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Unlock the Power of Multisim PCB: A Comprehensive Guide

Multisim application supports SPICE simulation, evaluation, and PCB tools to assist you in iterating through layouts and enhancing prototype performance instantly. To reduce time and cut down on prototype revisions, easily transition from PCB schematic to design.

Exploring Multisim PCB For Designer Features

With the use of Multisim software, you may increase performance, reduce mistakes, and cut down on prototype time by combining SPICE simulation plus circuit layout in a setting that is tailored to make simple design chores easier. Besides, you can securely iterate through design selections and annotate modifications between the design and board schematic. All thanks to a library containing 55,000 producer-verified electrical components and easy interaction with UltiboardTM1 PCB design tools. To quickly prototype, create interface circuits, and debug electronic systems, combine Multisim with Ultiboard software.

Introduction To Multisim PCB

PCB Antenna Layout
PCB Antenna Layout

Multisim is really a manufacturing-standard, finest SPICE simulation setting. Building competence via practical implementation in electrical circuit design, prototyping, and evaluation is the foundation of a NI circuit training solution. For use in teaching and research, thus it is the manufacturing-standard SPICE modeling and circuit layout software for digital, analog, and power circuits. To quickly see and understand the behavior of electrical circuits, Multisim software combines an interactive design interface with manufacturing-standard SPICE modeling.

However, its user-friendly interface aids instructors in reinforcing circuit principles and enhancing theory retention throughout the curriculum design of engineering. Therefore, designers and researchers may cut the number of PCB prototype revisions and development costs. This is just by including Multisim’s robust circuit modeling and analysis in the design cycle.

History of Multisim PCB

Multisim was initially developed by Interactive Image Technology solutions under the name Electronics Workbench. It was, thus, mostly employed only at times as a teaching tool for college and university engineering programs and electronics technicians.

As the original firm combined with Ultimate Technologies, a provider of PCB designing software, Multisim was incorporated into Ultiboard in 1999.

Multisim was rebranded to NI Multisim. It was when Interactive Image Technology was purchased by National Instrument Electronics Workbench Business in 2005.

Uses & Application Of Multisim PCB


There are some noteworthy uses, such as:

  1. Direct Current Operating Point
  2. Interactive Simulation
  3. Direct Current Sweep
  4. Alternating Current Sweep
  5. Temperature Sweep
  6. Noise Analysis
  7. Distortion Analysis
  8. Fourier Analysis
  9. Sensitivity Analysis
  10. Monte-Carlo Evaluation


There are some noteworthy applications, such as:

· Semiconductor Applications

For a detailed examination of a wide variety of uses, Multisim integrates a manufacturing-leading simulation system with a database. Furthermore, this library comprises precise devices from different semiconductor manufacturers.

· Aerospace &  National Applications

Multisim has demonstrated achievements in an array of national research and aerospace applications. These also include the creation of electronic devices for military systems and avionics gear for data collecting.

· Low-Frequency Design

Ultiboard and Multisim give RF technicians incredibly simple instruments to quickly finish complex layouts. Also, the prototype contains high-frequency and microwave components.

· Automotive Electronic Application

Besides, using Ultiboard and Multisim, top global automakers, global auto parts suppliers, and medium/small businesses may create vehicle electronics more quickly.

Most Suitable Uses Of Multisim PCB

Analyzing power, digital, and analog electronic circuits is a major application of it for teaching and research in educational institutions.

Cost Of Multisim PCB

Education, Power Pro, Base, and Full are the four available packages for the NI Multisim. They offer prices at $628, $4838, $1869, and $3267, correspondingly. Moreover, the full and base package offers a temporary electrical component directory with 49,000 and 47,000 components. In contrast, the package power pro offers a complete component directory with more than 55,000 components.

For the less expensive alternatives, there is a maximum allowed selection of 17 and 76 RF parts. At the same time, the pro power bundle has no such restriction.

Pros Of Multisim PCB

There are some pros, such as:

  1. The simulation’s output is quite accurate.
  2. There are several testing different tools and techniques.
  3. More than 55,000 components are available.
  4. 35 plus virtual instruments
  5. Moreover, there is a simulation program online.

Cons Of Multisim PCB

There are some cons, such as:

  1. Some people may find it challenging to utilize the UI since it appears to be antiquated.
  2. The collection lacks several microcontrollers and integrated circuits.
  3. Expensive
  4. absence of all necessary parts for the package of base
  5. The cheaper option only offers only four virtual instruments out of 35.

Simulate Your Circuit & Make Your PCB Using Multisim PCB And Ultiboard

The first step after starting Multisim is to put the components. You may do it by pressing ctrl+w or by going to the Editing tab -> Component.

A popup titled “Choose a Component” will appear. You may either write in the desired component or select it from the Group menu bar. The crucial details regarding this window are depicted in the diagram below. The same electrical component will come in several iterations. Given that you’ll be using the footprint in your design, therefore put utmost attention to it.


  1. Using precise, device-specific SPICE modeling techniques, design to the requirement.
  2. Multisim equips a library of more than 26,000 components. Top semiconductor companies, including Analog Devices, NXP, Infineon, Texas Instruments, and ON Semiconductor, approve them.
  3. Besides, Use Advanced Simulation to Minimize Prototype Iterations.
  4. Using an easy-to-use simulation environment, you may enhance the functionality of circuits.
  5. Use 22 simple-to-configure measuring equipment and 20 sophisticated SPICE analyses, which include AC, Noise, and Monte Carlo, to assess the behavior of circuits.
  6. Unique skills for analysis expansion.
  7. Moreover, Improve Power Electronic Efficiency More Easily.
  8. Quickly transition from a complicated schematic file to the design process.
  9. With the combined Ultiboard and Multisim platforms, domain engineers, experts, and researchers may accelerate the prototyping process.


1. Expanding Experience

Users may experience Multisim with Multisim Live for desktop. The very same simulation technique that is now employed in academic settings and industry research may be accessed by consumers anywhere, anytime, regardless of device.

2. Circuit Schematics

Multisim Live provides an entire schematic design encounter in the browser. To make it simple for you to begin recording your idea, it supplies a library of components and a Multisim interface. Any compatible browser may simply access the prepared schematics and even share them.

3. Circuit Simulation

Test a circuit’s functionality, show students how to use a design, or explain concepts to them. You don’t have to install other application software to share circuit interaction simulation with Multisim Live.

4. SPICE Simulation

Moreover, With the help of the industry norm SPICE, Multisim has become a crucial tool in labs all over the world for visualizing PCB behavior. You have access to an electrical learning route via Multisim Live, thanks to the input of instructors, researchers, and students from across the world.

5. Circuit Brilliance

Inside the community of Multisim Live, you may exchange your ideas or discover circuits made by others. Multisim Live PCBs can be published publicly via a public web connection. It remains private for a select set of users or remains public.

6. Complete Teaching Solution

Hardware, Software, and course materials that cover power, digital, and analog electronics are all included in the National Instrument Circuit training solution. Moreover, each student may develop their engineering intuition using Multisim Live in conjunction with Analog Discovery, NI ELVIS, and Multisim. No matter in the classroom or engineering laboratory.

7. New Features

Instantly access the newest and best features! In Multisim Live, all changes are automatically applied to the user’s design and account. As you don’t have to reinstall, update, or upgrade it.

8. Stream Circuit Stimulation

NI now provides a new method of experiential learning with the introduction of Measurements and Multisim Live. It assists you in bridging the knowledge that exists in practice and theory. In addition to prototyping the physical PCBs with National Instruments ELVIS III, Multisim Live allows you to mimic theoretical notions. Finally, within the environment of Measurements Live, one may contrast the modeling with actual measurements. All of this can easily be accomplished with just the National Instrument ELVIS, the third Oscilloscope.


bare PCB layout design to cut cost
bare PCB layout design to cut cost

The PCB layout program Ultiboard provides effective layout routing and design in a configurable setting. To perform the PCB prototype process, the design of the PCB connects with Multisim. Moreover, you may employ its adaptable instruments for layout and manual accuracy to describe crucial board elements.

Ultiboard’s automatic features make it easier for you to finish your entire design quickly. You can easily manage, configure, and control board design with its sophisticated design wizards, a spreadsheet view, and a toolbox. Also, forward-backward labeling aids with greater iteration management.

How Multisim PCB Software Accelerates PCB Prototyping?

· Learn Best Practices

With Multisim software, you can design your PCB prototype. Also, rapidly record the schematic. Analyze and Simulate, including co-simulation plus LabVIEW. Or you can select from 55,000 producer-verified components. Everything at one incorporated place.

· Verify Footprint Mappings

Verification ensures that land design dimensions and pin mappings are precise and adhere to manufacturer standards. It’s a crucial phase of the design procedure where mistakes are identified early. Moreover, this saves spending hours redoing work and iterating on PCB prototypes.

· Advantage Of Faster Layout

To provide a comprehensive, final PCB prototype solution, the Ultiboard PCB planning and routing program works closely with Multisim simulation and schematic capture software.

  • Automatically Transfer Design Changes

The combination of Ultiboard and Multisim allows you to mark modifications from one version of the layout to another. Therefore, annotate in the forward direction and backward either from Multisim to Ultiboard.

· Hierarchical Blocks To Repeat Common Circuits

Both Ultiboard and Multisim use hierarchical blocks to modularize the layout. At the PCB schematic and layout stages, it should be simple to generate reusable subcircuits.

Convert Circuit Diagram into PCB Layout In Multisim PCB

Choose Transfer, then Export it to PCB Design. It then displays the typical Windows dialog box “Save As.” 2. Choose the chosen producer from the menu box, type a doc name, and then click Save after navigating to the relevant folder.

Is Multisim PCB a Software?

However, to assist you in swiftly iterating through layouts and enhancing prototype performance, Multisim software offers SPICE simulation, evaluation, and PCB capabilities.

Can I Use Multisim PCB Free?

With a library of more than 30,000 network circuits, users can simulate ideas right away. Try it for free right now.

Are Multisim PCB And Simulink the Same?

Reviewers believed that National Instrument Multisim satisfies their business demands more effectively than Simulink. Reviewers believed that National Instrument Multisim seems to be the best option when considering the quality of continuous product support. The reviewers favored the path of Simulink against NI Multisim for feature releases and roadmaps.

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