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Why the Rs 274x Gerber Files Format is Unique

During PCB manufacturing, Gerber files are useful at any point. Its use spans through the need for the manufacturer to balance the PCB design’s expectations from its reality. This is why you must be strategic when choosing a reliable Gerber file for your different projects.

As of today, Gerber files come in different versions. However the gerber Rs 274x is beginning to gain massive popularity. If you are hearing about this for the first time, or wish to have a full understanding of the way it works, then this article will help you achieve that.

What is a Gerber File?

The history of Gerber files can be dated back to over forty years ago. The files were initially released on 27th August 1980. Gerber Scientific initially developed these files to set standards for the manufacturing of circuit boards. Furthermore, Gerber file is regarded as a de facto standard utilized by the PCB industry software for describing PCB images, including copper layers, drill data, solder mask, etc.

Gerber file formats help in highlighting or specifying data or information on every PCB design board layer. This is done to represent the important PCB objects and images properly like copper traces, silkscreen images, PCB pads, Vias, and solder mask.

Understanding the RS 274x Gerber Format

 Rs 274x Gerber Files Format
Rs 274x Gerber Files Format

This is one of the top Gerber file extensions. RS 274x can also be called X-Gerber or RS-274X extended gerber file.

Initially released in September 1988, this is described as an ASCII format that is readable by humans. Presently serving as Gerber file formats, the RS-274x extended gerber file includes different features that are optimized to deliver the best results.

Why is the RS 274x Unique?

If you have been wondering why the Gerber Rs 274x file format is usually preferred for Gerber file softwares; different reasons see it as the most appropriate choice. Below are some features.

Controls and Commands

The specifications of the Rs 274x includes integrating high-level controls and Commands. These help the creator of the Gerber file to create an accurate PCB or photoplot specification.

Also, this model helps in bolstering the earliest processes of fabrication of circuit boards because it houses important data and information in one place, in contrast to Rs- 274D file format which separates your data files.

Multilayer Embedding

This Gerber file format supports the integration and embedding of different layers of a circuit board in just one file. Below are some additional features or characteristics of Rs 274x.

  • Embedded apertures
  • Embedded format, data and unit information
  • Statements on film control
  • Definitions of special polygon
  • Custom definitions for aperture

What are the Differences Between tye Rs-274D and RS 274x Gerber File Formats?

The RS-274D has been replaced by the Rs 274x, which shows that the Rs 274x has more advanced features for processing than Rs-274D.

RS-274D used to be the standard file format; however, it was revoked. This revoking came 16 years after the Rs 274x was released. Even without making use of the converter, you can easily differentiate between both of them. The factors below are what differentiate them.

Process of data transfer

The process of data transfer between both differs. Though the RS-274D will not support automated transfer of data, Gerber Rs 274x supports automated transfer of data between the designers and manufacturers of the PCB.

Standard Type Supported

RS-274D file format offers support for the NC standard. This means images cannot be described. In extensions, you cannot describe or standardize the image data like defining of the apertures as well as the coordinate unit.

On the other hand, Rs 274x Gerber file format is composed of different commands. The commands create graphic objects that could be positive or negative. To be completely different from RS-274D, Rs 274x offers support for the full circuit board’s layer image description.

Getting the Specifications of the Rs-274x

With these specifications, you will be able to understand some integration inside the file formats. These include the definition of the aperture. Due to this, we will assist you in getting accurate specifications. To get the specifications, the best place is visiting the Ucamco site.

For emphasis, the development of the Gerber file formats was conducted by the Gerber Systems Corporation. This was before Barco ETS took over. Now referred to as Ucamco, this is where you can easily get access to downloading the Rs 274x specifications.

CAD Files vs Rs 274x Gerber Files: What’s the Difference?


Different PCB consumers have been confused about the differences between Gerber file and CAD formats. Here, we will be summarizing some important factors which make them stand out from each other. First is the scope, while the other is the comprehensiveness.

The Scope

This has to do with the extent at which the usage of the file differentiates them. For instance, Rs 274x helps in specifying the images as well as how they should be utilized during manufacturing of the PCB’s layers. Also, CAD files are useful in specifying how to assemble the circuit board.


Though it is known as the standard used to design PCB layers, this Rs 274x Gerber file isn’t completely comprehensive. Also, the format of CAD files supports adding important data in a file. With this, streamlining the communication between designer and manufacturer helps in getting rid of some issues linked with working on any complex PCB design.


Gerber files come in different versions. However the RS 274x is beginning to gain massive popularity. Giving your circuit board design to any manufacturer that has good understanding of everything related to the Rs 274x file format is a great advantage. Initially released in September 1988, this is described as an ASCII format that is readable by humans. Presently serving as Gerber file formats, the Rs 274x includes different features that are optimized to deliver the best results. There’s no need to look for any other because we have what it takes to handle your job professionally. Please reach out to us today and you will be glad you did.




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