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The History of Wurth PCB – Custom PCB Design, Fabrication, and Assembly Services

You’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering what a Wurth PCB is. Read about this iconic component’s history and the cantilever’s common-mode power line chokes. You’ll also learn about Wurth’s Allied Companies like Rayming PCB & Assembly. They provide electrical installation materials, electronic components, and financial services. With over 3 million customers worldwide, human beings drive the Wurth Group, and its special corporate philosophy is evident.

Wurth PCB

The Wurth Group is a global leader in fasteners and tools, headquartered in Hamburg. Today, the company employs more than eight thousand people, primarily in Germany. Its product portfolio includes fasteners, tools, and equipment. The company serves a wide variety of industrial clients and has more than 125,000 products. Its products are available through over 450 distribution sites worldwide.

In press-fit technology, the company produces PCBs, electro-mechanical components, and passive electronic assemblies. In addition, the company is involved in numerous external research communities. As the first producer of CIS photovoltaic modules and complete solar power systems, Wurth employs more than 6000 people worldwide. In 2010, the company reported an increase in sales of 37 percent to more than 1.1 billion euros. In 2007, the company grew its sales by more than 29 percent to reach 2.8 billion euros. Additionally, the group has continued to expand its product offerings.

In the 1970s, Reinhold Wurth recognized the burgeoning electronics industry and started producing circuit boards and measurement instruments for that industry. Located initially at Bahnhof Strasse in Kunzelsau, the company later incorporated itself into the Schwabisch Hall commercial register. After establishing its first circuit board plant, Wurth Elektronik expanded its operations in Niedernhall, a facility that now boasts two thousand square meters of production area.

Wurth PCB cantilever

The Wurth PCB cantilever history began in 1945, when Adolf Wurth started a screw wholesale business in Kunzelsau, Germany. His son, Reinhold, took over the company in 1954 when he was only 19 years old. By the time the business reached EUR 1 billion in sales, the company had grown to over 200 employees. The company continues to thrive today. Its name derives from the family name of Wurth and the Ws of two screw heads, one round and one cylindrical.

In addition to the PCB cantilever, Wurth has been active in professional cycling since 2000. Before that, the company sponsored the ONCE-Eroski Pro Cycling Team and continued to support the team through the Panasonic Toyota Racing team. The Wurth logo appeared on team trucks and official communications. In addition, Wurth is the official brake fluid supplier for the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) and is the exclusive partner of Audi Sport.

Wurth is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of printed circuit boards, including innovative specialties and standard products. Its PCB portfolio includes double-sided and multi-layer PCBs in all current technologies. In addition to PCB cantilevers, Wurth offers a wide range of advanced circuit boards, including heatsink technology. And with a global presence, Wurth is committed to helping you develop the next big idea.

Wurth PCB common-mode power line chokes

Common mode power line chokes are an integral part of any electronic circuit. The WE-CMB series, for example, are used as output filters or power filters, depending on the application. The WE-CMB is particularly effective at suppressing motor interference and features a perfect core/winding ratio. It also features a low-heat design while still achieving a high inductance.

The WE-CMBH choke from Wurth Electronics is an ultra-compact horizontal common-mode power line choke with a low profile height of 22mm. Its low capacitance winding technology provides high suppression over a wide frequency range, from 150kHz to 30 MHz. The WE-CMBH choke offers nominal currents of up to 10A and is suitable for various motor interference suppression and power filter applications.

The WE-CMBNC series of Wurth PCB chokes offer a burst and noise filter. They consist MnZn and NiZn core materials and feature increasing electromagnetic immunity characteristics. As a result, we-CMBNC chokes are particularly suitable for suppressing asymmetric interference in low-frequency applications and motors and power electronics. In addition, these chokes also offer excellent suppression of noise in high-frequency ranges.

Why Choose Wurth Printed Circuit Boards?

One of the reasons to use Wurth Printed Circuit Boards is that they have a comprehensive product range, and can produce all types of circuit boards, regardless of the size of your project. With over 120 new PCB designs produced daily, Wurth serves over 4,000 customers, from large multinational companies to small one-person development offices. WE have more than 100 workers in both field sales and internal sales, and this strong network is the foundation of WE’s service portfolio. In addition, Wurth has an online ordering platform to make purchasing printed circuit boards fast and convenient.


The REDCUBE SMD is a small-diameter, multi-layer surface-mount device with high power handling capabilities. Its design features low contact resistance and low self-heating to ensure high density without critical heat development on the PCB. Furthermore, it offers high holding force and 90-degree Board-to-Board connections. Its unique features and advantages are perfect for high-volume production and prototype applications.

REDCUBE Terminals

REDCUBE Terminals from Wurth Elektronik provide a high-power connection solution designed to offer ultra-low contact resistance and low self-heating. The terminals are available in press-fit, through-hole, plug configurations and support currents of up to 500 A. This makes them ideal for power converters, battery systems, and solar cells applications. To learn more about the benefits of Wurth REDCUBE terminals, read on.

Wurth PCB Mount Fuse Holders

Designed for board-mount circuit protection applications, Wurth PCB mount fuse holders offer various working voltages. They can handle up to 1500Vac/min and feature a dielectric withstanding voltage of 250V ac. In addition, the fuse holder’s nickel-plated body resists corrosion. If you’re considering a Wurth PCB mount fuse holder, you’ll be happy to know that these holders are available in various sizes.


The Wurth WR-TBL series terminal blocks are available in several different connection options. With a large modular terminal block, they meet most requirements of the industrial marketplace. These terminal blocks are UL/cULus listed and are ideal for use in various applications. In addition to offering a variety of connections, they also come with a pressure clamp and a rising cable outlet. These terminal blocks feature spring mechanisms to ensure quick and simple installation for ease of installation.

WR-TBL connector

The WR-TBL series terminal blocks from Wurth Elektronik are available with the highest quality standard for use in a wide variety of applications. These blocks feature a spring mechanism and come in two versions: pluggable and with pressure clamps. UL/cUL-certified, the WR-TBL series is also available in different pin configurations, from two to twelve pins. In addition to being RoHS compliant, the WR-TBL series features various other features that make them particularly versatile.

WR-TBL plastic housing

With the WR-TBL series 3611, the WR-TBL is a pluggable cable system available in different connection types. This type of cable entry system provides the user with a large modular terminal block that can accommodate most of the needs of the industrial market. In addition, the WR-TBL series 3611 features a vertical cable entry plug of 3.50mm. This is a popular choice for many applications.


Wurth WR-TBL SMT terminal blocks offer superior quality standards and are suitable for a wide range of applications. In addition, they can be customized according to customer requirements, allowing for maximum flexibility in how we use them. Available in a range of different styles, the WR-TBL terminal blocks feature a GWT (Global Wire Thickness) version, a rising clamp system, or a pluggable design.

While Wurth Elektronik eiSos GmbH & Co. KG is committed to providing accurate information, the company makes no representations or warranties regarding its accuracy, suitability, or functionality. This information is provided for convenience only, and Wurth Elektronik eiSos GmbH & Co. KG disclaims all liabilities arising from its use. Please consult your engineer before implementing Wurth WR-TBL SMT spacers in your designs.




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