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What are the Common Ventec Materials for PCB Circuit Boards?

Ventec is known as a global leader when it comes to producing high performance and high quality copper clad prepregs and laminates. Through its U.S. and European subsidiaries, this company provides local services to its customers through its global reach. It also delivers complete research & development and development capabilities.

Furthermore, these Ventec materials for PCB are very useful in different applications. In this article, we will be considering the materials that Ventec offers, their benefits, areas where they are applicable, and more.

Applications and Materials Offered by Ventec

Ventec offers different products, which serve the copper clad laminate and prepreg markets. These include a complete range of different polyimide products that includes prepregs that suit hole filling (with no-flow and low-flow options).

Commonly, Ventec’s FR-4 material is very useful for daily PCB fabrication. It is possible to manufacture the high quality epoxy glass prepreg and laminate material in custom as well as standard core thicknesses. Typically, they are useful in high and low power applications and they are well known for their great dielectric properties and high Tg.

What are the Common Ventec Materials for Printed Circuit Boards?


Here are some of the well-known Ventec materials for PCB present in the market

Tec-speed 20.0

The Tec-speed 20.0 works with a frequency performance that is unmatched, highest reliability as well as greater loss properties. In addition, this PCB material is manufactured for majority of high frequency PCB applications


The VT-5A2 offers a form of polymer matrix, which is completely feasible with the Ventec PCB, epoxy-based or polyimide-based materials. This is why it is a great option when fabricating low-loss multilayer PCBs.

Furthermore, it has the best thermal conductivity performance, high temperature for glass transition, as well as the best thermal performance

VT-4B Series

The VT-4B series offers the right performance and properties for better heat management of Insulated Metal Substrates that are designed for bending and forming. It has a minimal and tiny radius, which ensures easy installation even in very tight spaces to ensure classic printed circuit board assembly.

This Ventec material for PCB provides a wide thermal performance selection, coupled with a dielectric that is flexible, which won’t crack or peel.


This is another important Ventec material for PCB, which is great for applications requiring high mechanical strength and temperature stability. In addition, this polyimide substrate has a high temperature for glass transition (Tg), low coefficient of thermal expansion at the Z-axis, as well as a high flex strength.

In addition, the VT-901 has extended T288 and T260 times, which are necessary for the maintenance of dimensional stability and integrity, even when under some extreme loads. Furthermore, this Ventec material for PCB is a non-MDA and secure formula that features low outgassing and is available as a laminate or as a prepreg.

It has a great electrical performance, which offers high electrical resistance and isolation resistivity to arcing, tracking, and dielectric breakdown. However, the low dielectric constant and low dissipation factor of the VT-901makes sure that there is a better signal integrity for computing and communications.


This Ventec material for PCB has a high temperature for glass transition and a great thermal reliability. In addition, it has UV blocking, as well as CAF resistance. Furthermore, it also has a low coefficient of thermal expansion at the Z-axis. It is lead-free compatible and has a phenolic cure system.

In addition, the application of this Ventec material can be seen in Communication Equipment, Computer, Medical, Automotive, Router, Server, Precise Instrument and Apparatus, Instrumentation, etc.

Also, this material is available in different core thicknesses that fall within 0.05 mm (0.002”) to 5mm (0.200”). You can also find it in either panel or sheet form. Furthermore, the prepregs come in either panel or roll form and its copper foil falls within ¼ oz and 12 oz.

Standard FR4

The high-quality epoxy-glass FR4 prepregs and laminates in custom and standard core thicknesses, and copper foil gauges serving low and high power applications. Its high peel and flex strength, high Td, and high Tg, mixes with its great dielectric properties.

In addition, its low Z-axis, and X-Y axis for coefficient of thermal expansion ensures dimensional stability and solder-joint integrity up to operating temperatures that are high.

What are the Benefits of the Ventec Material for PCB?

The main benefits of the Ventec Material for PCB include the following:

  • Laser fluorescing
  • CAF resistance
  • Low CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion)
  • Great thermal reliability
  • Offers great dimensional stability
  • UV Blocking
  • This material has mechanical features that are uniform, which assists in limiting the PIM
  • High temperature of glass transition (Tg value is 180 degrees centigrade)

Applications of the Ventec Material for PCB

Ventec material for PCBs is useful in these equipment and devices.

What Electrical Properties are Suitable for the Ventec PCB Material?

Below are the electrical features you have to look for when using the Ventec material for PCB.

Low dielectric constant: This facilitates the quick propagation of signal

Low dissipation factor: This helps in the maximization of power that is delivered. It also permits PCB applications of high power.

Consistent dissipation factor and dielectric constant: There is a uniform dissipation factor and dielectric constant all through the planned application’s operating bandwidth. This prevents phase distortion, as well as offers a uniform impedance of the transmission

Also, the dissipation factor and dielectric constant is consistent with changes in temperature.

Quality Certifications of the Ventec Material for PCB

The Ventec material has some quality certifications. These include the following.

  • IPC Certification
  • ITAR Certification
  • Military Certifications
  • PCQR Certifications
  • AS9100 Certification


By now, you must have gained so much knowledge regarding the Ventec material for PCB. With its great properties, you should use this for any of your PCB projects. If you have any questions, we at Rayming PCB & Assembly are here for you!




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