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The Impact of Shengyi S1600 in PCB Fabrication

Shengyi PCB materials have been existing for a while now. These materials provide an effective solution to PCB fabrication issues. With the advancement in technology, there is a high need for high performance PCBs. With the right material a high performance and high end PCB can be fabricated.

Also, the properties of a PCB material will determine its performance. Therefore, it is important to use the right PCB material for fabricating your boards. In this article, we will be discussing the Shengyi 1600 PCB material and its properties.

What is Shengyi S1600?

Shengyi S1600 is a conventional FR4 PCB material. This laminate features great properties like great tracking resistance and UV blocking. It functions as the base material for a printed circuit board. This PCB base material is ideal for fabricating high end PCBs. Also, this board features properties like high tensile strength and high temperature resistance.

Features of Shengyi S1600

Shengyi 1600 has got great features which include:

UV blocking

This conventional FR-4 PCB material is great at blocking UV rays from the PCB. Therefore, it protects a circuit board from the impact of UV rays.

Great tracking resistance

The comparative tracking index (CTI) of Shengyi S1600 PCB material is ≥ 600V. CTI describes the leakage current resistance of base material of a PCB.  The CTI value specifies Shengyi S1600 resistance against ecological impacts like moisture. Also, this value evaluates the proportionate resistance of Shengyi S1600.

Good PCB Processability

Shengyi S1600 PCB material features great PCB processability. Also, this means that this base material is ideal for PCB manufacturing.

The Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Shengyi S1600

Shengyi S1600 has great thermal and mechanical properties. Each of these properties contributes to the performance of ShengyiS1600.

Low glass transition temperature (tg)

The glass transition temperature of Shengyi S1600 is 135 degree Celsius. This means that at 135 degree Celsius, the temperature of Shengyi S1600 will transform from hard to soft. A PCB base material with this Tg value provides great insulation and low water absorption rate.

Coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)

The coefficient of thermal expansion measures the changes in the size of a material in response to varying temperature. The CTE (Z axis) of Shengyi S1600 is 55 ppm/℃ before glass transition temperature. After Tg, the CTE is 308 ppm/℃.

Decomposition temperature (Td)

Td describes the temperature at which Shengyi S1600 decomposes chemically. The Td of Shengyi S1600 is 310 degree Celsius at 5% weight loss. When a material goes beyond its Td value, changes to its properties are irreversible.

Thermal stress

This refers to mechanical stress caused by temperature change of a material. This helps to create a relative ability of PCBs to withstand the thermal excursions related to rework and assembly. Also, the thermal stress of Shengyi S1600 is >100S at 288 degree Celsius.

Flexural strength

This describes the ability of a PCB material to resist breakage during bending stress. Also, it specifies how Shengyi S1600 resist bending deflection during energy application to the PCB. Therefore, the flexural strength of Shengyi S1600 is 550 MPa.

Peel strength

This evaluates the adhesive strength of materials bonded together. Also, it describes the ability of Shengyi S1600 to resist forces that can peel it apart. The peel strength of Shengyi S1600 is 1.8 N/mm after thermal stress at 288 degree Celsius.

Benefits of Shengyi S1600

Shengyi S1600 provides several benefits. Due to the benefits, this laminate is widely used in PCB fabrication. Below are the benefits of Shengyi S1600

Very durable

Shengyi S1600 PCB material is very durable. Also, this PCB base material can withstand environmental conditions. They have great thermal properties which enable them to tolerate heat or moisture.

Used in wide range of applications

This is another benefit of the Shengyi S1600. Also, you can use this PCB material in a wide range of applications. Also, it can perform differently in several applications. Therefore, it is a part of a PCB with several functions.

Easy to design

It is very easy to design this PCB base material. Therefore, you can work with different designs that suit your application requirement.

Great mechanical and thermal properties

Shengyi S1600 has great thermal and mechanical properties. For instance, the CTE and decomposition temperature of this material is excellent. Also, these properties have a great impact on the performance of the PCBs.

Limitations of Shengyi S1600

Irrespective of the benefits of Shengyi S1600, this material has its downsides.

Not ideal for solder mask rework

The solder mask on a circuit board shields the circuit from any form of corrosion. Also, it prevents the formation of unwanted bridges between elements. Furthermore, Shengyi S1600 isn’t ideal for solder mask rework. When a solder mask damages during or after manufacturing, there is need for repair. However, Shengyi 1600 doesn’t allow solder mask rework.

Not ideal for anti-CAF application

A PCB that is resistant to CAF is anti-CAF. Conductive anodic filament (CAF) is the formation of a metallic filament from an electrochemical migration process. Also, CAF can lead to failures in PCB. Shengyi S1600 is not ideal for anti-CAF applications.

Applications of Shengyi S1600

This PCB base material isn’t ideal for use in Anti-CAF applications. However, Shengyi S1600 is ideal for use in certain applications like:

Consumer electronics

Shengyi S1600 is ideal for fabricating PCBs used for consumer electronics. Also, you will find this laminate in consumer electronics like refrigerators, television, and more.

Power base board

This PCB material is ideal for designing power base boards. Due to its great mechanical and thermal properties, it is a right option for power base boards.

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

This is a flat panel display technology commonly found in computer monitors and TVs. Also, Shengyi S1600 is widely used for designing LCD. This device uses liquid crystals to generate an image. Also, you can find it in mobile phones.

Power delay product (PDP)

Shengyi S1600 is vastly used for PDP applications.


Shengyi S1600 PCB material is an efficient base material for fabricating circuit boards. This laminate features excellent thermal and mechanical properties. Also, it has great benefits. Therefore, this article has provided vital information you need to know about Shengyi S1600.




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