • For non-plated cutouts or slots, position them on the draft layer.

Electrical circuit board routing requisites:

Makers commonly get the thought about electrical circuit board routing out from the PCB draft.  You had better keep in mind the coming points while rendering your PCBs file:

During the routing out procedure, we will suggest you apply a copper back set of 0.020? It will assist you in keeping off the damage to copper dimensions. Some makers may as well permit you odd or circular shapes but with a few constraints. Then, once you have accomplished all the above and additional similar requisites, you are all fit to post an order. Exact requirements will hinge upon your makers. Just be sure to let in everything in your .pcb file.

Final Verdict:

A PCB data file is a primary thing that you should bear for manufacturing your electrical circuit design. Here all the details related to a file are discussed. Like what is a PCB file? How is it open up? What are the requirements to open PCB files? And so forth. It would help if you were sure that your PCB files are accomplishing your maker’s requisites. By following the above instructions, you can open your PCB files through the different software mentioned above. It is not so easy but not too tricky it only required practice.

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