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Everything You Need to Know About 3030C Ceramic Board

The 3030c printed circuit board is a ceramic substrate that finds application in electronic circuitry. Its ceramic composition boasts exceptional thermal conductivity & electrical insulation characteristics, rendering it a preferred material for high-performance heat dissipation in electronic devices.

The moniker “3030c” corresponds to its dimensions, typically measuring 30 millimeters on each side. Alumina, a high heat & corrosion-resistant chemical ceramic, is commonly used in production. These ceramic boards are prevalent in diverse electronic applications, including power electronics, Light Emitting Diode lighting & high-frequency equipment, owing to their ability to withstand elevated temperatures, exhibit exceptional thermal conductivity & offer superior insulation. In sum, ceramic circuit boards 3030c are integral components in numerous electronic equipment that demand optimal heat dissipation & top-notch performance.

The present article will examine various aspects of the ceramic printed circuit board 3030c and its characteristics, organized into distinct sections.

Features of 3030C Ceramic Board

Aluminum nitride ceramic circuit board

1. Material Composition

Constructed from alumina ceramic material, the ceramic circuit board 3030c showcases exceptional resistance to chemical corrosion and heat, owing to its high M.P. of roughly 2050°C and excellent mechanical durability. Consequently, it represents an ideal substance for electronic appliances that demand efficient heat dissipation and high performance.

· Thermal Conductivity

With its excellent thermal conductivity, the ceramic circuit board 3030c can effectively dissipate heat from electronic equipment. Its thermal conductivity arises from the exceptional thermal conductivity of alumina material. Consequently, the ceramic circuit board 3030c is an optimal substance for electronic appliances that generate significant heat.

2. Electrical Insulation

Boasting exceptional electrical insulation, the ceramic circuit board 3030c can impede the current flow. Its electrical insulation characteristics stem from the high insulation resistance of alumina substances. As such, ceramic circuit board 3030c serves as an ideal substance for electronic appliances that demand elevated levels of insulation.

3. Size and Thickness

The ceramic circuit board 3030c comes in a standard size of 30mm square, making it suitable for various electronic applications. While its thickness may vary, it usually falls within the range of 0.5mm-1mm. Additionally, both the thickness & size of the ceramic circuit board 3030c can be tailored to meet the unique specifications of a particular electronic application.

4. Surface Finish

Although the texture of the ceramic circuit board 3030c may differ, it is usually smooth and level. It is a crucial factor as the surface finish can impact the operation of electronic equipment. An even and smooth surface finish guarantees the secure mounting of electronic devices onto the ceramic board and reliable contact between electronic equipment and the board.

Advantages of 3030C Ceramic Board


· High Thermal Conductivity

The ceramic circuit board 3030c is well-suited for applications where effective heat dissipation is essential, thanks to its superior thermal conductivity characteristics. Constructed primarily with alumina, a material known for its high heat transfer coefficient, this board facilitates heat transfer, enabling electronic devices to operate safely within temperature limits.

· Electrical Insulation

The outstanding electrical insulation properties of boards stem from the ceramic substance employed in the ceramic circuit board 3030c. This material is highly proficient at insulation, making it indispensable for high-voltage applications. By offering a dependable and secure solution for isolation, the board plays a critical role in numerous electronic appliances.

· High Strength and Durability

The strength & durability of ceramic substances is widely recognized. The ceramic circuit board 3030c, in particular, possesses a remarkable ability to withstand significant physical stress. This makes it a prime candidate for use in appliances where the circuit board is under mechanical pressure or vibration. Furthermore, this material is incredibly resistant to long-term wear, guaranteeing the board’s longevity.

· Corrosion Resistance

The chemical resistance of ceramic materials is well-established, and the ceramic circuit board 3030c is no different. It can endure exposure to a variety of chemicals & corrosive substances without sustaining any damage. As a result, the board is an excellent choice for use in challenging environments where exposure is a potential issue.

· Excellent Dimensional

The exceptional dimensional stability of ceramic materials is widely recognized, particularly in applications that require tight tolerances. The ceramic circuit board 3030c maintains its size and shape in high-temperature conditions. It ensures that electronic equipment functions in the specified parameters. This feature is critical in preserving the stability of the device and ensuring that it operates efficiently.

· High-Frequency Performance

The ceramic circuit board 3030c is exceptionally well-suited for high-speed electronic applications due to its outstanding high-frequency performance. The material’s(substance’s) high permittivity and low dissipation enable the circuit board to transmit high-speed signals without any loss or degradation. This feature is crucial for maintaining the integrity and quality of the signals, making the board an excellent choice for high-frequency applications.

· Low Cost

Ceramic materials are a cost-effective alternative to other substances like metal. With ceramic circuit board 3030c, electronic equipment manufacturers can create top-notch electronic devices at an affordable price without exceeding their budget.

Applications of 3030C Ceramic Board

· LED Lighting

LED lighting applications commonly utilize ceramic circuit boards 3030c due to their exceptional thermal conductivity characteristics. This feature allows for the effective dissipation of heat, which is critical for sustaining the performance and lifespan of LEDs. Moreover, the remarkable electrical insulation characteristics of the material ensure the safe function of the entire LED(Light Emitting Diode) lighting system.

· Power Electronics

To fulfill the demand for effective heat dissipation in power electronics appliances, ceramic circuit board 3030c stands out as a top choice due to its remarkable thermal conductivity characteristics. Furthermore, the board’s exceptional strength & durability render it perfect for deployment in high-stress power electronics appliances.

· High-Frequency Devices

Ceramic circuit board 3030c proves to be an excellent fit for high-speed electronic equipment, such as Radio Frequency amplifiers & microwave circuits, thanks to its remarkable high-frequency performance. Additionally, the substance’s low dielectric constant feature guarantees less signal degradation, resulting in high-resolution signal transmission.

· Automotive Electronics

The ceramic circuit board 3030c is well-suited for automotive electronics appliances due to its exceptional dimensional stability and high thermal conductivity. It can endure physical strain and high temperatures, rendering it a dependable solution for such applications.

· Aerospace and Defense

The demanding conditions and rigorous physical demands of aerospace & defense applications necessitate electronic components that can endure extreme environments. The ceramic circuit board 3030c, renowned for its exceptional strength, durability, resistance to corrosion, and outstanding electrical insulation qualities, is an optimal selection for such applications.


The ceramic circuit board 3030c finds extensive usage across various electronic appliances necessitating outstanding thermal dissipation, electrical insulation, durability, strength, and stability. Owing to its capability to withstand high-frequency signals and harsh environmental conditions, electronic equipment manufacturers consider it an optimal choice for their products.

To sum up, the ceramic circuit board 3030c presents many benefits that render it a perfect fit for electronic equipment manufacturers. Its superior thermal conductivity, outstanding electrical insulation, robust strength & durability, immunity to corrosion, exceptional dimensional stability, excellent high-frequency operation, and affordability combine to make it a favored option for various electronic applications.




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