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High Qualtiy Rogers SYRON 7000 PCB Board

Rogers SYRON 7000 high-performance thermoplastic circuit materials offer an exceptional solution for PCB applications used in various environmental conditions. These materials are specifically designed for applications that require high-temperature stability. These thermoplastic circuit materials are known to offer a higher melt temperature.

The estimated relative thermal index of Rogers 7000 is more than 210°C (410°F). These laminates feature great chemical and radiation resistance. They are flame retardant and environmentally friendly. These halogen-free laminates match with lead-free solder processes.

They can withstand solvents and chemical reagents used in PCB processing and can perform well in harsh chemical environments. These laminates are fabricated for maximum operating temperature. They also offer excellent signal transmissions and electrical qualities. This is an ideal option for designers since they are suitable for circuits operating via microwave frequencies.

Properties of Rogers SYRON 7000

Rogers SYRON 7000 laminates are recommended for flex-to-install applications, automotive sensors, and feed manifolds. These laminates have exceptional electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties. Some of these properties include;

Low dielectric constant: The dielectric constant of Rogers SYRON 7000 is 3.4 at 10GHz. This material features a low dielectric constant which makes it suitable for high-performance applications. This property enables this material to perform over a wide range of frequencies.

Excellent coefficient of thermal expansion: The coefficient of thermal expansion measures the rate at which a material expands when exposed to varying temperatures. The CTE of Rogers SYRON 7000 in the X and Y axis is measured at 18 and 23 ppm/°C.

High thermal conductivity: The thermal conductivity of Rogers SYRON 7000 is 0.35 W/m/K, this is considered high.  This implies that this material can transfer thermal energy easily. This property also helps to contribute to better performance.

Low dissipation factor: The dissipation factor of this material is measured at 0.0045 at 10GHz. This is considered low, which makes Rogers SYRON 7000 exhibit a low loss of power. With a low dissipation factor, the material is of great importance when used in high-frequency applications.

Excellent dimensional stability: The dimensional stability of this material is measured at -0.04 and -0.1. This dimensional stability is great for a high-frequency material.  Rogers 7000 laminate can maintain its size in any environmental condition.

Excellent dielectric thickness and thickness tolerance: The dielectric thickness of SYRON 7000 is measures at 0.002 while its thickness tolerance is +/ 12.5%

Advantages of Rogers SYRON 7000

Rogers 7000 pcb

Rogers 7000 is a high-frequency thermoplastic material with a lot of advantages. This laminate is mechanically and electrically stable which makes them a perfect option in applications demanding high temperatures.

Flame retardant: Rogers 7000 is flame-retardant and this is a great advantage for designers. This material conforms to the standards of flammability. This material has passed through the flammability test and has proved to be a flame-retardant circuit material.

Maximum operating temperature: This material is ideal for applications that require high-temperature stability. It is a mechanically stable material ideal for high temperature applications. Its melt temperature is higher than that of PTFE circuit materials.

Environmentally friendly: Rogers 7000 is halogen-free and is lead-free solder capable. It also has low smoke. This material is free of halogen and any lead element. It is designed to maintain high-performance standards but with safe environmental impacts

Exceptional chemical resistance: This material can withstand solvents and chemical reagents used in the processing of PCBs. Rogers 7000 can also perform well when subjected to harsh chemical environments. This material provides great radiation and chemical resistance.

Low-profile cladding: This high-performance material is clad with low-profile electrodeposited copper foil. SYRON 7000 is also available in different metal cladding such as copper, nickel, and aluminum.

Rogers SYRON 7000 Applications

Rogers 7000 offers stable performance in very low and high temperatures. These high-frequency thermoplastic laminates have a track record in different critical applications. These adhesiveless laminates have improved tensile strength, impact resistance, and dimensional stability. It is ideal in applications like;

  • Lightweight feed manifolds
  • Conformal circuitry
  • Automotive sensors
  • Airborne lightning strike protection
  • Flex-to-install applications
  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Battery packaging

Factors to Consider When Ordering Rogers SYRON 7000

There are several factors to take into consideration when ordering Rogers SYRON 7000. It is important you consider the following:

Application requirements: Ensure that the mechanical and electrical properties of this material are compatible with the applications you intend to use it for. Consider properties like dielectric constant, peel strength, CTE, dissipation factor, and the likes.

Installation space size: You must consider the size of the installation space. Since these circuit board laminates are available in several sizes, you should choose a size that matches the installation space.

Type of cladding: Rogers SYRON 7000 laminates are clad with low-profile electrodeposited copper foil available in different dimensions.

Panel size:  Rogers 7000 is available in various panel sizes such as 12 x 18 in. (305 x 457 mm) and 24 x 18 in. (610 x 457 mm).

Availability: You should make a proper and prior inquiry about the availability of the material. Ensure you confirm that this material is available in bulk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is copper used as the PCB material for conductive layers? Although other materials like silver and gold can be used in PCBs as the conductive layer, copper materials are commonly used for the conductive layer. This is because copper is an excellent conductor of electrical signals. Copper is economical and widely available compared to silver and gold. Also, this material is considered a good thermal conductor.

How do I order Rogers 7000? When ordering Rogers 7000, you should determine the material specifications you are interested in and select the right panel size. You should also choose the right material thickness and thickness tolerance.


Rogers SYRON 7000 high-frequency laminates are used in the production of PCBs with high-frequency requirements. These laminates have a low dielectric loss and are dielectric constants that meet your requirements. These innovative laminates are fabricated for environments with maximum operating temperature.

Rogers 7000 laminates provide impressive electrical and mechanical properties. They provide excellent signal transmissions which makes them suitable in microwave frequency applications.




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