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Rogers Substrate:rogers film,rogers prepreg, rogers Metal Claddings

A printed circuit board, or PCB, is a nonconductive material with conductive lines etched or printed. Both PCB’s dry and wet film refers to those raw materials utilized for the PCBs circuit. The wet film can be described as a blue thick or silky liquid from a simpler substance formed through a chemical process from a resin, which is then included with the help of a filler, pigment, a solvent, and a sensitizer.

Dry films are a kind of high molecular compound. The function of both is quite the same. But, if the PCBs surface is not the flat type and a slim film is needed, the PCB producers can contemplate or decide to make use of a wet film. This is because wet films have a great filing ability. However, they lack protection, therefore the need for increased exposure energy. If the PCB is perforated, this dry film seems to be more applicable and easier in controlling the operations. This film type is easy to handle; however, the unit price of a wet film is lesser compared to the dry type.

More Information about Rogers Film

Rodgers Prepregs and Bondplys are created to be consistently reliable and perform the most demanding multilayer PWB application. Rogers film is an RF pcb board delivered by Rogers company’s crude material.

FR4 – Fire resistant level 4 is the material used in producing most PCBs which is a composite of glass fiber/epoxy, with copper foil overlaid on one of the two sides. Rogers PCB has astounding dielectric steady and temperature security, and its coefficient of warm extension of dielectric constant is predictable with that of copper foil, which can be utilized to improve the deficiency of PTFE substrate. It is truly reasonable for the plan of fast and high-recurrence circuits, just as the use of microwave and RF items.

In view of its low water assimilation, it may be utilized for high dampness applications. Rogers PCB is an exceptional PCB with a certain specialized edge. The overall PCB Plant is too inconvenient to even consider making it. Despite the modest number of requests from clients, they don’t have any desire to do it or rarely do it. Raypcb is an expert maker of Rogers PCB, which can address the issues of clients.

Rogers Metal Claddings

Different versions of metal claddings are available in the following foil type:

  • Rolled
  • Electrodeposited
  • Electrodeposited Reverse Treated
  • Resistive Foil

Advantages of Rogers PCB substrate

rogers laminates

Materials termed FR-4 give the major norm to printed circuit board substratum or base. This ensures a broadly powerful harmony between costs, sturdiness, execution, and manufacturability. In any case, as execution and features of electronics assume a significant part in your plans, Rogers’s materials enjoy the benefits as follows:

  • Low electrical loss
  • Successful PCB creation
  • Lower loss of dielectric
  • Better warm administration
  • Wide scope of Dk (dielectric constant) values (2.55 to 10.2)
  • Low outgassing for application of space
  • Improvement in the impedance handling

Substrates Used in PCB Manufacturing

On all electrical devices, you’ll find a printed circuit board. It is the carrier of all electronic devices. From domestic appliances to automotive electronic appliances, you’ll find PCB. PCB boards are very important. So what are the materials used in the PCB manufacturing process? Here are the materials used:

Base: PCB real material is a copper-clad substratum. The base is a resin plate that has copper on its two sides.

Copper Foil: This is the conductor which makes a wire at the top of the base. There are two major ways used in the manufacturing of copper foil – Electrolysis and calendaring.

PP: This is an extremely important material in its natural state, used in the manufacturing of the board. Also, it provides adhesion between the layers. It has a resin element as its central substance that has sensitivity to a specific spectrum and goes through a photochemical reaction.

Solder Resist ink: This is the resistance of the solder. It is a liquid photosensitive substance that has no relation to liquid solder. It hardens and changes under slight exposure to radiation of a particular spectrum. It can be referred to as ink. The color on the board we see is the color of the solder mask.

Film: This is material that makes use of photosensitive materials in recording images.

What Role Does Dry and Wet Films Play in Manufacturing PCB?

It is a fact that the circuit patterns need to be transposed to circuit boards from CAD files. To achieve this, it requires several materials and processes. The PCB manufacturer during the development and exposure process makes use of a kind of cleanable chemical protective films to convey the circuit patterns to CCL.

They are usually divided into two namely: wet film and dry film. Wet and dry films are materials that are photosensitive that react chemically under particular wavelengths of light. Dry Films can be categorized into two major types: photopolymerization and photodecomposition.

Wet films represent photosensitive liquid resist. Dry films are not hard to process, it doesn’t have any effect on the holes on the board, and it has benefits when dealing with a circuit of higher density. Dry films are quite expensive than wet films.

Wet films have high accuracy and suit an uneven surface, but demand accurate control of uniformity and thickness. Wet films are more difficult to control unlike dry films but there is price relativity. Additionally, the waste liquid produced is also not friendly to the environment.


By now, you should understand the difference between dry and wet films. PCB dry films are better than wet films. They are also convenient and stable. The only disadvantage it has is that it is expensive. With the advancement of electronic innovation, there are electronic items calling for an ever-increasing number of materials, like Rogers substrate, which is utilized for high recurrence circuits. This ensures that there is an improvement in electrical execution as utilized in protection, aviation, and versatile organization applications.




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