RayMing 8 Layer RO4350B+TU768 Microwave PCB Hybrid Board for 5G Testing

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8 layer high frequency PCB board

Hybrid Material: RO4350B+TU768

Layers: 8 layers pcb

Board thickness: 2.0±0.1mm

Minimum aperture: 0.2mm for mechanical aperture

Minimum line width/spacing: 0.35mm

Copper thickness: 1OZ for each inner and outer layer

Soldermask: Green oil with white letters

Surface Process: immersion gold

Application: High-end 5G signal testing


8 Layer HF PCB board is a kind of advanced circuit board with excellent electrical properties and stability for high speed and high performance systems.

During the production process, the 8-layer high frequency PCB board undergoes fine manufacturing techniques and strict quality control to ensure that it has good mechanical and electrical properties. The PCB board also features special design and manufacturing processes to achieve high speed transmission and stable signal integrity.