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How a Magnetic Mount Antenna Functions in Different Applications

The creation of antennas is to serve important purposes for different wireless applications. These include its significant use in machinery, fleets of vehicles, as well as control cabinets. Though it is important to choose the most appropriate types of antenna for your applications, you have to mount this antenna firmly and properly. This allows it to function appropriately. This is why antenna mounts are crucial.

As there are different antennas available, different antenna mounts. Each of these mounts are designed to meet a specific need. Among the several type of antenna out there, our focus will be on the magnetic mount antenna. Why it is called a magnetic mount antenna is because it can hold the antenna firmly using strong magnets.

What is a Magnetic Mount Antenna?

Magnetic mount antenna helps in firmly fitting the antenna onto a specific surface. This is a great mounting option for fixed as well as mobile installations. Furthermore, these magnetic antennas are proper for vehicles, electronic enclosures, and some temporary communication systems. It is an excellent option for locations where you can’t easily drill a hole. In some scenarios in which a through-hole mount isn’t a feasible option, a magnetic mount becomes a considerable alternative.

Magnetic mount antenna is more popularly used on vehicles. This mount is very easy and convenient to place on the lid of a trunk or the roof of a car. Also, it can be very easy to reposition and remove this mounts. Antennas used in vehicles usually feature strong magnetic bases that can withstand more than 100 KM/H of wind speeds.

You can integrate a magnetic mount in an antenna base or use it as an accessory. Magnetic mount antennas are a great solution for positioning an antenna. They offer high signal strength and strong magnetic retention. The antenna stays firmly while on the move.

Magnetic mount antennas function well in road-ready radio, WiFi internet set-ups, and GPS. Reliable communication is of utmost importance in emergency, commercial, and industrial vehicles. Magnetic mount antenna is a must in these applications.  Magnetic mount antenna is a better solution than through hole antenna where you need to create a hole on a surface.

How to Install a Magnetic Mount Antenna

The process of installing magnetic mount antenna is quite easy. However, having a good knowledge about some tips can make the entire process quicker and easier. You need to know some important things before you even commence the installation process.

Pre-installation tips

These tips help to make the installation a seamless process and as well prevent any damage to your antenna.

The center of the roof is the most appropriate place to install the magnetic mount antenna.  This helps to gain a good signal and wide coverage. It is perfect to mount the antenna on your truck, ensure it is mounted in a vertical way. This may impact the performance.

  • Avoid sliding the mount once you have placed it in the right location. Otherwise, it will cause a scratch on the surface.
  • You can use magnetic mounts on Vinyl roofs. It prevents redaction in holding power. Also, it can lead to loss in electrical capacitance. In the long run, this will disrupt the antenna’s operation at certain frequencies.
  • Ensure your antenna is not closely mounted to another antenna. You can stick to 12 inches apart, most preferably 6 inches away. If it is closer than that, this could result in interference.

Installation tips

Having known some pre-installation tips, you can go ahead to install the magnetic mount antenna.

  • Clean off dust and debris from both the bottom and surface of the mount. You should endeavor to repeat this process anytime you are installing a mount.
  • Position the mount on the already cleaned surface and carefully lower it. Just place the mount in a downwards position to make the antenna function as a handle.
  • Once you are through with the first two steps. Then you can now use your magnetic mount antenna.

The Base of Magnetic Mount Antenna

A magnetic mount antenna’s base works with the magnetic principle to fix the antenna onto the surface of a metal securely. Because this attachment is not permanent, it serves as a great and flexible option for different applications. Most magnetic mount antennas are made up of radio frequency connectors that are enclosed in plastic casings. This keeps the magnets attaching to the antenna cables.

In addition, the magnetic mount antenna might feature rubber boots. This serves as added protection. Regarding cable length, size, magnetic strength, these magnetic mounts could vary.The heavy duty type of magnetic mounts feature three magnet bases. This type of mount is appropriate for any large antenna. Furthermore, you need to match each of them to antenna connectors or utilize ideal adapters.

During the installation of the magnetic mount antenna, there is a need to check out the strength of the antenna. This is so because magnetic attraction could cause the mount to snap and then cause injuries into you.

Why are Magnetic Mount Antennas used for Vehicles?

The magnetic mount antennas are usually utilized in vehicles. This is because it provides a quick as well as easy method of installing the antennas onto a vehicle’s roof. Furthermore, these mounts provide better mounting options for custom rigs. Moreover, these mounts cannot work with soft top vehicle roofs.

The positioning of these mounts should be done in the location where the antenna will be screwed. The magnetic mounts will allow you to remove as well as adjust them wherever necessary. The removal of this antenna doesn’t create any damage to the surface you mount it on.

Therefore, they can be easily deployed for emergency services and for use in the military. Radio enthusiasts can also use them as a mobile antenna. Dipole or monopole antennas integrate a magnetic mount. To achieve a firm hold, a monopole antennas’ long rod conductor can be screwed using a magnetic mount. A good number of magnetic antennas incorporate the base-loading system with a special coil at the antenna’s bottom.

Applications of Magnetic Mount Antenna bases

A wide range of applications make use of magnetic mount antenna bases. These antennas are especially useful where mobility is required. For instance, mobile antennas usually operate in motion. Magnetic mounts help in positioning vertically oriented antennas implemented in land-mobile operation to ensure there is undisrupted coverage. Below, we discussed some application where magnetic mount antenna base play critical functions.

GPS antennas

The profound radio navigation system in the world is the GPS. Also known as global positioning system, GPS is vital in wireless communication. Vehicles have GPS antennas and as such, must be exposed outside to make it GPS signal useful. Magnetic mounts can help GPS antennas on vehicles to stay in a firm position where there is enough exposure to the sky.

CB radio

Citizens Band radio (CB radio) utilizes magnetic mount antennas to ensure secure holds. CB radios are popularly used for making business and emergencies communications and as well as weather reports.

Emergency service vehicles

Antennas are critical for communication purposes. Mission-critical communications are needed in emergencies. Therefore, there is a great need for utility vehicles to have antennas that offer temporary solutions installed. One of the benefits of magnetic mount antennas is their ease of installment and removal. These antennas don’t require you to use any special equipment when mounting them. This is what allows them to provide a reliable solution for some use cases such as utility vehicles or emergency service.

Storm chasing

This storm chasing takes record of harsh weather situations. People that storm chase require vehicle mounted instruments to help in meeting their meteorological and navigation demands. In most cases, some amateur GPS and radio frequencies can also track storms and then utilize radio for communicating with the other storm chasers. Magnetic mounts are useful for wind sensors or cellular antennas.

Related Questions


Is it possible to mount the magnetic mount antennas just anywhere?

If the magnetic mount antenna won’t be used on your vehicle, then locating the best magnetic surface for mounting this antenna could be difficult. All metal surfaces like cookie sheets or pizza pans could be appropriate for the installation of the magnetic mount antennas.

Can magnetism impact the performance of the magnetic mount antenna?

 No, this antenna’s magnetic attraction cannot have an impact on how it operates or functions. This is so because magnetic field could have any effect on the receiving or transmitting signals. The magnetism only helps to firmly secure the mount to the metallic surface.

How do you place a magnetic mount antenna on the roof of a vehicle?

When mounting this antenna, ensure you prioritize height and centering. Centering this antenna on a convex roof increases its height.


Magnetic mount antennas are easy-to-install solutions for different applications. These antennas can grip a good surface due to their magnetic mounts. Magnetism is the basis of the functioning of these antennas. Since they are easy to position, they help you get good placement. Magnetic mounts don’t leave any dent or scratch on the surface on which they are installed. You can easily remove this mount.




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