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Top 15 Industrial Robots in The World


Industrial robots are transforming manufacturing and automation across industries ranging from automotive to healthcare. With their ability to precisely and tirelessly perform complex tasks, industrial robots provide huge efficiency and quality benefits.

There are hundreds of industrial robot models available from technology providers worldwide. In this guide, we will highlight the top 15 industrial robots that are driving innovation in manufacturing and reshaping industry. For each model, we’ll cover:

  • Intended applications
  • Key capabilities and specifications
  • Unique strengths
  • Manufacturer overview
  • Example implementations

By the end, you’ll have a solid understanding of the leading industrial robots that are making an impact on manufacturing today. Let’s get started!

Top 15 Industrial Robots

1. FANUC LR Mate 200iD

The LR Mate 200iD from FANUC is one of their most popular table-top industrial robots suitable for lightweight material handling and assembly.

Applications: machine tending, pick and place, inspection, pharmaceuticals

Payload: 7 kg reach 600 mm

Key Features: Long-term precision, reliable Japanese quality, easy programming

Company: FANUC is one of the largest global industrial robot manufacturers. Over 25% of industrial robots worldwide are FANUC robots.

Example Use: Ford uses LR Mate robots for engine subassembly manufacturing.

2. ABB IRB 460

ABB IRB 460 is a fast and flexible palletizing robot ideal for packaging and stacking applications.

Applications: Palletizing, pick and place, stacking, packaging

Payload: 60 kg reach 2.55 m

Key Features: High speed, four-axis flexibility, robust for harsh environments, easy programming

Company: ABB is a global leader in industrial automation and robotics manufacturing.

Example Use: Picturehouse Cinemas uses an IRB 460 robot to automatically stack soft drink cups.


The KUKA KR AGILUS is an extremely versatile small industrial robot designed for assembly, packaging, and handling.

Applications: Assembly, pick and place, machine loading/unloading, welding

Payload: 6 or 10 kg reach 920 mm

Key Features: Compact size, fast cycle times, flexible installation, good value

Company: KUKA is a German industrial robot manufacturer with over 100,000 robots installed worldwide.

Example Use: The KR AGILUS precisely applies adhesive in automotive interior assembly.

4. Universal Robots UR10e

The UR10e collaborative robot from Universal Robots excels at flexible automation for small manufacturing.

Applications: Assembly, pick and place, packaging, testing, CNC tending

Payload: 12.5 kg reach 1300 mm

Key Features: Lightweight, collaborative operation, fast set up, flexible deployment

Company: Universal Robots pioneered the easy-to-use collaborative robot category.

Example Use: UR10e robots assist workers packaging merchandise at BigCommerce.

5. Mitsubishi Electric MELFA RV-7FRM-D

The RV-7FRM-D robot offers a 7kg payload in a compact footprint ideal for benchtop applications.

Applications: Assembly, pick and place, packaging, loading and unloading

Payload: 7 kg reach 892 mm

Key Features: Compact size, high speed, four arm options, reliable quality

Company: Mitsubishi Electric are a global diversified industrial automation provider.

Example Use: Assembling small motors at a Mitsubishi Electric factory.

6. Comau SMART5 NM

The Comau SMART5 NM is an ultra-flexible high speed modular robot for large payloads.

Applications: Material handling, machine tending, assembly, aerospace manufacturing

Payload: 60-270 kg reach 2.8 m

Key Features: Highly modular and customizable configurations, extremely rapid movement

Company: Comau specializes in industrial automation for vehicles, manufacturing, and other industries.

Example Use: Comau robots help assemble helicopters like the AW139.

7. Yaskawa Motoman GP7

The Motoman GP7 industrial robot provides a fast, compact solution for medium payloads.

Applications: Machine tending, material handling, assembly, packaging, palletizing

Payload: 7 kg reach 911 mm

Key Features: High speed, four-axis flexibility, durable construction

Company: Yaskawa Motoman specializes in industrial robotics and automation solutions.

Example Use: Palenight Story manufactures custom lamps with the help of a GP7 robot.

8. Stäubli TX2-60

The Staubli TX2-60 is an ultra-high speed 4-axis robot specialized for picking and packing applications.

Applications: Picking, packing, palletizing, kitting, machine tending

Payload: 60 kg reach 2300 mm

Key Features: Exceptionally fast cycles, high precision, robustness proven in industries

Company: Stäubli is a specialist in textile, robotics, and interconnect solutions.

Example Use: TX2-60 robots rapidly package Chobani yogurt cups after filling.

9. Omron TM Series

The Omron TM coloborative robot series features integrated machine vision and easy deployment.

Applications: Assembly, packaging, pick and place, quality inspection

Payload: 5 or 10 kg reach 1300 mm

Key Features: Integrated camera system, compact footprint, simple programming

Company: Omron specializes in automation, sensing, components, and robotics.

Example Use: TM5 assists workers gently handling baked goods for packaging and palletizing.

10. Epson C12XL

The Epson C12XL is a powerful 6-axis SCARA industrial robot capable of extremely fast cycle times.

Applications: Assembly, pick and place, packaging, loading and unloading, diagnostics

Payload: 6 kg reach 500 mm

Key Features: Ultra-fast 0.39 second cycles, compact footprint, reliable Japanese quality

Company: Epson specializes in advanced robotics, printers, and other technology.

Example Use: Automating insertion of bearings into drivetrain components.

11. Nachi SC1000F

The Nachi SC1000F delivers high performance, flexibility, and durability in a compact 6-axis package.

Applications: Machine tending, material handling, assembly, pick and place

Payload: 6 kg reach 1000 mm

Key Features: Long lifespan, high repeatability, advanced safety features, fast wrist joint

Company: Nachi manufactures versatile industrial robots globally.

Example Use: Nachi robots assist with quality control inspection on automotive assembly lines.

12. Doosan DR-5W

The DR-5W from Doosan is a durable 5-axis articulated arm robot suitable for welding, soldering, and dispensing.

Applications: Spot welding, dispensing, material handling, machine loading

Payload: 5 kg reach 1492 mm

Key Features: Precise path control, long reach, rugged IP67 construction, built-in dress out cabling

Company: Doosan produces over 11,000 robots annually for a wide range of industries.

Example Use: Aerospace component manufacturing and aircraft engine assembly.

13. Techman Robot TM Vision

The Techman TM Vision combines 2D and 3D machine vision with a 5kg 6-axis arm for smart applications.

Applications: Visual inspection, precision assembly, pick and place, packaging

Payload: 5 kg reach 911 mm

Key Features: Integrated camera with vision toolkit, simple programming, good value

Company: Techman Robot specializes in flexible industrial automation solutions.

Example Use: Automated candle inspection using machine vision.

14. Precise Automation SCARA

Precise SCARA robots offer ultra-high speed and precision pick-and-place for small parts assembly.

Applications: Electronics assembly, medical devices, pharmaceutical manufacturing

Payload: 1 or 3 kg reach 250-600 mm

Key Features: Exceptionally fast cycles under 0.5 seconds, high precision gearboxes, compact SCARA design

Company: Precise Automation provides customized automation equipment.

Example Use: High speed PCB loading and unloading for electronics manufacturing.

15. Franka Emika Panda

The Franka Emika Panda is a friendly trainable robot arm designed to be affordable and safe around humans.

Applications: Pick and place, assembly, packaging, machine tending

Payload: 3 kg reach 800 mm

Key Features: Low cost, lightweight, sensitive torque sensing, CSV based programming

Company: Franka Emika is focused on accessible and adaptable robotics.

Example Use: Light material handling and assisting machine operators in a safe manner.


This guide provided an overview of 15 advanced industrial robots that are pushing the boundaries of manufacturing automation in their unique ways. Whether it’s speed, precision, flexibility, vision or human collaboration, these robots represent the leading edge of innovation.

Industrial robot capabilities will only continue advancing. By keeping up with the latest developments, manufacturers can tap into their benefits – from increased efficiency to enhancing worker abilities and safety. The future of automation looks bright with advanced robots at the helm.

Hopefully this gave you a solid understanding of the diverse range of industrial robot models available and their typical applications. As your needs evolve, there is likely a specialized robot that can perform the tasks reliably and precisely.




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