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What are the Applications of the Isola DE104 PCB Material?

Can Isola DE104 PCB material resist exposure to flame or fire? Or can its components withstand pressure from fire? The Isola DE104 has the capacity to withstand fire. It is a fire resistant laminate. It is the type of laminate that doesn’t catch fire easily.

Therefore, there are interesting things to learn about this CAF resistant prepreg system. This article focuses on its flammability, areas of application, and other fascinating information about this laminate. Kindly read through carefully and enjoy this well researched write-up.

What is the Isola DE104 PCB Material?

Have you used this laminate and prepreg material before? What was the experience like for you? There is no doubt that this prepreg material is one of the best you could ever use for your multilayer applications.

The Isola DE104 is a laminate material that has the capacity to hold multiple layers in applications and several circuit boards. This PCB laminate material has an exceptional thermal resistance which is one of the features it possesses.

Hence, it has low CTE in its Z-axis. This is a durable prepreg system that has some unique resin system. Also, its dissipation factor of electrical performance is about 0.022 and has 4.37 as its dielectric constant.

In addition, this laminate material operates on 135 degrees Celsius for its  glass transition temperature. Interestingly, this prepreg material has a decomposition temperature of about 315 degree Celsius.

So, it has FR-4 processing and is compatible with any lead free material. However, its processing must comply with standard approvals. This laminate meets the demand of IPC-4101. Both the laminate and prepreg appear in panel form.

Also, the prepreg appears in roll form while the laminate appears in a complete size sheet. It comes with Reverse Treat Foil as the kind of copper foil used in production. Plus, there is heavier copper as well as thinner copper for its type of copper weight.

This prepreg material has E-glass fabric. As well, it is available in spread glass fabric and weave glass fabric. The former (spread glass) is mechanical while the latter (weave glass) is square. Isola DE104 can block any ultraviolet radiation. Thus, this is one of its processing advantages.

Flammability of Isola DE104 PCB Material

Every laminate and prepreg system has a level of how flammable it could be. Meanwhile, there are different variations for various laminate materials. There are some prepreg systems that don’t retain their bonding strength when they come in contact with fire. They loosen up and the stability reduces. Thereby, it catches fire easily. However, Isola DE104 has a tendency to perform exceptionally without modification when exposed to fire.

So, during flammability testing, one needs to measure the propensity to which this laminate can catch fire. How difficult or easy can it be? Therefore, flammability testing is vital during soldering process. You consider the level or degrees of temperature that one exerts on this laminate during exposure to heat, flame or fire.

Note that, during flammability testing, observation is key. You need to know conditions that could trigger Isola DE104 to get ignition. One of such factors could be related to the degrees of temperature in such an atmosphere. Doing this enables you to know the maximal limit that one could get to that leads to the laminate catching fire.

Therefore, designers must always consider the ambient temperature at which they are testing flammability. The rate at which this laminate burns is also worthy of consideration. For instance, if it catches fire, how does it burn? Is it such a combustible laminate material? Ordinarily, this type of laminate doesn’t catch fire easily. Although flammability testing is vital for every class of prepreg system and laminate material.

What are the Applications of Isola DE104

This prepreg and laminate material can be applicable in several ways. Thus, it is a type of laminate that designers use for different applications in many industries. Let us consider some of these areas where you can apply Isola DE104 PCB material.


This is one of the major areas where you apply this prepreg system. For automobiles, laminate material helps to enhance their performance. It is useful for the transportation industry because this laminate is applicable for the movement of automobiles.

Also, Isola DE104 protects features of the automobile against any form of harm. Therefore, one can’t neglect the importance of this laminate in the automotive industry.

Consumer Electronics

When it comes to consumer electronics, this laminate works effectively for it. Accordingly, for many electronic devices, Isola DE104 PCB material is applicable. Hardly does any consumer electronics function without this laminate.

You find this laminate material in computers, television, radio, smartphones, and different devices individuals make use of in their respective homes. This laminate makes these appliances work without any barrier. Moreover, it aids transmission of signals in these devices. Furthermore, you find this PCB laminate in headphones, tablets, VR devices, game consoles, and digital cameras.

Instrumentation Engineering

This is one other significant area of Isola DE104. It is useful in recording and measuring instruments. This helps in the installation of devices for automation. Furthermore, it enables these instruments to enhance performance as well as sound insulation.

Medical and Industrial

This laminate material is useful for several medical applications. Also, it enhances speed and high performance in industrial machines. For implantation devices, this laminate material helps to improve the strength of it.

Features of Isola DE104 PCB Material

CAF Resistant

Isola DE104 is CAF resistant as it helps to avoid any electromechanical corrosion in devices. This helps the applications to be reliable and flexible. As a result of its CAF resistance, this laminate becomes durable and retains its high performance.

Lead Free Compatibility

This laminate has lead free assembly compatibility which makes it a different laminate from several others. It is also compatible with FR-4 processing.

Low Water Absorption

Interestingly, this laminate doesn’t allow the flow of water through its component parts. Also, it has low moisture absorption as moisture is never something to worry about when using it.


Isola DE104 PCB material is one that can last long. It is not highly flammable and can withstand heat. Thus, it makes it easier to be applicable in various ways. Also, this prepreg system is CAF resistant and has low water absorption as parts of its features. It is available in both thinner and heavier copper foil.




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