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Where To Find Industrial Circuits – A Comprehensive Guide

Industrial circuits are the backbone of the enthusiasm for Far Cry 6. We are going to have a look at different aspects of industrial circuit procurement in the game. Besides all the methods, you can gain the industrial circuits in the game. 

What is the meaning of Industrial Circuits in Far Cry 6?

Industrial circuits are important for the weapons in Far Cry 6. These are for the weapon upgrades as well. The players would acquire the industrial circuits after surpassing different game levels. The game predicates the resolver weapons on the whole. The player should use the Supremo in a suitable way to acquire these with the least effort. 

Where to Find Industrial Circuits? 

Trading Animal Meat

The exchange of particular animal meats or alpha meats can be executed for the industrial circuits. There are specific locations for this trade. You will acquire 6-7 industrial circuits on one exchange of the alpha animal meat. The offered alpha animal meats are: 

  • Alpha Coyote Meat
  • Alpha Crocodile Meat
  • Alpha Jaguar Meat

Find Alpha Animals

The alpha animals would be present on the hunting grounds so that you can find them easily. Look for jaguars, crocs, and coyotes. The players must kill these alpha animals by the acquisition of industrial circuits. Either use a bow or a knife for seamless hunting. In this way, you will get the alpha animal meat with a perfect strategy. 

Execute Ambushes

Look out for the ambushes. There are four sectors of Yara mainland that come with different ranks. The mainland sectors that have the highest rank would be including more ambushes later. So these ambushes would get you more industrial circuits. Let’s learn about these mainland sectors: 

  • Madrugada: Aguas Lindas
  • Valle de Oro: Barrial
  • El Este: La Joya
  • Esperanza: Esperanza

Open Guerrilla Caches

After entering your first guerilla camp, the players can have a look at the construction desk and camp facilities as well. These are important for the procurement of the Dani and Libertads. Another important factor is the hideout network. You can also procure industrial circuits from this hideout network. 

  • Buy the hideout network and get hideout access beside Yara for fast traveling. 
  • The players can also check the locations of the chief scout present in the hideout network, but this factor is not an essential one.
  • You can reach the appropriate hideout network so that it will position the guerrilla cache on each hideout you encounter. Also, you need to invest your resources in this pursuit as well. 
  • You can restock the guerrilla cache every 24 hours when needed. 
  • Teniente, Guerrilla Caches offer less amount industrial circuits. 
  • Each Guerrilla Cache can be used at all the hideouts in order to procure more industrial circuits from them. 

Industrial Circuits Farm in Far Cry 6 


Lola would reward the players with money after the completion of each of its operations. There are solo challenges also available as side operations, but they are simple to complete. The players would also get valuable resources as well. You can procure the Monedas from the insurgency mode. However, it’s not effective to procure industrial circuits. The insurgency mode will be activated after you pass the main campaign level. 

Alpha meat in Far Cry 6

Trade meat can be obtained from alpha animals that are coyotes, jaguars, and crocodiles. The hunting would only include non-ballistic tools like a knife or an arrow. Any other tool would ruin the meat making your efforts go in vain. The issue can be solved by upgrading the lodge to get a buff that will help you with this problem. It would be wrong to say that you only need to aim for industrial circuits. Uranium and plastic items are important too. These would help you with Castillo’s army battle. 

Trade With Lola’s black market

Lola is a good trader to do business with when you reach the guerilla camps. The players can trade with Lola after completing the meet the X operation. They will find her at the shelter with a bright green icon for easy identification. Lola would be selling industrial circuits at the shelter. The industrial circuits can only be bought from the native game currency called Moneda. You need 150 Monedas to buy one piece of an industrial circuit.

How to Earn Moneda?

By Completing special operations you can earn Moneda. You can also earn Monedas with the help of a partner during the completion of story mode challenges. This approach is an extensive one to procure the industrial circuit. You can either take the support of a second player, or you can complete the challenges on your own. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are industrial circuits?

Industrial circuits are the types of electronic devices. These are important for the industrial setting. These are viable for semiconductors, resistors, sensors, and other devices. The application of these industrial circuits is integral for the domain of automation since the sector has been progressing at quite a rapid pace. 

How to Purchase Industrial Circuits?

Sell Alpha Meat: You can find alpha meat from any seller. You would get the industrial circuits in exchange for trading alpha meat with them. The players would get the alpha meat by killing the alpha animals mentioned earlier. Besides, you need to take care of the hunter’s lodge as well so that you will easily get your hands on the animal anatomy guide after killing the animals. 

Where are the Industrial Circuits in Far Cry 6?

There is a considerable method to search for the circuit board in Diesel Daisy in Far Cry 6. You need to reach the oil platform where you can procure these on the GDP rate after winning the fights. There is a helicopter pad in the northeast direction of the oil platform. The control room is present under the helicopter pad, where the players can easily find the circuit board. 

How do I get Industrial Circuits in Far Cry new dawn?

The simplest solution to get more Circuit Boards in Far Cry New Dawn is only through expeditions. These can be activated early in the game levels. Every mission would get you 10-20 circuit boards, and the players can keep gaining more circuit boards after passing the difficult levels. 

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