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Does the Isola I-Speed PCB Material have a High Thermal and Electrical Performance?

Are you in need of a PCB material that can serve different markets and applications? One that has great thermal stability, high density interconnect, and high speed digital. Then we have you covered because truly not all PCB materials you find out there can offer all these features.

Our simple answer and solution is the Isola I-Speed PCB Material. True, you are not sure with my suggestion, but soon, you’ll understand that this material truly has these great qualities.

In this article, we will be discussing what it is, its benefits or attributes, its applications, as well as its general properties. If this really interests you, why not take your time to read this article, and you’ll be glad you did.

What is the Isola I-Speed PCB Material?

The Isola I-Speed PCB Material is a FR-4 Tg180 Resin system that can serve multilayer applications where there’s a need for great thermal performance, as well as maximum reliability.

The manufacturing of the I-speed prepreg and laminate products is possible using the multi-functional high performance patentable system of Isola, using electric grade glass fabric.

Furthermore, this system usually delivers an improvement of 15% in the expansion of the Z-axis. Also, it offers an additional 25% of electrical bandwidth. This indicates lower loss compared to the competitive products present in the space.

All these properties, in addition to the better moisture resistance during reflow, leads to a product which bridges a gap from both the electrical and thermal perspective.

Furthermore, the Isola I-Speed PCB Material resin system offers UV blocking and laser fluorescing. This ensures its compatibility with optical systems for positioning, solder mask photo imageable imaging, and AOI systems.

The attributes of the Isola I-Speed PCB Material includes high speed digital, high thermal reliability, and high density interconnect. Also, this PCB material is useful in aerospace and defense, networking and communications, computing, peripherals, and storage, and lastly medical, instrumentation, and industrial.

What are the Applications of the Isola I-Speed PCB Material?

Below are the applications of the Isola I-Speed PCB Material

Computing, storage, and peripherals

The rise in demand for smart and connected devices needs extra bandwidth. This is to aid easy data accessibility and transmission. Also, Isola has been able to engineer its digital materials at high speed, just to support the Internet of Things’ foundation. In addition, the Isola I-Speed PCB Material ensures processing ease, thermal reliability, as well as electrical properties that are stable, which includes the dissipation factor (Df) and the dielectric constant (Dk).

Networking and Communication

As bandwidth is becoming a very serious issue when it comes to networking and communication. PCB materials like the Isola I-Speed PCB Material are becoming very important. Engineers that deliver services to these markets use the Isola I-Speed PCB Material.

This is due to its laminates’ reliability, and high performance, which meets the greatest quality for satellite, voice, and video services, as well as other applications that are data-intensive where bandwidth has become a problem.

Aerospace & Defense

The high speed RF/microwave and digital materials of the Isola I-Speed PCB Material are great for aerospace and military applications. This is because they provide high temperatures of glass transition, as well as low rates of expansion and high decomposition temperature. These above attributes are necessary for demanding aerospace and military applications.

Medical, Industrial and Instrumentation

The portfolio of the Isola I-Speed PCB Material of low loss, high reliability materials supports different medical applications, which includes implantable devices, hybrid devices, imaging and monitoring systems having data and telecom processing capability, as well as other devices.

What are the Attributes of the Isola I-Speed PCB Material?

The following are the attributes of the Isola I-Speed PCB Material.

High Thermal Reliability

The requirement for thermal reliability is in two categories. First, has to do with a PCB’s survival via assembly excluding defects like delamination or blisters. The other category has to do with thermal reliability with respect to the environment for operation all through the lifetime of the product. The two types are critical.

High Speed Digital

The Isola I-Speed PCB Material provides different high-speed digital materials, which delivers superior CAF resistance and superior performance. These materials of low-loss are for applications requiring high signal integrity and reliability. Furthermore, these HSD materials are halogen-free for green electronics.

A high speed digital product that is successful relies on the type of PCB material. Different factors like the data rate, high speed digital channel length, and the processing and thermal considerations must be considered when you are selecting the material.

High Density Interconnect

The attributes of the high density interconnect are designs of PCBs, which use a rise in feature density in order to achieve stack ups that are thinner, layer count that is less and a weight that is lighter.

Isola’s high performance products like the Isola I-Speed PCB Material offer a thermally robust performance, which is necessary for the lamination cycles for the complex structures.

What is the Thermal and Electrical Performance of the Isola I-Speed PCB Material?

The Isola I-Speed PCB Material has two main values as its thermal performance. First, is the temperature for glass transition which stands at 180 degrees Celsius. This means that, with this temperature, the PCB’s mechanical stability will not fail all through the PCB’s lifetime.

Furthermore, the decomposition temperature (Td) stands at 360 degrees Celsius. This means that you will require a very high temperature before this material can decompose chemically or lose about 5% of its mass weight. This shows that the Isola I-Speed PCB Material is very reliable.

There are two properties that also describe electrical performance. The dielectric constant is 3.64, while the dissipation factor is 0.0060. This means that the Isola I-Speed PCB Material has a high ability to act as an insulator or hold energy.


We hope that you understand all you have read on the Isola I-Speed PCB Material here. The Isola I-Speed PCB Material has great electrical and thermal properties and will function effectively in different applications. If you have any more questions, please reach out to us here.




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