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Taconic RF-35A2 Ultra Low Loss Power Amplifier Substrate

Power amplifiers are the heart of most modern wireless communication systems. Taconic RF-35A2 PCBs is a particular type that can handle these tasks admirably. These devices use a combination of amplification stages, crossovers, and filters. They provide crystal clear audio at high output power levels. As a result, they minimize losses in the process.

Employing their designed semiconductors provides impressive power transfer levels for minimal power losses.

The RF-35A2 is also very circuit efficient and efficient in power dissipation.

The RF-35A2 has a power output of 1.6 W per channel. Its internal LNA, low noise amplifier, and balun make the amplifier capable of delivering up to 3W of audio into a 10MHz channel at a minimum RF input level of -50dBm.

Since the RF-35A2 is both power and circuit-efficient, it consumes very little energy and produces very little heat. The RF-35A2 has a typical idle current of only 1.5mA. Its peak current consumption is 4.5A RMS at 4W output power. This translates to a peak current consumption of 5.3A with an output of 8W into an 8-ohm load.


Companies like RayMing PCB and Assembly make the RF-35A2. They use a mixture of standard and specialized materials. Most of them are Taconic-made. One can construct the PCB from either FR4 or Rogers 4003 material. The former is more common for power amplifiers due to its stiffness and durability. Other components include MELF resistors. They are extremely small yet provide the same performance as any other resistor.

The RF-35A2 power amplifier can easily remove the substrate from the PCB. It uses a simple Phillips screwdriver. It makes it easy to repair damaged electronic devices.

The substrate can dissipate heat generated by the components. It uses a series of channels beneath the surface of the PCB.

The RF-35A2 works best with Taconic’s TBO-03 heat sink. It improves the amplifier’s thermal dissipation capabilities.

As for connectors on miniaturized devices, many manufacturers use surface mount connectors. They do this to save space and reduce costs. However, this causes signal degradation due to a steep rise in input capacitance. To remedy this, the RF-35A2 uses an IPC-A panel mount connector with a high input capacitance value of 0.025pF.

PCB Layout

Like most Taconic designs, the layout of the RF-35A2 PCB is extremely simple. The entire assembly consists of three main sections. The first section contains the amplification stages, lowpass filters, and volume controls on one side. In contrast, we place highpass filters and output stages on the other.

We use a secondary substrate to support the power LED, DC power jack, and other components necessary for the operation of the amplifier. They place these components to remove the entire assembly using a simple Phillips screwdriver. This feature allows for easy repair and modification of existing devices.

Several traces run along the top edge of the circuit board. We can use them to provide additional components to increase performance or lower costs.

The RF-35A2 is also quite resistant to mechanical damage. For instance, we mount the components on the amplifier in a very sturdy manner. One can operate it safely without worrying about its stability.

The RF-35A2’s PCB uses Taconic’s components to add reliability or reduce cost. This is especially true of resistors and capacitors. Specifically, we select them for their high quality and low cost.

Performance and Use

The RF-35A2 manufacturing process is straightforward. It allows for easy customization and modification. This makes it perfect for use in various other electronic devices—for example, cell phones or wireless routers.

Unlike most power amplifiers, the RF-35A2 can operate for long periods without fail. It gives reliable performance in the harshest environments. It can continue operating even when the amplifier’s temperature reaches 40 °C.

The RF-35A2 is also extremely efficient, and it consumes very little energy while providing high output power.

The RF-35A2’s efficiency and maximum power output are helpful in several different applications. It includes wireless routers and large-scale paging systems.

The RF-35A2 provides high-quality audio and high output levels. So, we often use it in paging systems that cover large areas such as city blocks or office buildings.

In addition to its use in audio amplifiers, the RF-35A2 is also very commonly used as an RF power amplifier in a range of other applications.

Additionally, we often use it for analog satellite systems. It amplifies the frequency-modulated (FM) signal from the LNB. We can also find it in other transmitters. For instance, those used to relay emergency alerts or data from weather satellites.

Test Results

All RF-35A2 power amplifiers underwent testing using an Agilent 8310A spectrum analyzer. They measured the output powers of each amplifier over a wide range of frequencies. It included typical MELF bias voltages and output levels ranging from 11W to 150W converted to approximately 20Vrms. They took all measurements with the amplifier held at ambient temperature. It had free air within the space between the device and the analyzer.

The RF-35A2 was very reliable and stable in most test conditions. It maintained high output levels even with very low bias voltages (below 0.5V). It produced significantly higher output powers at high bias voltages (above 0.8V).

The RF-35A2’s efficiency ranges from an excellent 78% at 8W into 1kΩ of load resistance to an exceptional 93% at 150W into 10Ω of load resistance. In most applications, we will drive the RF-35A2 closer to 0.25V than 0.5V. Still, the amplifier’s output levels were slightly higher at a bias of 0.5V than at a bias of 0.25V. They showed no signs of instability or degradation in performance over extended periods.

Taconic found that the RF-35A2 performed as expected in stability and efficiency even when used with very low bias voltages.

Benefits of using the Taconic RF-35A2 PCB

1. Low cost

We fabricate the RF-35A2 using a very efficient process. The process incorporates several Taconic quality components that cost less. In addition, its reliable performance levels also allow for higher output power at lower drive voltages. It further reduces costs in both the short term and long term.

The low manufacturing cost also gives users flexibility in choosing different amplifiers.

2. Low loss properties

The RF-35A2’s efficiency and loss level also contribute to its low manufacturing cost. The amplifier’s high efficiency allows for increased output levels at lower bias voltages. It reduces cost in the short term by enabling users to use currents that are less than those of alternative devices. In addition, the RF-35A2’s low loss levels allow for greater output power at higher bias voltages. This translates into even higher efficiency and lower long-term cost.

3. DK tolerance of +/- 0.05

The RF-35A2’s onboard DK tolerance of +/- 0.05V reduces long-term costs. Each stage of the RF-35A2 can operate within the device’s specified operating range. This ensures that its performance will be consistent regardless of voltage and temperature. Since the RF-35A2 operates within a very narrow voltage range, we use it in applications with fluctuations in operating power. This allows for more reliable performance and greater ease of operation.

4. Homogeneous DK

The RF-35A2’s common ko bias increases output power at lower drive and bias voltages. Since all amplifier stages can operate within a single voltage range, the Taconic amplifier will produce the same supply voltage throughout its entire life span.

5. Excellent peel strength

Since the RF-35A2 uses a high-quality epoxy resin, its peel strength is extreme. This makes it easier to install and remove, which results in lower installation costs. In addition, strong peel strength also eliminates the need for adhesives. This, in turn, helps strengthen the device and increase its reliability.

6. Ease of drilling

Since the RF-35A2 uses a common drilling method, it is easier to install than other power amplifiers. The RF-35A2’s design allows for the use of a full range of common drilling brands and sizes. Since we can easily modify and repair the device, it helps increase its lifespan and prevent problems with them in the future.


The RF-35A2 can be helpful in a variety of consumer electronic devices. LED lights, wireless transmitters, and RFID chips are a few examples of the many types of devices that you would enjoy.

Since the RF-35A2’s performance levels are excellent even at higher drive voltages, it is also a good choice for applications requiring high output power levels and high output currents.

1. Power amplifiers:

Although the RF-35A2 has a low bias, its DK tolerance ensures that it performs well under more rigorous testing conditions. This translates into more reliable performance at higher output power levels. It is ideal for many applications.

2. Filters/couplers: The RF-35A2’s forward gain and f>10dB return loss ensure that it is an excellent choice for use in filters and couplers.

3. High-speed digital:

The RF-35A2 serves as an effective component in high-speed digital applications.

4. Multilayer:

The RF-35A2’s excellent high-frequency properties make it a good candidate for multilayer PCBs.

5. Passive components: RF-35A2 is an excellent candidate for use as a resistor, inductor, and capacitor die.

6. Wireless antennas:

The RF-35A2’s high efficiency makes it a suitable recipient for wireless antennas.

The RF-35A2 cannot replace any of the current products on the market. However, it offers manufacturers another option in high-performance power amplifiers.

The main drawbacks of the RF-35A2 are that it uses a higher bias voltage than many other devices. Its fmax is lower than that of some other products.


The RF-35A2 is relatively robust. It is also a straightforward wireless power amplifier. It can provide excellent performance at a low cost.

Taconic’s RF-35A2 is a particularly low-cost and efficient power amplifier. It is suitable for many devices, such as cell phones and wireless routers. Since one can modify or repair the board, it helps increase its lifespan and prevent problems with them in the future.

All the power amplifiers tested performed admirably under rigorous testing conditions. The RF-35A2, however, had the lowest power loss levels of all the devices and was only out-performed by a few others. The low loss design of this amplifier makes it ideal for applications where it needs high power output.




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