RayMing 12 Layer Isola FR408HR Segmented Gold Finger PCBs

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Product name: 12-layer segmented gold finger PCB boards


Board Thickness:1.6mm

Number of layers:12 layers PCB

Minimum line width/spacing: 4/4mil

Finished copper thickness: inner layer 1OZ, outer layer 1OZ

Acceptance standard: IPC6012 CLASS 2 level

Surface technology: immersion gold

Dielectric constant: 3.65

Loss Factor: 0.0095

Features: Segmented gold fingers, hard gold plated 50u”

Usage: Data transmission adapter board


12 Layer Segmented Gold Finger PCB Board is an advanced circuit board with excellent electrical properties and stability. This PCB board is designed with segmented gold fingers, which makes the board have better mechanical and electrical properties. Meanwhile, this PCB board is also characterized by high precision, high density and high reliability, which is widely used in communication, electronics, automotive and other fields.

During the production process, the 12-layer segmented gold finger PCB board undergoes fine manufacturing techniques and strict quality control to ensure that it has good mechanical and electrical properties. At the same time, the PCB board is also treated with immersion gold process, which makes the surface metallized and has good conductivity and corrosion resistance. These features make it a high-performance, highly reliable board for a variety of high-end applications.