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Shengyi SI10US PCB Material: A Solution to Thermal Problems in PCB Fabrication

When it comes to high-quality PCB materials, Shengyi PCB materials are the best. Using the best PCB material for your PCB fabrication has a lot of advantages. Therefore, it is important to always consider the type of PCB material you use for your boards.

Also, some applications demand high performance PCBs. Therefore, it is crucial to use a reliable and high performance PCB material. The Shengyi SI10US PCB material is such a material.

What is Shengyi SI10US PCB Material?

Shengyi SI10US is a halogen-free PCB laminate. It serves as the main raw material used in the fabrication of PCBs. This PCB material is lead free. Therefore, it is commonly used in fabricating PCBs. Also, it features great mechanical and thermal properties.  Also, this PCB material meets the thermal demands of applications.

With a high flexural modulus and lower CTE, this material is ideal for high performance applications. Also, this material contributes to the functionality of a printed circuit board. In addition, Shengyi SI10US is a high Tg material with high flexural modulus.

General Properties of Shengyi SI10US PCB Material

Shengyi SI10US performs well in several applications. This is because of its thermal and mechanical properties. Also, the dielectric properties of this material are exceptional.

High glass transition temperature (Tg)

The glass transition temperature of Shengyi SI10US is measured at 280 degrees Celsius. This is very high. Therefore, this means that this material will soften when it is at 280 degrees Celsius. Also, this value guarantees the mechanical stability of Shengyi SI10US PCB material. PCB laminates with high Tg offer several advantages. Shengyi SI10US features high temperature durability due to its very high Tg value.

Low Dielectric constant (Dk)

The dielectric constant is crucial for the signal integrity of a circuit board. Also, the dielectric constant of Shengyi SI10US is 4.4 at 1 GHz.

Low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)

The CTE of this material is 10 ppm/℃ of x and Y-axis. Also, the CTE of Shengyi SI10US is 25 ppm/℃. This property measures the extent of a material’s expansion in relation to temperature changes. The CTE of Shengyi SI10US is low. Therefore, this PCB material is suitable for use in high temperature environments.

High decomposition temperature (Td)

The Td of Shengyi SI10US is above 400 degrees Celsius at 5% weight loss. Also, Td measures the temperature at which Shengyi SI10US decomposes chemically. Most PCB materials feature a decomposition temperature > 320 degrees Celsius.

Low dissipation factor

The dissipation factor of Shengyi SI10US laminate is 0.007 at 1GHz. This property measures the inefficiency of Shengyi SI10US to hold energy. The dissipation factor of Shengyi SI10US is very low. A material with a low dissipation factor has a more efficient insulator system.

Advantages of Shengyi SI10US PCB Material

Environmentally friendly

Shengyi SI10US PCB material features no halogen constituents. Therefore, this PCB is safe for the environment. The inclusion of fluorine, chlorine, and bromine in PCB material is harmful to humans. Therefore, PCB manufacturers prefer to use halogen-free PCB material for fabricating circuit boards.


This PCB material strikes a balance between its price and performance. Therefore, it is a cost-effective option. Also, it offers great value for its price.

Great performance

This material provides great functionality when used in PCB fabrication. The dielectric, thermal, and mechanical properties of this material contribute to its performance.

High flexural modulus

The flexural modulus of Shengyi SI10US material is very high. This means this laminate can bend. Flexural modulus is equivalent to the measure of a material’s elasticity. Therefore, this laminate is ideal for fabricating semi-flex and flexible printed circuit boards.

Used in a wide range of applications

Shengyi SI10US PCB material is useful in various applications. This PCB material has proved effective in high performance and high frequency applications.

A reliable option

Shengyi SI10US PCB material is a reliable option for fabricating circuit boards. This material offers a compact solution to PCB fabrication. Also, it meets the demands of modern day devices.

Impact of High Glass Transition Temperature on Shengyi SI10US PCB Material

Change in temperature has a significant impact on the performance of a PCB material. Tg measures the transformation of a material from its solid state to a rubber-like state. Also, this property indicates the highest temperature at which a PCB material stays rigid. The Tg of Shengyi SI10US is 280 degrees Celsius. This is a very high Tg value.

A material with a Tg above 170 degrees Celsius has a high Tg material. Therefore, Shengyi SI10US is a high Tg material. Due to this, this material features long delamination durability and high temperature durability.

The Tg value should be more than the expected operating temperature of the PCB.  Shengyi SI10US has a Tg value of 280 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the working temperature of the PCB for which the material is used should be 260 degrees Celsius. If the operating temperature is above the Tg value of the material, it will have a negative effect on PCB fabrication.

Materials with high Tg are widely used in PCB fabrication. Therefore, the Shengyi SI10US PCB material is a suitable material for PCB fabrication. This material provides high functionality. With the development in the electronics industry, the use of high Tg material is increasing.

Shengyi SI10US PCB material enhances heat resistance and chemical resistance. Also, this material is a great solution for heat management in PCBs. Also, the high Tg value allows the dissipation of heat in PCBs. High Tg has a great impact on the performance of this PCB material. Also, this makes Shengyi SI10US a reliable option for high performance boards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Shengyi SI10US PCB material applicable?

Shengyi SI10US is ideal for use in several applications. You will find this PCB laminate in embedded Multimedia Card (eMMC) and RF module. Also, it is widely used in dynamic random-access memory (DRAM).

Is Shengyi SI10US PCB material suitable for multilayer PCBs?

Yes, Shengyi SI10US PCB material is ideal for fabricating multilayer boards.


Shengyi SI10US PCB material is one of the most reliable PCB materials. This material guarantees efficiency and great performance. This article discussed facts about Shengyi SI10US PCB material.




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